Ten weeks of pregnancy, what did the baby look like?


"The fetus is a bit small and does not match the pregnancy week. Pay attention to nutrition." "The baby is a bit large. It will be very difficult to grow according to this trend." … During the checkupBut how did the doctor evaluate the size of the fetus?What kind of connection between the size of the fetus is with the expectant mother’s itself? Next, let me tell you what the fetus looks like during the ten weeks of pregnancy.Essence

In the tenth week of pregnancy, the fetus will grow to about 4 cm. When you pass the B -ultrasound, you will find that your baby is like a small bean pod with almost 10 grams of weight. The basic cell structure has been formed. Through the B -ultrasound, you, you, you, youI will find that the baby has begun to take care of the human shape, including arms, legs, eyes, genitals, and other organs: the eyelids are also stuck together; the arm will grow longer and the elbow is more curved;It can be seen very clearly; the left and right legs can alternate the flexion and extension of kicking; but now through the B -ultrasound, it is still impossible to judge whether the child is a girl or a boy.At 10 weeks, the placenta is very mature and can support most of the important functions of hormones.Although these organs of the fetus have not been fully developed, they are in the development stage, but as the pregnancy week increases, you will find that the baby grows fast. When the next B -ultrasound is checked, it is likely to be scared by him.Jump.

Compared with the last week, the expectant mother who was pregnant for the first time was not very changing. The abdomen of the expectant mothers who had given birth to a child would have a slight bulge.Under normal circumstances, during the ten weeks of pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers changes very much. It can even be said to be impermanent, which leads to emotional changes.People around them are too concerned about themselves, and even guessing, this atmosphere will bring great psychological pressure to the mother’s mother.However, for the health of yourself and your baby, you must pay attention to adjusting your mind and let yourself have a peaceful mentality. Chinese medicine has "borrowing mother’s qi to give birth to life, breathing is connected, and the anger is corresponding.The theory, today’s modern medicine has also discovered that during pregnancy, the information between expectant mothers and fetuses can communicate through the chemical composition in the blood. Their emotions directly affect the changes in endocrine, and the endocrine flows through the blood flowing through the blood to the fetus body.EssenceTherefore, if you feel happy, the baby can feel that he will be happy with you. When you are emotionally disturbed, the increased adrenal ilogy hormone in the body’s secretion will have a certain impact on the baby’s growth through blood.

Due to the continuous development of the uterus, you may feel that the lower abdomen compression is getting worse, so it is best to drink plenty of water and do not empty the stomach.In hot days, sometimes you want to eat cold drinks, such as ice cream, but for the health of yourself and your children, it is best to control it.If you feel that your leucorrhea is increased, you must pay more attention to hygiene. You can prepare a dedicated pot and bath towel for yourself. Wash the vulva 2 to 3 times with warm water every day. Do not use ordinary soap when cleaning.If there are cervical erosion, trichomoniasis or mold vaginitis, you must consult the doctor in time, and do not clean the vagina without asking the doctor.

If you are over 35 years old or have a history of family gene deficiency, when you are ten weeks of pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for a amniotic occlusion examination. This can prevent the production of malformations.Effective judgments of sexually transmitted diseases.


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