Summer is suitable for eating mung beans, clearing fire, moist and hot, recommended six methods, clear heat and heat, good summer summer

Hi everyone here is Sister Xiang said that it is food, and share delicious home -cooked dishes every day.Summer climate is hot, especially after small full, the temperature continues to rise, and rainwater has increased. Often, the weather is unbearable. Many people who are afraid of heat are the most afraid of hot summer season.Mung bean is a good solution that we often use. It is suitable for eating in summer. It is clear and hot and hot. You can use mung beans to make different heat-relieving foods. Arrange 3-4 times a week.Summer.Today, Sister Xiang also sorted out six simple and easy -to -do household practices. Let’s take a look together.

Prepare ingredients: yam, mung beans, pigeons, lotus seeds.


1. The pigeons are cleaned. After cleaning, chop them into four large pieces, and then soak them in water for half an hour to soak bleeding water, and then drain the water for later use.

2. The yam is cut off the outer skin, cleaned it and cut it into small pieces.Bai Lianzi opened the heart of the lotus and cleaned and drained the water.Soak the mung beans for two hours in advance, and then clean and drain the water.

3. Put the pigeons, mung beans, ginger slices, and lotus seeds in the soup pot, add a sufficient amount of water, cover the lid and stew for an hour.Then put the yam and simmer for half an hour.

4. After the stew is cooked, add salt and stir well.

Prepare ingredients: yam, mung beans, pork ribs, lotus seeds, ginger slices.


1. Clean the ribs and chop them into small pieces. Simp in the cold water pot. Add ginger slices to remove the fishy fish.

2. Soak the mung beans for three hours in advance, and clean and drain the water.The lotus seeds can be cleaned. The yam is cut off the outer skin.

3. Put the ribs, lotus seeds, and mung beans in the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the lid and stew for an hour.Time is here, then put the yam in half an hour.

4. Sprinkle with salt before the end of the pan. Stir well and cook.

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, sweet potatoes, ice buckets.


1. Soak the mung beans for an hour in advance, then clean it and put it in the pot.Sweet potato cut off the skin, washed it into small pieces, and put it in a pot.

2. Then add a sufficient amount of water, cover the lid and cook for about an hour.Cook until the mung bean blooms, the sweet potatoes are soft and rotten, and then the rock sugar is added to cook the taste.

Prepare ingredients: lotus seeds, mung beans, millet.


1. Remove the lotus seeds in lotus seeds, clean it with mung beans, and soak water for an hour.

2. Wash millet, put it in a clean soup pot, put the mung beans and lotus seeds in, add a sufficient amount of water, cover the lid for about an hour.

3. Cook until the mung bean blooms, the lotus seeds are soft and rotten.Finally, put sugar or salt according to your personal taste, you can eat it out of the pan.

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, taro, milk, ice bucket.


1. The taro cuts off the outer skin, was cleaned and cut into a little thick piece, and put it in a steamer for about ten minutes and steam it.

2. Wash the mung beans and soak them for more than three hours in advance. Put it in a pot after soaking and cook in water for half an hour.

3. Cook until the mung bean blooms, then add steamed taro and rock sugar, and continue to cook for about ten minutes.After cooking, turn off the heat, add milk and stir well to open it.

Prepare ingredients: mung beans, glutinous rice flour, sugar, milk.


1. Wash the mung beans and soak it for one night in advance.The next day, drain the mung beans, put it in the steamer and steam, and steam it until the mung bean is squeezed.

2. Put 300 grams of cooked mung bean, 200 grams of glutinous rice flour, 50 grams of sugar, and 180 grams of milk into a clean container, stir well until no granular shape.

3. In addition, prepare a container, apply a layer of edible oil, and spread a piece of oil paper for easy molding, then pour in the mung bean paste, cover the plastic wrap, and use a tooth sign to pour a few small holes.

4. Boil the water in the pan. After boiling the water, put it in and steam for half an hour. After steaming, take it out and let it cool. Then put it in the refrigerator for a while, you can remove the mold, cut it with a knife, and put it on the table.Eat it.

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