Suspect that I have impotence?Night monitoring can help you

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Patients who are confused about their own sexual ability are mostly young adults, but in fact, many problems are related to psychological factors.

Through penile erection monitoring, we found that these patients do have organic dysfunction, only one of them.

The "two -child" policy is liberalized, and the most common way to urgent children to ask for children’s husband and wife is to calculate the ovulation period, and then set the same room from time to time. At this critical moment at this critical moment, the "chain" is easily lost.Essence

For couples who are planning to give birth, predicting the ovulation period is indeed important. It means that the chance of conception during ovulation will increase. During this period, the same room can increase chips to conception. For long -term infertile couples, seize the same room during this period.It looks more valuable.However, the more people worry about the "winning rate", the greater the pressure, but the more difficult the erection is. This is the typical "ovulation period ED", which is a psychological ED.

ED is psychological, organic and mixed.

1) The main "perpetrator" of psychological is essence and psychological factors;

2) The quality of the organic is traced back to the causes of blood vessels, neurosis, surgical trauma, chronic diseases, etc. The first type of disaster is a variety of organic diseases;

3) As for the mixed ED, it refers to erectile dysfunction caused by psychological and psychological factors and organic etiology.Clarify which type of erectile dysfunction is the diagnosis of ED treatment and clear prognosis, because psychological ED has "cure".

Economic dysfunction is not really a problem with "I don’t think it", but it needs scientific identification.At present, it is recognized internationally with the hardness test (NPTR) of the dysfunction (NPTR) at night. It provides a strong basis for the diagnosis and treatment of ED through the "gold standard" of clinical testing and the diagnosis of scientific "definition" and "quantitative" diagnosis.

All mature and normal men have the morning erection experience of penis, but few people know the night erection of the penis.Studies have found that men have spontaneous penile erections after they fall asleep.Healthy men from the age of baby to older people, dreaming at night often accompanied by fast eyeballs and appeared at night penile erections, with an average of more than 3-6 times a night.

If the organic ED or mixed ED may affect the blood supply state of the penis sponge body, it is reflected in the erection frequency and hardness decreased at night.Zhang Yan further mentioned that if the patient is an ED of psychological factors, such as ED during ovulation, the erection at night should be normal.The phenomenon of penile erectile phenomenon when monitoring sleep state can eliminate the interference of psychological factors. It is currently considered an important means to identify psychological ED and organic ED.

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