Summer is here, does the swimming pool really get pregnant?

In the hot summer, the term "dumpling dumplings" is no longer the dumplings we eat. People who go more to leisure places from indoor to the outdoor, such as various water parks, swimming pools, water drifts, etc. Xiaobian found that as long as the water is dipped in the waterIt seems that they are all very popular. This is also because the weather is too hot. Take the weather in Guangzhou. I can’t wait to soak in the water for 24 hours.Let me analyze the possibility of getting pregnant in the swimming pool.

We know that the first condition of pregnancy requires the combination of eggs and sperm. The main factor is whether the sperm in men can really survive in the swimming pool and does not help the situation.Survival conditions are strict with temperature requirements, and can only survive only lower than the body temperature (the temperature in the testicles is generally lower than the average temperature of the human body).The temperature requirements are about 34 ° C to 35 ° C, but the time for general sperm to survive in vitro is very short.The amount of semen is 2-6 ml, and the number of sperm is greater than 20 million/ml.Assume that the swimming pool is 50 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 2 meters deep, and 10 men have done what should not be done within nearly 1 hour in the swimming pool (this assumes that the world is too terrible), then there are about 50 mlSemen (assuming that they are the best group army -60 million/ml), including about 3 billion sperm, which are released into these 1,000 cubic meters of water.Sperm concentration was diluted into 3 million/cubic meters.Calculated with this concentration, in order to complete the mission, at least 20 million sperm is required to launch an offense (one -tenth of the normal troops) according to the minimum standard, that is, at least 7 cubic meters of water must enter the girl’s body.

In addition, only a short life in the swimming pool has also become an important obstacle to its mission.The water of the swimming pool must be disinfected, clarified, and killing algae. Disinfection is generally used for chlorine -containing disinfection agents such as bleaching powder to clarify the suspension impurities in the water to precipitate the water in the water.Copper sulfate is realized.It is not difficult to imagine that the oxidation of chlorine disinfection agent, the toxicity of copper sulfate, and the infiltration pressure of the pond water and the environment of the body fluid will make them uncomfortable.Generally, the sperm can only survive for 1-2 hours in the swimming pool where the chlorine gas is disinfected.When the time is short, the possibility of accidents will obviously greatly reduce.

In summary, this cute baby is not so easy to come, so friends who love swimming boldly cook dumplings.

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