Tang Wei’s filming was exploded "urine more", and the suffering of women who gave birth to baby were becoming a joke in the eyes of men

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Many men do n’t understand, but they are just a child. Why the beautiful and independent wife before pregnancy suddenly became a crazy woman who lost her soul.During childbirth, let yourself accompany the birth, even after childbirth, it has become a "flammable and explosive" hedgehog, full of spikes.

In the eyes of these "tops of the sky", the mother should be a superman. Like all the mothers for thousands of years, all the sufferings have swallowed all the sufferings and raised their babies quietly and quietly.

The difficulties of mothers after birth were spent by their phrase "for the mother" and fluttered lightly, like a small talk after tea.

You see, the pain of childbirth has always been just a mother’s struggle.

In an interview with the Golden Rooster Awards, Tang Wei, who has always been stable, cried in tears on the spot in the face of the camera.

The reason is just a problem with the host: "What do you can’t stand each other?"

This seemingly normal problem is full of reality because of the "breaking news" of the male partner Lei Jiayin.Lei Jiayin seemed to be unable to hold back his emotions, and broke the news that Tang Wei frequently went to the toilet in the play.

Even when Tang Wei used an embarrassing laughter to cover up the embarrassment of shit and urine, Lei Jiayin was still like an outsider, "accusing" Tang Wei with interest, and blame her to go to the toilet to affect her emotions in her drama.

Facing the "accusation" of his companions in the play, Tang Wei obviously did not control his emotions, and tears flowed out of his cheeks.

In fact, the elegant and intellectual Tang Wei burst into tears regardless of the camera, not only because of the embarrassment after the shit and urine fart exposing, but also her other heavy identity: a mother after childbirth.

You know, Tang Wei, who was working at the time, was not long after postpartum. Because of the impact of antibiotics and baby delivery on the body during pregnancy, frequent urination was actually one of the side effects of Tang Wei’s postpartum physiological disaster.

This is not alarmist. The ten -month pregnancy will expand the uterus of the pregnant mother to the original twenty times. The baby’s maturity is actually based on the extreme overdraft of the mother’s body.Even if the baby is born, the pelvic floor muscle injured by the Baomao takes a long time to return to the original state.

Even controlling urine will become a tricky problem.

Ella, known as the "strongest pregnant woman on the surface", once published a long article on social platforms, pointing out that he has recently performed a small surgery. The purpose of the operation is to alleviate seemingly small problems such as postpartum urinary incontinence.

According to statistics from the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, postpartum mothers have 36.6%of urinary incontinence, but only 6.6%of pregnant mothers have sought help from professionals.

More Baoma listened to the "lie" that was just a mother, and silently swallowed the pain and torture brought about by the production.In the eyes of the "unknown" represented by Lei Jiayin, it became a joke to please others.

As you can see, this is not fair.

I don’t know why, women always seem to be mature faster than men.

From the day of the woman’s pregnancy, the lively little girl seemed to be a mother who was a mother -in -law suddenly.In the surrounding people or the environment, the girl was forced to grow up and stepped into the group of "great mother".

There are no complaints in this group, and they are not allowed to be dissatisfied. Even if they just complain about their inner exhaustion and indifference to the closest people, they will be label mercilessly on the label.

In a show, a second -born mother just showed some dissatisfaction with the disregard of the people, and was randomly said by her husband: "You are too aggressive".

This twenty -four hours a day is always on standby every second, ready to feed the baby at any time, when it is the turn to eat and sleep, only the cold soup and cold rice and the mothers who are about to be dawn are left.This is just a sentence that is not salty and light.

You said, which girl does not collapse?

The worst thing is that in the eyes of some "outsiders", the mother who was tired of working in the work of bringing a baby actually found a good thing to stay at home to rest.

In the movie "Jin Zhiying Born in 82", the wife in the eyes of her husband is "entrusted to the child’s blessing and can rest at home."

So regarding his wife’s courage to "request", he said the classic lines of the phrase "rest for a while at home".

In fact, life is sometimes much more absurd than movies.

Just a few months ago, a returnee female doctor was disordered in the long -term neglect of her husband’s postpartum husband for a long time.Afterwards, her husband murmured to himself, but just a sentence: "I don’t want anything. As long as I want my daughter, why should I take her away."

And the wife who accompanied him into the wedding and gave birth to two babies, at this time, seemed to be a passerby.

Somehow, always dislike the saying "Mom is Superman".The result of the great decoration of the mother can only be for granted that the pain that the mother can withstand it, and this kind of reason can actually be avoided.

There was such a classic line in "Please answer 1988": "God cannot be omnipotent, so he created a mother"

But since God can’t do everything, why make these girls who become mothers for the first time, and bears a halo that God cannot bear?

Only when you tear off the great packaging of the mother, will more and more people see and feel that they feel that it is painful, bloody, lively, and living.This is the real mother.

They love to care for their children with all their strength, and they are also suffering from the pain caused by the baby and the people around them.

Only when mothers are "no longer great", no longer perfect everywhere can people understand this group better, and applaud the mother from the heart, instead of applauding a perfect woman in imagination.

For her husband, the only thing that needs to do is to protect her well. After all, she will come earlier than your child and spend more time with you.

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