The "double reduction" wind is scraped into the pregnant world, and the new "pregnancy" trend of maternal and infant consumption is coming.

After the 90s and 00, it is becoming the main force of the Mom Group! In 2021, Ai Media Consultation data showed that the age distribution survey of the Chinese pregnant mothers group showed that 66.7%of the age of pregnant mothers was distributed at 22-30 years old, and 30.3%of pregnant mothers group age was distributed in the age of age.31-40 years old, and 3%of pregnant mothers are distributed under 22 years old.

As an aboriginal of the Internet, the increase in the proportion of post-90-00 after 90-00 also indirectly brought changes in the consumer market.The consumption of postpartum repair and skin care and makeup during pregnancy has increased year by year.According to data from Ai Media Consultation, in 2021, more than 90%of the Baoma’s self-pleasant consumption during pregnancy accounted for more than 10%, and nearly 40%accounted for between 20%-30%.

Compared to the past "pregnancy is sacrificing themselves", the pregnant mother is more free and easy. They insist that "even if you are pregnant, you have the right to make themselves comfortable."Especially the younger generation of mothers, their thoughts have improved, and they pay more attention to themselves. Even if they do not forget to "please themselves" during pregnancy, they believe that they must be themselves before being a mother.

"Double reduction" wind swept, the new concept of popular science and precision pregnancy in pregnant mothers circle

The change of the concept of pregnant mothers in the new era has also stabbed a new trend on social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu. Between the group of pregnant mothers, the pregnancy concept of "double reduction mothers" gradually began to become popular.

It is worth mentioning that the term "double reduction" was originally from the education community, intending to reduce the burden on students.Now after cross -border application in the pregnant world, the "dual -reduced pregnant mothers" will take the initiative to reduce their burden on their thoughts and behaviors. They even advocate the concept of relaxed and scientific pregnancy. They are not affected by excessive consumption and rational love.You can relax your trendy pregnant mother.

Moms with a "double reduction" mentality have covered all walks of life, including entrepreneurial women, national athletes, or self -media practitioners.

Rice cake mother Li Danyang is one of the representatives of "double reduction mothers". She has more than 35 million fans on the Internet social media platform, which has inspired countless mothers to this day.When she was Huai Dabao, she didn’t know much about the knowledge of pregnancy. She was banned from various activities by her parents. When she had a systematic understanding, she gradually let go of herself.Her husband said, "Swimming, raising barbells, whole teeth, drinking coffee, etc. It seems that pregnant women can’t do things, she tried."She also wrote a book "Your Life Shouldn’t Play for Pregnancy", and proved to prove that pregnancy did not mean sacrificing her life.

Bird is a member of the directional off -road national team. Her "double reduction" experience is a model of athlete pregnant mothers.Breeding her child changed her body, the abdominal rectus muscle was separated, and her physical fitness could not be compared with before pregnancy, but she did not give up her professional dream.Just one week after a caesarean section, the training began, from the most basic abdominal breathing to high -intensity competition training.When the baby is more than one year old, she has won the world champion of the short -distance project in the directional World Cup competition.

Gu Xiaosi is a pregnant mother in the workplace. After she was at the age of 30, she did not give up her career. She chose a self -media with relatively free time and became a Chinese science science creator; the post -95 second child Lynnprettify was a beauty makeup& Mother and baby blogger, full face full of acne at the second child. She relieves her symptoms through scientific pregnancy, put on makeup, nails, and swimming, and strives to grasp her rhythm of life; beauty blogger Xiao Ye Zoe is anxious because of her pregnancy.She insisted on yoga and talked to her family in time to adjust her condition at any time …

This kind of "chasing new hot moms" has been walking at the tip of the trend. They believe that pregnancy does not press the pause key for life. While taking care of the baby, they can also be a more exciting themselves.Sample.

"Good pregnancy" is not anxious.

More and more platforms have begun to pay attention to these new generation of pregnant mothers. We have found that as of now, more than 29,000 overseas brands in 87 countries and regions around the world have settled in Tmall International, covering more than 5,800 categories.Among them, the finely divided maternal and infant categories cover the new surrogacy production demand.

According to Tmall International Consumption Preferences, folic acid is welcomed by those prepared by pregnant people. During pregnancy, use probiotics and organic Ximei mud to regulate the stomach and alleviate constipation.Word of word -of -mouth products such as wares and probiotic milk powder appear to provide Baoma with a variety of feeding options.

The scientific and precise pregnancy is the confidence of Tmall International to relax for mothers.At the same time, we also found that the IP of the "World Strange Education Season" IP in the International Mother and Infant Industry in the International Mother and Infant Industry launched the "Double Pregnant Mom" activity.This activity not only carefully selected a good list of good things for different stages of pregnancy, but also to help mothers become "double pregnant mothers" by the gestational experts and doctors.

In the launch of knowledge and fun interaction H5 "Please answer, I’m Drip Mom", the content of the H5 was combined with the Ali Health Medicine Content Team and the three -time trial of the Three Hospital doctors.Knowledge.For example, whether to eat folic acid during pregnancy and when to supplement the questions that DHAs are very concerned about during pregnancy, they have detailed answers in H5.

At the same time, Tmall International Air Proponent also invited Dr. Zhong Yufu, a nutrition expert/confinement godfather, to answer questions for pregnant mothers.

Press the "shortcut keys" in the pregnant market to promote new changes in the mother and baby industry

With the iteration of mothers’ pregnant concepts, the size of the Chinese maternal and infant market in 2020 reached 4085 billion yuan. It is expected that the market planning of the Chinese mother and baby industry in 2024 will exceed 7600 billion yuan.

The awakening of women’s consciousness and the prevalence of the concept of scientific pregnancy are also promoting the change of the mother and baby industry.

Tmall International Mother and Child have always cooperated with Ali Public Welfare to have the "One Music Park" project. The captains participating in the "One Music Park" project this time have Qifu, Wyri, Elvie, and Aila Kitchen.Paradise plans to help 5 rural schools in the Yunnan -Guizhou region transform music teachers and build multi -functional sports fields for 5 schools.More and more women have experienced the charm of scientific breeding, and hope that public welfare cooperation can open a new window for more children.

Source: China Net

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