Symptoms of abortion

The first three months of pregnancy is a dangerous period, and abortion is a cruel thing for pregnant mothers. It is a big harm to the body and psychology.In fact, there will be some early symptoms of abortion at different stages. What are the symptoms of abortion? How should pregnant women prevent abortion during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have the following symptoms:

1. Early water break

When a pregnant woman breaks out of amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid outflows, cervix expansion, uterine constant contraction and bleeding phenomenon such as premature birth phenomenon, etc.

2. Backache and abdomen fall

When pregnant women feel the abnormalities such as waist soreness and abdominal falls, pay attention to this situation to continue to be checked.

3. vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is abnormal and should be vigilant.Vaginal bleeding can be divided into a small amount of bleeding and a large amount of bleeding, persistent bleeding and irregular bleeding.The phenomenon of vaginal hemorrhage in the first three months of pregnancy should seek medical treatment immediately, especially vaginal hemorrhage is accompanied by pain, which requires special attention, because it may be a sign of miscarriage.

According to statistics, vaginal bleeding occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. About half of pregnant women can continue to be successful. About 30 % of pregnant women will have a natural miscarriage. Five percent of the uterus is ectopic.And other factors.

4. Pain

Pelvis, abdomen or lower back may have continuous pain.When the symptoms of vaginal bleeding appear, it may start to feel pain after a few hours or days.

5. Uterine contraction

In pregnant and late pregnant women, if the frequency of uterine contraction is getting more and more dense, it even reaches the laws, dense contraction, or pain when shrinking every ten or twenty minutes.

6. Infection

Can be divided into urinary tract infections and reproductive tract infections.Urban infections will have signs such as frequent urination, fever, and pain when going to the toilet. The secretions often smell bad and itching in the vulva.

7. The clinical process of late abortion is similar to premature birth and full -month birth. Pamward abdominal pain first occurs, and then vaginal bleeding occurs.

Abortion for one month of pregnancy

As we all know, when a woman was in the first month of pregnancy, it was very dangerous, because at that time, the fetus had not stabilized, and some of the physical condition changed. Even sometimes, young women have no experience in pregnancy. They are pregnant. They are pregnant. They are pregnant. They are pregnant.After that, there is no spiritual care, which will cause abortion. Specific today we will share experience together.

Usually women’s pregnancy signs of one month of pregnancy are vaginal bleeding or discomfort such as lower abdomen tightness, backache, lower back pain, etc., called "threatened abortion", and this is also a person who wants to be a mother.Therefore, some signs before abortion must be understood by everyone.

Signs of abortion

1. There are a few bleeding in the vagina. The color can be bright red, pink or dark brown according to the different time of bleeding and accumulated in the vagina.

2. Bleeding according to the last menstrual period, that is, the time from the last menstruation to the beginning of vaginal bleeding, often shorter pregnancy, is one of the symptoms of our judgment of early pregnancy abortion.

3. Stomach pain and stomach pain are not normal, but it is not possible to show abortion by showing abdominal pain.If there is still a small amount of bleeding, you should be vigilant.

Mummy who has given birth to a baby knows that during the entire pregnancy stage, during the first three months of pregnancy (that is, 1-3 months of pregnancy), it was the most unstable treasure of the fetus. At this timeIt is also necessary to prevent accidents (because, the early pregnancy is a high incidence of miscarriage).

Abortion is terrible for any woman who wants to be a mother. Although it has not experienced the process of miscarriage, at least we have seen in the TV lens that the bleeding of pregnant women is one of the signs of miscarriage.Therefore, during the days of pregnancy, the most afraid of pregnant women was "seeing blood".

Symptoms of different stages of abortion of pregnant women

The first stage of the stem abortion is the initial stage of miscarriage. It can take a few days or 1 to 2 weeks. A small amount of vaginal bleeding and mild lower abdominal pain occur. In the late threshold, there can be paroxysmal abdominal pain.Early early abortion was mainly manifested as early pregnancy reactions after a period of menopause. After that, there will be vaginal bleeding, small amount, red red, and duration for several days or weeks. It has painless or slight lower abdominal pain, accompanied by low back pain and falling feeling.Gynecological examination of cervix is closed, and the size of the uterus is in line with the menopause month. After treatment and rest such as fetal survival, pregnancy can generally continue pregnancy.

2. Symptoms of inevitable miscarriage

It is inevitable that miscarriage means that abortion is inevitable. Generally, it is mostly developed from signs of abortion. At this time, vaginal bleeding increases, abdominal pain worsens, and postparctomy has been broken or not broken.The gynecological examination has expanded, and the courseware embryo tissue or fetal sac is blocked in the cervical mouth. The size of the uterus is consistent with or slightly small.

3. Symptoms of incomplete abortion

Some embryos have been excreted, and some are still residual in the uterine cavity.It is generally developed from inevitable abortion.At this time, due to the residue of embryo in the uterine cavity, at this time, the active continuous vaginal bleeding occurs, the uterus cannot shrink well, and the bleeding is more than that. It is accompanied by severe abdominal pain to cause blood loss shock and endanger the life of pregnant women.Gynecological examinations can be seen that the cervix has expanded, and blood flows from the uterine cavity. Sometimes the fetus has been discharged, and the placenta tissue has blocked the cervical mouth or partly discharged in the vagina. The uterus is smaller than the gestational week.

4. Symptoms of completely miscarriage

The embryo has been excreted.Because the embryo has been excreted, the uterine shrinks well, the vaginal bleeding is gradually stopped or only a small amount is seen, and abdominal pain disappears.The gynecological examination is soft, the outer mouth is slightly loose, no active bleeding, and the uterus is as normal or slightly larger.

Those with a habitual abortion history should often measure the basal body temperature. If the menstrual cycle is slightly extended and the base temperature does not decrease, it can start treatment when there may be pregnancy.Avoid physical labor and mental tension, prohibit sexual life, start oral vitamin E100mg/D, and give vitamin B and C, early β-HCG and B-ultrasound examination to determine the diagnosis.

How to prevent abortion:

1. Contracery within half a year after abortion, and pregnancy after half a year can reduce the occurrence of miscarriage.

2. Both men and women need to do a good pre -pregnancy examination. If there is a disease, you must prepare for pregnancy.

3. Blood type identification includes RH blood type system examination.

4. The man should do a reproductive system.After the treatment of bacteria, the wife should be treated completely and then conceived the wife.

5. The use time for the use of patients with machining function is more than the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage (if the last time was aborted in March of pregnancy, the treatment time should not be shorter than March of pregnancy).

6. If the thyroid dysfunction is low, it is necessary to keep the thyroid function and then get pregnant before pregnancy.

7. Pay attention to rest and avoid intercourse (especially during the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage).

8. If there is a relaxation of the inner mouth of the uterus, it can be performed in the inner gap.

9. Go to public places to avoid virus infections.Avoid contact with harmful chemicals (such as arsenic, lead, benzene, formaldehyde, etc.) and physical factors (such as radiation, noise and high temperature, etc.).

10. Avoid excessive fatigue and severe exercise, it is not advisable to have room in the third trimester.

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