Sweet potatoes are "harmful vegetables", not only sugar but also carcinogenic?If you dare not eat sweet potatoes, let’s take a look

"This sweet potato is really harmful, and I will never eat it again in the future!"

Laos of Zhang, who is nearly 60 years old, is a well -known gourmet. His dedication to the food has made him often eat too much diet. After a long time, he has exceeded the standard, his body is obese, and he has diabetes without sports.

After the diagnosis of diabetes, Zhang Laobo gradually experienced symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, so the diet was strictly restricted.

One day, Zhang Laobo had a regular examination at the hospital. Listening to the patient said that sweet potatoes can reduce blood sugar and resist cancer.

A few days later, Lao Zhang was dizzy, and he often fell asleep. When he found out that blood sugar rose, he still had difficulty breathing. If he had not been sent to the hospital in a timely manner, I was afraid that he would have been unconscious.

After this, Zhang Laobo was afraid of it in his heart, but he also wondered: What is the effect of sweet potatoes on blood sugar?

Sweet potatoes are a common food, but the evaluation of ordinary people is mixed. Some people say that it can reduce blood sugar, but some people think that sweet potatoes are "harmful vegetables". This problem is worth exploring.

Medicine usually uses blood glucose generation indicators (GI) to measure the impact of food on blood sugar.The GI of sweet potatoes will change according to the cooking method. After cooking, it is 77, peeled and baked to about 90, exceeding sugar, close to glucose (gi = 100).

If you eat sweet potatoes in addition to dinner, you will increase blood sugar production, especially the method of baking, which will cause sweet potato water to lose water, higher sugar content, and faster blood sugar.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat less or not sweet potatoes for diabetic patients.

However, if the blood sugar is stable in the stable period of diabetic patients, you can eat sweet potatoes in moderation. It is best to replace it with a part of the staple food and add to the overall meal plan to strictly grasp the intake.

At the same time, it is paired with high -protein foods such as milk, beans, meat, and eggs, and foods rich in dietary fiber -rich foods rich in dietary fiber to stabilize blood sugar changes.

The impact of sweet potatoes on blood glucose is clear, but some people think that it can resist cancer. This statement has hope for many cancers. Do you really have scientific research that can sweet potatoes be eliminated with cancer cells?

Researchers from the National Institute of National Cancer Prevention investigated the eating habits of 260,000 people, and 20 kinds of vegetables such as sweet potato, raw sweet potato, cauliflower, green onions, and cabbage showed anti -cancer ranking. Among them, sweet potatoThe cancer suppression rate reaches 94%, and the cooked sweet potato even reaches 98%.

It is this research that blindly trusts the anti -cancer effect of sweet potatoes.

In fact, the study is based on animal experiments and in vitro experiments, and the difference between animals and the human body is huge and cannot be said at the same time.Secondly, the protein, sugar fat, ketones and other substances extracted from sweet potatoes have certain anti -cancer effects, but sweet potato extracts are different from sweet potatoes.

In other words, sweet potato anti -cancer still lacks authoritative evidence. In fact, it is not just sweet potatoes. It is not just that any other foods can be effectively anti -cancer.

Many people like to bake sweet potatoes everyday. Why do you get the sweetness of sweet potatoes on the next level?

As we all know, sweet potato itself is sweet, because it contains sugar.The source of the flavor increased after the sweet potato is baked is bran-forming, maltophenol, 2-amuned methanol and other substances.

Sweet potatoes will rise straight after baking. This is because the water is lost, the sugar is concentrated, and it is naturally sweeter.The higher the temperature of the roasted sweet potato, the starch is decomposed into maltose, and the sweetness of this sugar is higher.

And the longer the sweet potato bakes, the longer the starch decomposition time, and the content of maltose will increase.At the same time, sweet potatoes are baked, and caramel reactions will occur, which is also the reason for the increase in sweetness.

Many people love to eat sweet roasted sweet potatoes, but some people say that roasted sweet potatoes are carcinogenic. Can’t roast sweet potato be eaten anymore?

Don’t be afraid of this statement.Sweet potatoes may cause cancer after baking. The basis for grilled sweet potatoes contains acrylamide.

In fact, all foods rich in carbohydrates will occur in the gerdle reaction above 120 degrees Celsius, and acrylamide is produced, and the output of 160-180 degrees Celsius is the largest.But acrylamide is the two types of carcinogens recognized by the World Health Organization.

Fan Zhihong, a doctor of food science from China Agricultural University, said: The acrylamide content contained in roasted sweet potatoes is very small (there are experiments that the acrylamide containing acrylamide per kilogram of roasted sweet potatoes per kilogram of grilled sweet potato sample is only 33-201 micrograms), and 2 types of carcinogenic carcinogenic carcinogenicThe object refers to the carcinogenic effect in animal experiments, but it is unknown whether the human body is carcinogenic.There is no relevant research evidence that acrylamide is carcinogenic and harmful to the human body.

Sweet potatoes themselves have sweetness, high nutritional value, and the output cannot be underestimated. Therefore, they are very popular with Chinese people, but they should pay attention to two things to eat sweet potatoes.

1. How much is sweet potato and how to eat it?

my country ’s dietary guidelines recommend that each person eats 50-100 g daily potatoes.It is recommended that infants and young children eat sweet potatoes, and young people can replace one -third of the staple food in a meal with sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato itself sugar is sugar. Be careful not to consume too much. A large amount of consumption may stimulate excessive gastric acid, causing symptoms such as heartburne and vomiting.If you eat sweet potatoes with a large amount of raw, starch is difficult to digest, and it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting symptoms.Patients with gastric ulcers and chronic gastrointestinal diseases are best to eat less or not sweet potatoes.

In addition, when cooking sweet potatoes, try to avoid cooking methods such as fried and silk, and choose steaming, cooking, stew, etc. priority.

2. Can germinated sweet potatoes be eaten?

When it is a potato, potatoes germination can produce toxins and cannot be eaten. Therefore, many people push themselves and people, and they feel that the sweet potato buds cannot be eaten. In fact, this is a cognitive misunderstanding.

Sweet potato buds do not produce toxins, that is, it can be eaten, but it is not recommended that everyone eat, because sweet potato buds, nutrients will be absorbed by leaf buds, and nutritional value plummets.

What really can’t eat is spots and mildew sweet potatoes!

Sweet potato spots may be a sweet potato black spots caused by sweet potato long beak shells, also called black scar disease, which may be harmful to the human body after consumption.Moom changes may be pinealine, which is harmful to the human body.

Sweet potatoes are one of the rations on the table of ordinary people, but many people don’t know much about them, and often have misunderstandings.It is recommended that you understand information from authoritative channels and not be confused by rumors. Eat sweet potatoes correctly to enjoy nutritional value while enjoying deliciousness.

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