Surprise: The ovulation test strip is measured by the B -ultrasound but there is no mature follicles. What is going on?

A very busy afternoon, I was busy doing work on hand, a sisters preparing for pregnancy asked me, and sent a list of just B -ultrasound monitoring.Qiangyang, semi -fixed quantity is almost the peak value, but I go to B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation, but the B -ultrasound shows that there is no advantageous follicles. There are many small follicles. What is going on?I hope I can give her a reply.

Then I checked some of the considerable information and combined with my experience for so many years to get the following more convincing answers:

1. It is possible that the follicles are discharged when they are strong.

2. Multiple follicles can also be measured, but because multiple follicles are small, they cannot become mature follicles. If it is many months, it is necessary to further check whether it is a polycystic syndrome.

3. The ovulation test strip can only detect the peak level of the luteum generating hormone (LH), and the measurement of Qiangyang cannot 100%indicate that there is ovulation.

4. The accuracy of ovulation test strips is only 75%, and possibilities may also occur.

5.B super monitoring ovulation is affected by the professional and technical level of the instrument and operation of the doctor.

Ovulation measurement, it takes 3-6 months to find the ovulation law. Occasionally, ovulation may be abnormal for a month or two. If this is the case for many months, you should pay attention to it and go to a regular hospital to check it.

So saying: There is an other person who has been in the same room after the test strip is measured, why is there no reason for the same room.Of course, there is also a problem of pregnancy. The equivalent information shows that under normal circumstances, the monthly pregnancy rate of couples with normal fertility is generally about 23 ~ 30%, and the half-year pregnancy rate is about 60-75%.About 80 ~ 90%, and 10%-20%of people are pregnant a year later.

However, the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy do not have to worry about this situation. As long as you insist on testing the ovulation test paper for several months, you can naturally find out your ovulation.Don’t think about the disadvantages of everything, don’t give yourself the symptoms, everything is analyzed by your own situation, and prepare for pregnancy.

If you have a problem with pregnancy, you can leave a message to leave a message.After seeing it, I will answer you when I have time.

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