Talking about the life of pregnant women, I summarized a few points.

I feel idle during the third trimester, and I think about what to eat every day, so I didn’t run in this weight 140.

When the sisters are here, don’t worry, don’t worry about it. Yesterday, I did not record the weight yesterday. I did not record the weight. I will take it for everyone today. Today I will show you what the weight is today, because yesterday and today are two days today.See if there is still any changes in weight, I will go to the two dishes to my husband first, and give the rich brother two dishes first. After finishing, the brothers will eat it.It was May 21st, yesterday is May 20, and I will tell everyone about it. One of these two festivals has not been on. I don’t know if it is a child now. We are not worthy of it.Before this festival, you have the happiness you have ever. I see that I got married yesterday and registered a lot. Is it too old?

Then today I am busy launching, and I want to make two dishes, because I am really sisters, do you just get annoyed when I am at home, hahahaha.The sisters can be said to be from the bedroom, the sisters lying on the sofa, and the sofa lying back to the bedroom again. Now I am really the main theme of the day, but I do n’t make a job. Sisters, I am really uncomfortable, I am really uncomfortable. I am really uncomfortable. I am really uncomfortable.Now I want to go to work, I want to work, I want to make money, sisters, so I am really boring now. I do n’t mean anything, so I can make some meals at home.It is not to say that you are waiting for someone. You said that the two dishes are gone first, and you will show you the cuisine and make a fried chicken, but I don’t know why. This color looks a bit strange.The dry food, the sisters will wait for the meal to give you weight. Don’t be fat. Recently, I watched a new world of a new TV drama grandmother. You two discuss it. Do you see this?Drama, because I think, sisters, now at my speed, should be able to watch a TV series chasing drama experts in a week.

I said it for you, just finished eating for you, look at my weight, 126 pounds, terrible.Today is my thirty weeks, five days, and five days, and it will be 31 weeks soon. It is almost eight months away. I feel that I feel that I have a sisters who have a sisters.After a hundred pounds, I still haven’t blocked it after all, that is, I have been recently, and recently I feel that the sisters are really tired and tired. After you sleep on the left, you sleep on the right.This leg is particularly numb on the position of the hoe, and the stiff feeling is particularly uncomfortable.

Then start preparing a glass of milk in a while, no matter how the weight increases, you remember to drink my milk. If you don’t like to drink milk, you can drink milk powder or what you drink, that is, the kind of box that is sold now.That kind of milk is okay, because if you do n’t drink, you will be deficient in calcium. By the third trimester, you will find that leg cramps will be particularly uncomfortable and more uncomfortable.Don’t think that drinking milk will be fat, not fat, and drinking milk really won’t be fat. I have been drinking from time to time. Sisters must remember to drink milk.You can just drink a meal at night. This style can ensure that our sleep will still be good.

I will share with you here today, ande.

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