The "two bars" of the pregnancy test stick did not get pregnant?This check must be done

Don’t panic, we are talking about pregnancy test sticks, not antigen!

Even during the epidemic, at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for an early pregnancy ultrasound.After all, is it related to pregnancy success?Is there a fetal heart?

Lili (pseudonym), who has been actively preparing for pregnancy, has been rejoicing since the "two bars".But when she was going to be an early pregnancy ultrasound, the doctor told her that "insufficient evidence of pregnancy in the palace", and the HCG was tested several times later, which was lower than once. The doctor told her that it may be biochemical.

Similar encountering Xiaojiao (a pseudonym). When he was ultrasound for the first time, he saw the fetal heart, but when he made the B time of the B time, the doctor said that he could not find the fetal heart, and the embryo had died.

For whether it is normal to get pregnant, compared to HCG, B -ultrasound is more accurate!The two bars may be happy, and there are regrets of sadness.

However, after the inspection, I got the report, did I not understand: "Is the doctor who is pregnant? Why can’t I see my baby?" Today I will take you to learn to see the ultrasound report during early pregnancy.

Ultrasonic reminder: Insufficient evidence of pregnancy in the palace

Obviously two bars, why do you say that you are not pregnant?

There is a window period from blood or urine HCG positive to ultrasound discovery. At this time, HCG produced by nourishing cells can be detected in urine or blood, but the volume of all cells cannot be identified by ultrasound. During this time, during this timeThe ultrasound conclusions made in the interior are "currently insufficient evidence of pregnancy in the palace."

If you don’t see abnormal symptoms such as red and abdominal pain, you can wait for about 5-10 days before reviewing the ultrasound.But if there is a abortion during this time, HCG gradually decreases to normal, like menstruation, that is, "biochemical pregnancy", that is, a loneliness.

Ultrasonic reminder: intrauterine small cystic structure

Cystic structure?Isn’t he pregnant?

Well, this is still a matter of time.The earliest shape of the pregnancy embryo is an unprepared form. Although there is a "double -ring symbol" on the ultrasound, the conclusion of "pregnancy" cannot be performed before the yolk cylinder.

We usually conservatively remind you of "intrauterine in the uterine cavity", which is a rigorous expression.

Ultrasonic reminder: intrauterine pregnancy

Is this the meaning of normal pregnancy?That’s right, generally appears after 5.5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, you can clearly clear the embryo in the palace normally.

Ultrasonic reminder: early pregnancy in the palace

Can you see for a few weeks of pregnancy?Generally, germ will begin to appear around 6.5 weeks, and primitive cardiovascular beats appear in about 7 weeks, that is, "fetal heart".There is a calculation method for the pregnancy weeks: the length of the gestational week ≈6.5+germ (cm).

For example, the length of the germ is 1.5cm, so the gestational week is about 6.5+1.5 = 8 (weeks). This formula is only applicable to early pregnancy and is a way to infer the more accurate gestational week.If the menstrual cycle is irregular, the calculated cycle is generally based on early pregnancy inferring!

Ultrasonic reminder: intrauterine pregnancy, no fetal heart is not seen

Maybe the last time I saw the original cardiovascular beating (+), how can I get a bit of blood or check the obstetric card and then check the heartbeat?

Due to many factors, some "excellent" embryos naturally choose to die naturally. In most cases, the problem of embryo quality is a process of natural choice.

If the fetal heart appears first and then disappears, it is impossible to grow again; or if the germ grows to 7mm, there is no "fetal heart", it belongs to the embryo sac.In addition, there is no yolk sac when the average inner diameter of the embryo sac is exceeded 20mm; or the average diameter of the embryo sac exceeds 25mm without germ; or the embryo sac has not grown up for a few days or even a week.Performance.

If it is inevitable that there is no need to wait, you should choose a suitable method to terminate pregnancy.

In addition to pregnancy in normal parts, there will also be ectopic pregnancy (commonly known as ectopic pregnancy).Most of the parts of the ectopic pregnancy embryo are in the fallopian tubes, and other cervical pregnancy, cesarean section scar pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, and abdominal pregnancy.In addition, there are disease -related diseases, such as nourishing cell tumors such as hydatidifier, erosive hydatidal and velvet cancer.These abnormalities require professional doctors for diagnosis and treatment.

So with the "two bars", in addition to the normal intrauterine pregnancy, there are many other abnormal possibilities. Remember to do an ultrasonic check in time.

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