Suspecting that I am pregnant?The body is the most direct, I will tell you 4 major symptoms

During pregnancy, many women often have some mentality collapse.Especially after the husband and wife live, I constantly guess that I might be pregnant, mainly because of some symptoms of pregnancy.

In fact, the body is the most honest and direct. Whether you are really pregnant, your body will tell you directly.There is no "might be pregnant".Because of pregnancy, there are two results. Otherwise, it is the winning prize, or it is a failure, there is no intermediate situation.If these 4 major symptoms, you won more than 2 or more, then you must be pregnant.

For women with normal menstrual cycles, if menstruation is discontinued, it is basically a sign of pregnancy.Although people with regular menstruation may be affected by the surrounding environment, lifestyle, and so on, basically if the menopause is basically stopped, it is recommended to go to the hospital for testing.

Of course, for the menstrual cycle, there is always no law to follow, and I do n’t know when they come to menstruation, which cannot be judged.

The body temperature of the body is the most real response.If it is not a cold, high fever and other special circumstances, if the body temperature increases, it is likely to be pregnant.Women can measure body temperature from before ovulation. Before ovulation, the body temperature is low, the body temperature rises after ovulation, and the body temperature will be higher than before pregnancy.The body temperature lasted more than 20 days higher than usual, so be careful about pregnancy.

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, some early pregnancy reactions will occur. At this time, some reactions that everyone often may doubt will occur.For example, pain, frequent urination, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. This type of response is particularly obvious, and may be pregnant.

Generally speaking, after the life of the husband and wife, the accuracy rate is basically higher in about 2 weeks.If you are pregnant, the test strip is 2 bars.However, some unborn mothers may be more anxious and start detection after the same room. At this time, the pregnancy may be successful, but the body has not reflected it. It takes a certain time.

Therefore, if you find that you have these symptoms during pregnancy, don’t doubt it. You must be pregnant and win the prize.

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