Ten jokes: These days, my hoe inflammation can not satisfy him. I proposed to break up with me today

1. I am a primary three. I got along with him for a year. I did not disturb his family. It was really a coincidence. We know what his daughter -in -law was during pregnancy. He was good to me. I haven’t touched me in the first two months.With a little feelings, I have always been good to me. I should not sleep in my routine, and I can go to me. Why bother to waste it for more than two months. Once I drank too much, he couldn’t bear it when I was not consciousLive, there was a relationship with me, and then it was out of control. He was good at me as always, and slowly depended on him, and began to enjoy this kind of good. I know he has a family, but still does not control his feelings., I did n’t feel sad, but these days, my cricket. I ca n’t satisfy him. I have broken up with me today. What should I do?

2. At the time of graduation, a girl in our class was confessed by many boys. I was a TA male girlfriend. She told me (a look of proud and wanting to make a spring expression …) I came to a faint saying: footballMore than 20 people on the field chased one ball, not to get it, but to shoot in.

3. Forty years of classmates.A simple and decent classmate sent a business card to other students silently.The business card is marked with a row of eye -catching text: enjoy the special allowance of the State Council!Students all secretly sighed, people really can’t look!They voted for their envy and jealousy, and toasting frequently.After the party, a good person quietly asked the classmate: "What allowance do you enjoy the State Council?"

4. Back to the city from his hometown yesterday, he was congested all the way, and the drive was extended for several hours.My husband was exhausted when I drove. I felt distressed by the side and said, "I also have a driver’s license for me for a while." I saw my husband’s excitement, and his head was shaking into a wave drum. "I suddenly have a spirit now!"

5. One day when the child went to the goat and shouted.Then the villagers came up the mountain, the child said to lie to you, and then the villagers went down the mountain angrily.The next day the child cheated the villagers in the same way, and the villagers no longer believed in the child.On the third day, the child shouted, but the villagers thought it was the child’s prank again.When the child saw that the villagers came up the mountain, they got a fat sheep to bake. After returning home, she said that sheep were eaten by wolves.

6. My daughter -in -law is lying in my arms: "Husband, let’s divorce!" I: "Why? I’m not good for you?" "Because you are too good to me, I want to try other menIt’s all like this, you see, I will follow you at the age of eighteen. If you live with you so happy, there will be regrets … "

7. "Pap" I slapped my girlfriend, "Does it hurt?", My girlfriend looked at me stunned: "It hurts." I put her into my arms: "It hurts, the woman is used to hurtclatter!"

8. The phone accidentally left on the taxi, but fortunately, the driver master unlocked and called my friend to inform me to get back the phone.I asked the driver: "I was unlocked by face recognition, how did you open it?" The driver said, "I will open it to Wu Yanzu’s poster."

9. My wife is back to her mother’s house, and I can just want to come up with today. Who knows the call at night: Where is my husband?I’m at home.Didn’t go out of ghosts?I do not have it.Then you open a note in the bedside drawer.I.EssenceEssenceEssence

10. Xiaowei said with mysteriously: Brother, a set of cheats from our ancestors can make your wife scream.Xiao Gang asked: What cheats are so powerful?Xiaowei said seriously: foot massage!

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