The 1 -year -old baby girl went home late at night after 30 years of abduction mother sprinkled her tears and gave her red flowers

Jimu Journalist Li Xiancheng Ding Wei Zhangqi

When she left home, she was a baby under one year old; when she returned, she was a 31 -year -old wedding wife.

In the hometown of no impression, her trembling old mother and a string of festive firecrackers were greeted.The mother and daughter were holding tears together. At this moment, they waited for 30 years.

At 10:29 pm on February 12th, Donald Tang, who was abducted for 30 years, finally returned home.

1 year old baby girl abducted 30 years after going home after 30 years

Gao Xiumei was from a rural family in Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. When she was two years old, her mother died. She lived with her father and a four -year -old brother.

With the age of age, Gao Xiumei gradually became sensible, and also noticed what people in the villagers often avoided their discussions, and accidentally heard that he was not a biological rumor.At the age of 17, she finally learned from her father’s mouth that in April 1992, she was not known from a relative from April 20.

In the next 13 years, Gao Xiumei never stopped his own road to find relatives, but there was no result.On November 17, 2021, Gao Xiumei released his first short video of relatives on the online social platform.

In January 2022, Gao Xiumei finally waited for the good news. After analysis of her ancestral home, she was a native of Yongshan County, Zhaotong County, Yunnan Province. The suspected native family surnamed Tang, and her relatives were further comparing with her DNA.On January 26, the good news came. Police told Gao Xiumei that she was successful with her mother and mother, which was in line with her mother and daughter relationship. She was born in 1991 and abducted in the spring of 1992.

Baby Tang learned that the relatives of the family include mothers, brothers, sister -in -law, sisters, brother -in -law, etc., looking for themselves for decades.His father had died of illness 8 years ago.

The success of relatives is only the first happy event of Baby Tang. On February 5th, she also held a wedding. She entered the palace of marriage with her beloved.The mother and brothers and sisters of their hometown originally planned to come to her wedding. The air tickets were bought, but later, she could only cancel the itinerary.So after she decided to get married, she flew to Yunnan with her husband on February 12 and met her loved ones.

Mother tied red flowers to her daughter

On the afternoon of the 12th, Baby Tang and her husband arrived in Kunming by plane. The brother -in -law took her daughter to Kunming Airport to welcome. The little niece called her "aunt" sweetly.In a service area in Zhaotong, Tang Baby’s sister also came. He hadn’t met for thirty years, and the sisters embraced tears.Knowing that Baby Tang had a bad voice, his sister also prepared hot water for her.

Because there are many mountain roads in the hometown in Yunnan, they will fog at night. For safety reasons, my sister and brother -in -law plan to take the baby Tang to stay in Zhaotong City for one night.But Baby Tang thought about it and wanted to go home earlier to see his mother, so everyone changed his trip and rushed to the house overnight.

At 10 pm on the 12th, Baby Tang finally arrived in Lianfeng Town, and his biological brother came to welcome.The brothers and sisters were holding together after meeting and holding each other’s hands tightly. Baby Tang found that her lips were very similar to the elder brother, and the elder brother said it was really similar.

At 10:29 pm, the vehicle by Baby Tang finally arrived at home, and she saw the biological mother waiting at home.The mother and daughter held their hands for a long time, and Tang Bao cried.Welcome to Hengfu at home, and fireworks and firecrackers were also set up in the village.

Back at home, Baby Tang gave the incense case in the living room and worshiped his ancestors and his father.Subsequently, her mother and elder brother took her to step on the basin at the door.

The mother also tied a big red flower to Baby Tang.It turned out that according to local folk customs, her daughter would make safflower when she got married. This late saffron was made by her mother.

Subsequently, the mother and sister took the Baby Tang to recognize the relatives.

Baby Tang’s brother -in -law also came to his mother -in -law’s house for the first time. This night, the old man not only welcomed the daughter who had been abducted for 30 years, but also saw two son -in -law who came to the door for the first time.Near midnight, the family left the first family portrait.

After shooting the family portrait, everyone was sitting around the bonfire to rest, and the family was preparing meals for her.Baby Tang could not hear the local dialects, and the words of his biological mother were a little unclear. His sister has always been "translated" for Tang Baby and his family.

"I didn’t expect so many people to welcome me." Baby Tang said excitedly that when he looked at the lights of other people’s house before, he was always thinking about which lamp would belong to himself.I never thought of seeing the scene with my family before, but every time she watched her favorite family -looking show and saw the scene of her loved ones, she was very envious, and she also fantasized the scenes that met with their family countless times."My surname is Tang, and today’s feelings are all sugar," she said.

Source: Jimu News

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