Surprisingly: Shiro dreamed of a new daughter -in -law, and his wife squeezed yin and yang away from the world.

In Tang Xianzong Yuan and years, there was a waiter surnamed Li in the court, named Xingde.Because of the tenth ranking at home, he was called Li Shilang and married his wife Wang.Mrs. Wang was born in an official, and his father observed Wang Zhongshu in Jiangxi.Wang’s is Zhende, and Shiro also respects the wife.

Mrs. Wang has a little girl. She has been smart since she was a child. The wife is very fond of her.Li Shilang also loved her very much, like her own child.

On this day, Li Shilang went to the wedding banquet of a friend. He drank a lot of wine for a while, and lived in a friend’s house that night.In the evening, Li Shilang had a weird dream-he dreamed that he married another wife. In the candle of the cave room, he stood up and looked at the bride’s hijab. He was not someone else, but was the little girl of Mrs. Wang.Dreaming of this, Li Shilang suddenly woke up and thought of what he saw in his dreams. He was very unhappy.

He didn’t sleep all night, sat dawn, and hurried home early in the morning.As soon as she entered the door, I saw that Mrs. Wang had already got up, and she sat in front of the table to wipe her tears.He was unknown, and hurriedly advised each other, but Mrs. Wang just cried, and refused to say a word.

Seeing that the wife said nothing, Shiro went out to find the housekeeper to ask: "Why is the lady, what happened?"

The housekeeper hesitated for a while and said, "Mrs. passing by the kitchen in the morning, hearing a chef to speak to herself, saying that it was a dream of five days, and dreaming of the little girl who married the wife again.I have an unexpected worry, so I cried all morning. "

After listening to the steward, Shiro’s pores were erected, scaring a cold sweat, and said, "How are such coincidences, and the dreams I have done are generally the same!"

Shiro and Wang are loving couples. After marriage, they have been respecting each other. Now we have a dream of dreaming, and I am very disturbed.He turned back to the house, and Qiang Yan smiled and persuaded the woman: "The old slave in the kitchen is too old, and often crazy, everything can be said, why should the lady care about it?" So, he persuaded Wang to take a while.

Shiro’s mouth persuaded the wife not to care, but this fact is strange. When did they see the two people do the same dream?I couldn’t help worrying.

A few days after the incident, Mrs. Wang was really ill.Shiro was so worried that he asked the famous doctors to treat his home for treatment, but Mrs. Wang was dead in less than two months.The loving husband and wife are separated from the yin and yang in the blink of an eye.

Shilang sent a message to his wife to his father -in -law, and the Wang family believed that the family was sad.Wang Gong was crying, and he had a stable thinking. Shiro was young and talented, and he was an official in Beijing. Wang Gong didn’t want to break the friendship, and he returned to the book.

When Shiro was sad, he was thinking about the death of his death. Wherever he was thinking, he rejected his father -in -law.

At that time, there was a secretary Lang in the court named Wei Cheng.He saw that Shiro missed his wife so much, and said, "You are so affectionate to the lady of the dead, crying every day, do you still want to see her?"

Shiro’s face was sad: "How can you meet again forever, how can you meet again?"

Wei Chengdao: "If you really want to see the wife who died, why not ask the" Wang Wang Lao "?"

"Wang Lao?" Li Shilang was puzzled and never heard of, "Who is the old man?"

The secretary did not explain, but only told him: "Needless to say, you just need to keep in mind the words" The Lao of the King of Thols ", and keep you the day of seeing you and his wife."

After two or three years, the prince and young girl have grown.He never forgot to forget Li Shilang. He came over several times and still wanted to associate the young girl.Although the death time of his wife was not short, Shiro had always thought about it, so she had never agreed to the prince.

Later, the court awarded the post of Royal History of Dongtai in the court, and Feng Yan went out.

On this day, Shiro rushed to a station. Because there was an official in the station, he had to stay in the partial house.After putting the luggage and eating, Shiro came out of the room and chatted with Yiyi.During his speech, he glanced at the plaque of the station station, and the three words of the book ‘thick mulberry post’.

‘Thick Sangyi’, Shiro looked stunned and could not help but touch his heart, secretly: "This post is called‘ thick Sangyi ’, is that‘ Wang Lao ’is here?"

He was looking for someone to ask in detail, and suddenly there was a noise on the street.Shiro walked to the door of the shop and saw a group of people, surrounding an old man, you pulled me to pull me, you said one sentence, fighting for the old man.

Shiro didn’t know what these people did, and turned to ask the post, "What do these people surround the old people?" What do these people do? "

Yiyi replied: "This old surname is Wang, a famous strange man here, the life of good people. The folks regard him as a fairy. When he sees him passing by, he entangle him and ask him."

"It turns out that there is such a person, and Wei Cheng is not lied to me!" Shiro hurriedly asked Yiyi to invite the old fairy into the shop to meet.Yiyi knew that Shiro was Royal History, and did not dare to take it off. He went out and pulled away the people, and pulled Wang Lao said: "There is Li Yushi in it invited you to meet." Everyone heard that it was an official and dare not surround the king.Old, hurriedly let the road.

Wang Lao entered the station and worshiped in Shiro.Shiro hurriedly picked up the old man, and after the seat was made, he missed his wife, and Wei Cheng guided himself, and said carefully.See you with your wife? "

The old man smiled slightly after listening, "The adult is going to see Mrs. Death, just tonight." After that, Shiro sent the left and right, led him out of the station, and walked into a mountain all the way.The two finally walked next to a high slope, and there was a forest on the side of the slope.

The old man instructed Shiro: "You go to the woods and shout‘ Miaozi ’loudly, and someone will respond. When you respond, you say:‘ I ’m going to the nine ladies, and I’ m going to see the dead wife tonight. ’”

Shiro walked to the forest and shouted ‘Miaozi’. Someone responded, and then he said the words taught by the old man.

As soon as the words were finished, a fifteen -year -old woman came out in real time, and she gave a ritual: "Nine ladies ordered me to go with Shiro."One handed to Shiro to cross.

It is strange to say that Shiro just stepped on the bamboo pole, and it was like riding on the sky. It flew out hundreds of miles for a while, and finally stopped in a magnificent city.

Shiro has just stood up, and Miaizi told him in front of Miaizi’s fingers, "There is not far a palace in front of him. You go in and walk to the second yard in the south, which is the residence of the expensive lady."

According to Miaomo, Shiro walked into the palace and came to the second yard in the south.When she walked outside the courtyard door, a girl who died more than ten years ago came out to meet, and she invited Shiro to the hospital.Just sitting well, the lady who had died came out of the house, and she cried and met.

My heart is so embarrassed, how can I not complain today!Shiro hugged his wife and didn’t want to let it go, and kept talking about the suffering of parting.After saying this for a long time, Shiro has never meant to leave, and wants to say it.Mrs. Wang was unwilling to distinguish, but after all, people ghosts said to her husband: "It is not easy to see this side today. It is not easy to see this.It ’s good to usual, but please ask the younger sister as a wife, continue this marriage, but for his wife!"

Shiro’s eyes were tears, and he was still unwilling to leave.Suddenly, Miaozi shouted strongly outside: "Li Shiro drove away, so he had to mistake his life!"

The shouting awakened Shiro, he did not dare to delay, and came out with tears.When Miaozi saw him out, he handed the bamboo pole for him. He didn’t dare to stay again for a moment. He hurriedly left and rushed back to Gao Po.

After returning to place, I saw Wang Lao’s pillow stones beating.Hearing the footsteps, Wang Lao got up and asked, "Did you see Mrs. Zun?"

Shiro thanked him: "Fortunately, meet! Thank you!"

Wang Lao waved his hand, "Thanks to Jiu Niangzi to send Miaozi to send each other."

"Of course, thank you." Shiro was deeply embarrassed towards Miaizi. "Thank you Jiu Nuzi and Miaozi Girl, today’s grace, remember not to forget!"

When he straightened up, the girl Miaozi in front of him had disappeared. He asked Wang Lao, "Who is the nine lady?"

"There are Lingying Jiuzi Mother Temples on this mountain, which contains the nine maiden!"

After speaking, Wang Lao led Shiro Lang Road and returned to the station.Shiro was ready to thank him, but Wang Laojian resigned and then resigned.Shiro remembered the entrustment of the dead wife, and immediately repaired the book, told his father -in -law one by one, and finally asked his father -in -law to marry the young girl to comfort his wife’s wish.Soon after that, the two in -laws renewed their in -laws, and they really responded in the dream.

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