Taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy has no side effects on the fetus?

When I was chatting with a expectant mother today, the expectant mother said something that made me particularly surprised. "The side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are very small, and it doesn’t matter if you take it during pregnancy.

So does pregnant women dare to take Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine has an ancient history in China. All Chinese people have taken Chinese medicine. With the development of modern medicine, most people will choose a regular hospital for examination, and then apply more acupuncture, but some people will have some people. HoweverIt is believed that the side effects of Chinese medicine are small than Western medicine and have significant effects.

Do not take Chinese medicine at will, because certain Chinese medicine has the effect of abortion, and improper use of expectant mothers may cause expectant mothers to have a miscarriage.

I probably summarize the following effects of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicines such as removing stasis, stagnation of qi and stagnation, and hot and smooth benefits, such as peach kernels, tadpoles, red flowers, rhubarb, aconite, Pinellia, etc.

The effect is the medicine that promotes blood circulation and blood, such as Ba Doudou, Black and White Ugly, Euphorbia, Shanglu, Sanling, Curdia, etc.These are strong to toxic or have fierce medicinal properties, and women in pregnancy must not be taken during pregnancy.

There are also some Chinese medicines, such as Niuhuang detoxification pills, falling pills, Liu Shen pills, sizes of active Dan Dan, Yu Zhenan, etc. The descriptions of these medicines are mostly reminding pregnant women to avoid using it.There are also Huoxiangzhengqi Pills and Wind -proof Tongsheng Pills.

Some people usually have a little discomfort, and they will choose several Chinese medicines themselves. It is not related to the small side effects of traditional Chinese medicine.However, if you do n’t do this, if you do n’t need to take medicine, you must go to a regular hospital and take it under the guidance of a doctor to avoid damage to the fetus.

Specific mothers must exercise appropriately after pregnancy to enhance resistance.Do not give up exercise because there are many discomfort after pregnancy, so that the disease is organic.With a strong resistance, the expectant mothers will naturally not get sick, and they do not need to take any drugs during pregnancy. The possibility of baby’s health will greatly improve!

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