Tan Yonglin’s apology came too late. During the marriage, he had a child with a female fan. His wife was sad to enter the empty door for 9 years.

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In 1974, the young Yang Jiewei met Tan Yonglin, who was only 24 years old at a nightclub. At that time, Yang Jiewei would not think that Tan Yonglin would become the biggest calamity in his life after a few years.

It is just that at the moment, the two young people have a good opinion of each other. After leaving contact information, they often contact them privately. It didn’t take long for the two to become lovers.

It was just that Tan Yonglin, Chen You, Peng Jianxin, Ye Zhiqiang, and Zhong Zhentao formed the "Win -La Band".Yang Jiewei, who was originally a cosmetics company’s beauty consultant, resigned and became a assistant to Tan Yonglin.

In order to better help Tan Yonglin, Yang Jiewei studied dance design, dance -beauty arrangement, and light scheduling, and arranged the image design of Tan Yonglin’s concert, filming, and advertising.

And as Tan Yonglin’s career is better year by year, Tan Yonglin makes more and more money.Yang Jiewei, who has a very good financial management ability, helped Tan Yonglin wealth management, so that Tan Yonglin made a lot of money.

It was just that when Tan Yonglin was unlimited outside, no one knew that Yang Jiewei was his girlfriend.In order not to affect Tan Yonglin’s career in the rising period, Yang Jiewei chose to silently be the woman behind Tan Yonglin.

Yang Jiewei’s sacrifice for Tan Yonglin even continued to get married.

In 1981, Yang Jiewei and Tan Yonglin registered for marriage in Las Vegas. They did not have a wedding or notified their friends.

Yang Jiewei and Tan Yonglin were married.

They also met Dink, so when Yang Jiewei was pregnant, they chose to kill the children.

It was 1993 when Yang Jiewei and Tan Yonglin’s husband and wife relationship were exposed.

In this year, Yang Jiewei’s father died, and the Yang family had to consider whether the name of the son -in -law Tan Yonglin appeared on the promise.

At that time, Yang Jiewei was worried that the relationship between her and Tan Yonglin’s husband and wife would affect Tan Yonglin’s career after the exposure, so he was not willing to appear on Tan Yonglin’s name.However, Yang Jiewei’s mother believes that the name of the son -in -law must appear in such a big thing.

In the end, Tan Yonglin’s name appeared on Yang Jiewei’s father’s prosecution. The news of Tan Yonglin’s marriage immediately spread throughout the city, which caused heated discussion in Hong Kong at that time.

However, this is also a good thing for Yang Jiewei, after all, she can be together with Tan Yonglin since then.

But she couldn’t think of Tan Yonglin’s change two years later.

In 1995, Tan Yonglin met Zhu Yongting, who was 22 years younger than himself and was still studying at Lingnan University at the fan meeting. The two left each other.Later, the two often contacted phone calls. In the process of constant communication, Tan Yonglin felt that Zhu Yongting was particularly understandable and brought him a different feeling. He secretly had Zhu Yongting with Zhu Yongting.

When Zhu Yongting became Tan Yonglin’s secret lover, Tan Yonglin assumed Zhu Yongting’s tuition and living expenses.

One year later, Zhu Yongting was pregnant. Zhu Yongting asked Tan Yonglin if he wanted to give birth to the child. Tan Yonglin decided to let the child come to the world. This year, their son Tan Xiaofeng was born.

The birth of his son made Tan Yonglin very happy.At the same time, he also knew that he had a secret lover and illegitimate child.He chose to confess everything to Yang Jiewei.

When Tan Yonglin told Yang Jiewei the matter of Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng, Yang Jiewei’s heart was broken.She scolded Tan Yonglin, but what’s the use of? Tan Yonglin has a woman and children outside that has become an irreversible fact.

After calming down, Yang Jiewei chose to bear it silently. She was too kind. She felt that the child was innocent. She didn’t want her child to lose her father’s love.

Tan Yonglin also knew that he was sorry for Yang Jiewei. He gave the property to Yang Jiewei’s management. According to Hong Kong media reports, there were 1 billion, and he asked Zhu Yongting to bring his children. He did not let Yang Jiewei and Zhu Yongting meet.

However, in March 2006, Tan Yonglin’s father Tan Jiangbai died.Tan Yonglin must consider whether the names of Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng appeared on the father’s prosecution.

After careful consideration, Tan Yonglin decided to disclose the identities of Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng, so that Tan Xiaofeng recognized his ancestors to return to the Zong.

After Tan Yonglin announced the identity of Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng, public opinion was uproar, and Tan Yonglin said to the media: "I understand that everyone will focus on my family affairs, but this is not a show or a play.Tan Xiaofeng, I have a wife Yang Jiewei, and a confidant Zhu Yongting. Both of them have worked hard and suffered a lot of grievances. I want to leave offspring for my dad, or have selfish desires, and want to keep their flesh to themselves. But they have evolved into today.At the point, everyone and everyone around me were so hard and apologized to the two of them. "

Although Tan Yonglin said in his mouth, he apologized for Yang Jiewei and Zhu Yongting.But in actual life, his preference is obvious.Hong Kong media often photographed her with Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng.As for Yang Jiewei, Hong Kong media took either she was alone or with relatives and friends. It was very lonely.

In the winter solstice of 2007, as Tan Yonglin’s legal wife, Tan Yonglin no longer brought Yang Jiewei to spend the winter solstice with his mother, but with Zhu Yongting and Tan Xiaofeng.

In contrast, it is a word that made Yang Jiewei more heartbreaking to the outside world. Tan Yonglin said that he and Yang Jiewei "only have kindness and no love."

Yang Jiewei couldn’t think of from love to getting married. The two walked hand in hand through so many storms, and they were not love in Tan Yonglin’s eyes.

In 2008, there were media reports that Yang Jiewei had a practice and entered the empty door, causing a lot of sensation.

Facing the news, Tan Yonglin responded in person. He said to the outside world: "They think too much, and they write too much. I have no nuns in my family, and no one in my family becomes a monk."

When Yang Jiewei really became a monk, it was already 2011.This year Tan Yonglin helped Zhu Yongting, and Yang Jiewei was completely died of Tan Yonglin.

Yang Jiewei chose to accompany the Buddhist lantern and gave up the management of 1 billion yuan in Tan Yonglin. Yang Jiewei "made" Zhu Yongting with the Jiangshan Mountains that he accompanied Tan Yonglin.

Tan Yonglin lived a happy life, and he loved his son Tan Xiaofeng very much.During the growth of Tan Xiaofeng, he only hit him once. The reason was that Tan Yonglin felt that he was impolite to his mother Zhu Yongting.

Tan Xiaofeng was also very good, and was admitted to Oxford University in 2013.Tan Yonglin happily shared the news with his friends. According to Zeng Zhiwei, "When he called and told me this, he kept laughing and never lingering. We were happy for him.It is simply a medium champion. His school is difficult to test, and he also took the most difficult scholarship. Tan Yonglin is so rich and does not need to pay tuition. Why is this world so unfair? "

When Tan Xiaofeng graduated in 2017, Tan Yonglin posted a photo of himself and his son embrace on the social platform, and his pride was overwhelming.

It’s just that these have nothing to do with Yang Jiewei.The matter with Yang Jiewei and Zhu Yongting also made Tan Yonglin suffer a huge controversy in her life.

When I was interviewed in Hong Kong in early October 2020, in the face of Radio Hong Kong asked her emotional life, Tan Yonglin said that he was between Yang Jiewei and Zhu Yongting for his personal lust and passed down.During the interview, he apologized to Yang Jiewei and Zhu Yongting again, and said with emotion: "There are two wives that are not good at all, so that they can bear too much grievances. I hope everyone will not learn me."

But what’s the use of this apology? Yang Jiewei has been in the empty door for 9 years, and her heart has broken.

After all, Tan Yonglin lost Yang Jiewei.

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