Ten things that must not be done during pregnancy are all on you

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Pregnant women are the source of life, and pregnancy is the protection period for fully resting to the body.But do you know?The prospective mothers carrying new life are often misleading by some so -called common sense, and do things that are not conducive to fetal development.Today, I will list ten things that I must not do during the previous article. The remaining five things will be unveiled to unveil these misunderstandings and let you be a happy mothers.

Misunderstanding 6: Do not eat acidic foods

In fact, you can eat some acidic foods, such as apples, kiwi and other fruits, and yogurt during pregnancy.But pay attention to the right amount, do not take too much intake.

Misunderstanding Seven: Do not eat shrimp, crab and other seafood

During pregnancy, some high -protein foods should be eaten appropriately, such as shrimp and crabs, but they must be cleaned up to ensure sanitation and safety.

Misunderstanding 8: Can’t turn over at night

During pregnancy, some pregnant women listened to rumors and believed that turning at night would have a adverse effect on the fetus.In fact, proper turn over helps to defecate and ensure the comfort of pregnant women’s sleep.

Misunderstanding Nine: Can’t do housework

Pay attention to proper exercise during pregnancy, and do housework can exercise.But be careful not to excessive, not exhausted, avoid injury.

Misunderstanding Ten: Can’t wear high heels

Pregnant women in high heels will indeed increase the center of gravity and easily hurt.Therefore, you can choose some comfortable low -heeled shoes to reduce the burden on the body, but pay attention to the time not to be too long, and you should rest when you rest.

If you are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, then please remember the precautions of these pregnancy and provide the best environment for your baby’s health and growth.Don’t believe in rumors and misunderstandings at will, consult your doctor in time, and be a happy and healthy prospective mother!

Dear friends, ten things that must not be done during pregnancy, are now finished.I don’t know if pregnant mothers are experiencing these misunderstandings?I hope you read my article, which can inspire and help you!

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