Super -complete pregnancy checking project details, you will be stupid if you don’t collect it.

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In October, from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of production, expectant mothers were hard and happy. In these 280 days, expectant mothers need to go through various large and small inspection items, which can be described as five levels.After finishing a super -complete test of pregnancy, there are also precautions, which are provided to expectant mothers for reference.With this detail, everyone will not be confused.Moms must conduct various inspections on time to ensure the health of mothers and babies.

Early pregnancy

【0-5 weeks】

At this time, women will be relatively big, because there is no obvious response in the early stages of pregnancy. It was not until she found that the aunt was not late before she began to doubt whether she was pregnant.You can go to a nearby pharmacy to buy pregnancy test paper or pregnancy test stick, and David’s response will be slower.I think I plan to get pregnant in a mad pregnancy in this week, and I am worried that it will be scammed.If you are not assured, go directly to the hospital for the doctor to diagnose you.It can test the blood, it takes 2 hours to produce results, and you can also do B -ultrasound (the abdominal B -ultrasound requires urination), which can be accurately judged.Remind, do not do vaginal B -ultrasound. The small gestational sac is not stable and it is easy to cause miscarriage.

【5-8 weeks】

From your first time you go to the hospital to determine the pregnancy, the doctor will ask the last menstrual period, the menstrual cycle, and whether you have become pregnant, let you go to the blood to test HCG and progesterone every week.You can do a B -ultrasound in about 7 weeks (you need to urinate through the B -ultrasound), check whether it is pregnant in the palace, see the number of embryos, and see if there are fetal heart buds.If there is no fetal heart bud, the expectant mother does not have to worry too much. At this time, the mood is very important. You can check the B -ultrasound a few days or even a week later.

【8-11 weeks】

If there is no discomfort in this month, you don’t have to go to the hospital for examination. From 7 weeks, there have been harmful phenomena, commonly known as "pregnancy".Most expectant mothers will vomit in the morning. It is recommended to choose their favorite foods, eat less meals, and avoid greasy and spicy foods.Because hormones change in the body, expectant mothers will become very sensitive, and it is easy to feel tired. At this time, it is unstable and easy to miscarriage. The expectant mothers must not do it.Moderate exercise is needed to take a walk.

【12 weeks】

For the first formal birth checkup, the health manual of pregnant women (that is, the archives). This gestational weekly inspection items are more. It is best to find a family to accompany and prepare water and food.

Each expectant mother officially conducted the first birth inspection at the 12th week of pregnancy.Since it has entered a relatively stable stage at this time, general hospitals will handle the "pregnant women’s health manuals" for mothers.In the future, when doctors do various production inspections for each expectant mother, they will also perform and record them according to the inspection items recorded in the manual. They also need to be used when producing.Even if you are not born in this hospital, you need to build files.The inspection items mainly include:

1. Over weight and blood pressure.

2. Consultation: Doctors usually ask the mother’s weight before pregnancy, as a reference for the increase of the weight gain during pregnancy in the future.Throughout pregnancy, the ideal body

The value -added is 10 to 12.5 kg.

3. Listen to the baby’s heartbeat: The doctor uses Doppler’s heart to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

4. Piuretic test: Mainly test the two values of the mother’s diabetes and protein urine to determine whether the expectant mothers have diabetes or poor sugar resistance, and the healthy kidney function of insulin secreting insulin (metabolic protein problem) (metabolic protein), Elassess, gestational diabetes and other diseases.

5. Examination of all parts of the body: Doctors will check the thyroid, breasts, and pelvic cavity of expectant mothers.Because the pelvic cavity is inspected internal diagnosis, in order to avoid being too stimulated, the doctor will let the expectant mothers lie on the diagnosis platform flat and touch whether there is a lump above the abdomen of the expectant mother.If you touch the mass, you need to doubt whether it is ovarian tumor or uterine fibroids, but most of them are benign tumors.

6. Blood drawing (empty stomach): Specific mothers do blood -drawing test, mainly to test the mother’s blood type, hemoglobin (examine the degree of expectant mother anemia), liver skills, kidney skills and syphilis, hepatitis B, AIDS, etc.Essence

7. Check the size of the uterus: Starting mothers start from the 6th week of pregnancy, and the uterus begins to grow larger; by the 12th week of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus will be above the pubic bone combination; by the 20th week of pregnancy, it will cross the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity to the pelvic cavity.The navel position.Therefore, from 20 to 35 weeks during pregnancy, the number of centimeters that doctors measured from the place where the mother -in -law combined to the bottom of the uterus can be roughly equal to the number of fetal weeks.This week can also be used as a basis for the normal development of the fetus. It usually takes ± 3 cm to infer, that is, less than 3 cm, which means that the fetus is small; it is greater than 3 cm, which means that the fetus is large.

8. Screening (NT) of "Pioneer’s Neck Transparent Belt": In fact, it is necessary to do a little urine in the B -ultrasound.Specific mothers can do this check during 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, and they can learn whether the fetus is a high risk group suffering from Tang’s disease.It is mainly to look at the thickness of the fetal neck’s transparent band in an ultrasonic. If the thickness is greater than 2.5 (or 3), the chance of the fetus will have a higher chance of suffering from Tang’s disease.The best time for NT examination is between 11 weeks and 13 weeks of pregnancy.Drinking water will not affect the results of the examination. Sometimes the baby’s position is not easy to check, and the doctor will tell you to go around or eat something.

9. Screening of Tang’s syndrome: In the early pregnancy test, the early Tang Dynasty, the early Tang Dynasty (no empty stomach), the critical value is 1/250-380 (because the method may be different, this value may be different).Great risk, less than low -risk.If the result is a high risk, you don’t have to panic, because you need to further diagnose the diagnosis of fetal chromosomal nuclear analysis and examination through the villus campaign (early) or amniotic fluid puncture (mid -term).

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Mid -pregnancy

【13-16 weeks】

The second birth checkup, entering the second trimester, a production check every month.From now on, pregnant women must do a routine examination at a time: weighing, blood pressure, checking the size of the uterus, and the baby’s fetal heart sound.For more than 16 weeks, expectant mothers can draw blood for medium -term Donaldia screening, that is, the middle Tang (but the best for 16-18 weeks), and see the blood test report of the first birth check.If you choose non -invasive DNA or amniocentesis from the beginning, you can do it without examination in the early Tang Dynasty.Non -invasive DNA or amnioxye puncture is mainly to see the fetus’s chromosomal abnormalities. The accuracy will be higher than that of the early Tang Dynasty. Of course, it is necessary to bear certain risks.

【16-20 weeks】

The third inspection was conducted for routine inspections.The first fetal movement that the prospective mother expects is about 18 to 20 weeks; the second child will feel at 16-18 weeks.In addition, after 20 weeks, it will have false contractions, and most of them will be relieved within 30 minutes, but as the number of weeks of pregnancy increases, the frequency of appear will become higher and higher.At 16 weeks, expectant mothers can see the gender of the fetus, but at 20 weeks, the accuracy rate is higher, but doctors generally will not tell you.

【20-24 weeks】

The fourth production inspection was conducted for routine inspections.

Swination of gestational diabetes: Most of the screening of gestational diabetes is done in the 24th week of pregnancy.First take the blood sample of expectant mothers to do a sugar -resistant test. At this time, expectant mothers need to fast.Drink 50 grams of sugar water on an empty stomach, drink within 5 minutes, start the time from the first mouth, wait for 1 hour, then take blood, and wait for another 1 hour to perform the third blood draw.If the examination indicates that expectant mothers have gestational diabetes.In terms of treatment, diet and injection of insulin should be taken to control. Do not use oral blood sugar -lowering drugs for treatment, so as not to cause fetal malformations.The most important thing is: For 12 hours before screening, it must be drank for more than an hour to draw blood!

Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound (large row): This inspection generally needs to make an appointment in advance, and some even start to make an appointment even in about 7 weeks. If you can’t make an appointment, you can only go to a private hospital, and the cost is several times the public.

The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is a type of B -ultrasound. In addition to the function of the general color Doppler ultrasound, you can also perform the three -dimensional imaging of the fetal head and face, which can clearly display the eyes, nose, mouth, and lower stomach.Including surface malformations, visceral malformations, and head and facial deformity, it can determine the precise position of the fetus in the uterus.In addition, the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound also adds time dimension parameters on the basis of these functions, which can observe the fetal dynamic activity image in real time.Generally speaking, 24-28 weeks of pregnancy are the best time to follow the four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, because the fetus is about 24 weeks of development during the rapid development of the brain. The fetal structure of this period has been formed.The activity space is large, the echo of the fetal bones is relatively small, and the image is relatively clear.Note: Before checking, walk slightly before checking, the baby’s position is not good, and you can’t check it. Prepare food.Many people say that they should eat chocolate first, but they are actually wrong. In case the baby is too excited after eating, you can’t check it.

【24-28 weeks】

The fifth production inspection is conducted for routine inspections.Since this time, a production inspection will be conducted every two weeks.This is the last month of the second trimester. Expectant mothers must ensure sufficient nutrition and balanced nutrition.In addition, you need to exercise appropriately every day. If you have a nipple depression, please correct it in time and prepare the production package.

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Late pregnancy

【29-32 weeks】

In the sixth birth checkup, check whether there are edema.If the blood pressure of pregnant women is high during examination, and proteinuria, system edema, etc. during examination, pay more attention to avoid risk of pre -eclampsia.If the expectant mother wants to prevent the occurrence of edema, she can usually wear elastic socks. She raises her feet while sleeping and lay on the left side.In addition, the expectant mothers should particularly prevent the occurrence of premature birth 37 weeks ago. If the pain exceeds 30 minutes and continues to increase, and the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding or water out of the water is combined, they must be immediately sent to the hospital for examination.

【33-35 weeks】

In the seventh birth check, ultrasonic examination, evaluating the weight of the fetus, at 34 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that the expectant mothers do a detailed ultrasonic examination to evaluate the weight and development of the fetus at that timeIt will be more petite), and it is estimated that the weight of the fetus will be produced at full monthly production.

Once the fetal weight is not found, expectant mothers should supplement some nutrients; if the fetus is too heavy, the expectant mothers should be slightly controlled in their diet, so as not to be produced in cesarean section in the future, or the fetus is difficult to produce during the production process.

【36 weeks】

The eighth birth inspection, starting from 36 weeks, expectant mothers are getting closer to the production date. At this time, the production inspection at this time is based on the principle of 1 weekly inspection and continuously monitor the state of the fetus.At this stage, expectant mothers can start preparing something for production, so as not to be too hurried on the day of production, and become chaotic.

Fetal supervisor: Monitoring fetal movement, you must be full before the examination, otherwise the fetal supervision needs to be re -examination, and the hospitalization observation is required many times.

【37 weeks】

The ninth inspection, routine examination, fetal supervision, pay attention to fetal movement.As the fetal movement is becoming more and more frequent, expectant mothers should pay attention to the fetus and themselves at any time, so as not to be born in advance.

【38 ~ 41 weeks】

For the tenth birth check, the fetal position is fixed, the fetal head is down, preparing to produce, and consider giving birth.Starting from 38 weeks, the fetal position has been fixed, the fetal head has come down, and it is stuck in the pelvic cavity. At this time, expectant mothers should have the psychology of preparing production at any time.Some expectant mothers still have no signs of production after 41 weeks, and they should consider letting doctors use oxytocin.

I hope the expectant mother will be happy to go through 280 days of pregnancy.

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