Symptoms of itching in private parts in the third trimester, or have no relationship with these 4 guys

Many pregnant women will have many states at the time of pregnancy, such as puffy hands and feet, bone pain, and itching in private parts.In fact, don’t worry too much about these conditions, because many symptoms will occur during this period, but if you seriously affect life or your body is particularly uncomfortable, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.However, itching in private parts in the third trimester still needs to be paid attention to, so what are the reasons?

What is itching under the third trimester?

1. Mold infection in the vagina

Itching situations under the third trimester are very common, and the main reason is caused by mold infection.Because the estrogen in the body will rise after pregnancy, to a certain extent, the amount of glycogen contained in the skin cells on the vagina of the pregnant woman will become high, which will also make the vaginal bacteria decompose the glycogen.The lactic acid will also increase.Because this will increase the acidity of the vagina, and it will help the reproduction of mold.Moom becomes more, so it is easy to cause fungal vaginitis. After this disease, it will cause vaginalized leucorrhea and itching in private parts.

2. Vaginal secretions become more

During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in women will become very high, and the pelvic cavity has been in a state of congestion.In this way, it is easy to secrete a large amount of secretions in the cervix and vagina, and this situation is more serious in the later stage.If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to cause itching below.

3. Mental factors

Many women have a lot of psychological changes in the third trimester, and often have some situations such as insomnia.In addition, some habits of life will also change, and at this time, it may cause itching below.

4. External stimulus

It is possible that sweating more or wet private parts, which may cause itching below.In addition, wearing some hard underwear or some underwear that is allergic to fiber cause itching below.If you use soap to clean the private parts, it will cause this situation.

If it is not very serious in the third trimester, it is not necessary to take medicine or clean it with some cleaning solution.At this time, pay more attention to the cleaning of the private parts. Usually, you need to keep the private parts dry.Of course, if the itching situation below the third trimester has not been improved, you need to go to the hospital for a check to see what causes it, and then targeted treatment.During this period, you need to pay more attention to diet, as light as possible, and eat as little food as possible.

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