Tang Yixin’s official Xuan was pregnant, and the recent photos of swimming were eye -catching. Netizens: Be sure to pay attention to the body

Hello, hello everyone, I am a big white.

In the recent period, the well -known actress Tang Yixin suddenly burst out his good news, and this good news was surprised to netizens after it came out. At the same time, many netizens and fans on the Internet also expressed their blessings to him.This good news is the news of Tang Yixin’s official announcement. Many people were suspicious before, and now it has become a real event.

I did not expect that Tang Yixin posted a photo directly on the personal social media platform. It has been several months since she posted a photo last time. I did not expect that after a few months, Tang Yixin returned to the personal social mediaThe platform actually returned in a way to send a good news. This really surprised many people. At the same time, many people also lamented that the time was so fast. In the swimming pool, Tang Yixin also posted a very funny attitude.Tang Yixin with the upper body obviously does not want to see his sports in front of the media.Although this is not the entire whole body photo, it can still be seen in the photo that even Tang Yixin who is pregnant is very thin. This also makes many netizens show the envy of Tang Yixin in the comment area.

Tang Yixin said directly when he posted a Weibo. During his current pregnancy, the most insisted exercise was swimming, and many netizens said that he could swim during pregnancy. Is it not afraid that it will affect the children in his stomach?In fact, this worry is also necessary for netizens. After all, as a expectant mother who is pregnant, Tang Yixin still needs to pay attention to protecting his body. Even if you like to swim and fitness, you must pay attention to rest.

When Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan returned from Nanjing, they were photographed by the media.At that time, Tang Yixin was also very like a maternity dress, and her small belly was slightly raised, which was very obvious. The two nestled tightly, full of happiness, and even the accompanying person next to her was envious.At that time, many netizens and the media speculated that Tang Yixin must be pregnant, and this kind of dress must be pregnant with a child. It can be seen that such a thin Tang Yixin seemed to be bloated under loose clothes.Tang Yixin’s good figure has always been envied by many people, and Tang Yixin wore such a maternal dress, not only to make people imagine.

After the media broke the news, Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan were also open and generous. This matter did not let fans and netizens guessed blindly.Life is happy for a long time, and I hope that children of the two people can thrive.

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