The 10 -year -old girl in Shandong was violated and learned that she was crying after pregnancy. How about the prisoner’s end?

In 2020, a 10 -year -old girl in Shandong was pregnant after being violated. When she went to the hospital for examination, she learned that she was going to have a baby. The girl cried in the hospital and looked particularly sad.

What is going on?The girl’s name is Xiaoxia. Her parents went out to work all year round and lived in their hometown with grandparents.Xiaoxia is very sensible. She has been studying hard and studying. After returning home, she actively does housework. She doesn’t want grandparents to be too tired.

Both old people knew that Xiaoxia was a good child and took care of it.Don’t want her to hurt her.What they didn’t know was that there was a poisonous big bad guy who had stared at Xiaoxia secretly.

One day, Xiaoxia went out as usual. On the way, she met a middle -aged man who was stingy. After seeing him, Xiaoxia was a little scared and wanted to escape as soon as possible.

The man pretended to be very kind, shouting Xiaoxia’s name, and also said the name of Grandpa Xiaoxia.

Xiaoxia mistakenly thought that the man was a relative of his family, so he did not escape, but asked the other party to find himself.

The man smiled and took out a candy plug to Xiaoxia, saying that it was a gift to give her.Grandpa and grandma often told Xiaoxia before, not taking strangers, so she immediately shook her head and refused.

Some men were furious, clamoring that you don’t have to have it. Since you took my things, you should use other things to return to gift.

After speaking, the man grabbed Xiaoxia and dragged her to a very remote corner. She used the lawn to cover her clothes to invade.

During this period, Xiaoxia struggled desperately, but at the age of 10, he couldn’t beat the man at all.Her crying and helping voice did not shout to rescue herself. Instead, the man was treated more rudely.

Afterwards, the man went away. Xiaoxia cried and dressed. She was a simple child. She only knew that she was bullied and did not know what the man did before.

After returning home, Grandpa and grandma saw him a little dirty and asked her what happened. Xiaoxia didn’t want to worry about grandpa and grandma, and explained them timidly that she accidentally fell before.

Grandpa and grandma didn’t care too much. Washing clothes as usual, Xiaoxia was always scared. She always had nightmares at night, and she was often awakened in the middle of the night, but she dared not make a voice, for fear of stimulating the elderly grandpa and grandma.Essence

In April 2020, Xiaoxia suddenly felt stomachache, and she couldn’t sleep well.When Grandpa found out abnormal, he asked her what happened.

Xiaoxia said that her stomach was uncomfortable. Grandpa thought she had eaten something unclean, so she didn’t particularly worry. She took some medicines that she had prepared at home for Xiaoxia.

A few days later, Xiaoxia’s physical condition did not recover, but abdominal pain worsened.Grandpa was worried that Xiaoxia had any strange disease, and quickly took her to a large hospital for examination.

The report shows that Xiaoxia, who was only 10 years old, had a 21 -week pregnancy sac in her belly, and she continued to consume Xiaoxia’s vitality, so she has always been very weak.

After knowing the incident, Grandpa was furiously furious, and his body couldn’t stop trembling.He is very clear that Xiaoxia is a good child and will not take the initiative to do those things, which must be forced.

Grandpa gritted his teeth to hold back the anger, and asked softly, who was bullied by Xiaoxia?Xiaoxia cried and said that she had been insulted by a middle -aged man before.

Under the inquiries of Grandpa, Xiaoxia said the man’s physical characteristics.Grandpa immediately called the police to explain the situation and strongly requested severely punish the gangsters.

The police immediately dispatched and grabbed the middle -aged man.The guy was very shameless and he had been arguing after being arrested, but the police quickly pierced his ugly face.

In the end, the man was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the court.In the face of this result, he regrets it very much, but he can only accept the evil results he planted.

After the news spread, the middle -aged man was too despicable because of his behavior, which caused strong dissatisfaction among many people.Everyone generally believes that it is too cheap to sentence this guy for 12 years in prison. It is too cheap to increase punishment to warn those potential criminals and protect more innocent children, so as not to happen again.

On the other side, Xiaoxia, who was severely hurt, learned that she was going to have a baby, and was scared to her body. She cried loudly for a long time before barely recovered to calm.

After careful consideration, the doctor believed that Xiaoxia was too young and her body was not fully developed. If the fetus in the abdomen was born directly, it would definitely hurt his vitality, and he had a great life -threatening.

Take a step back, even if it overcome all difficulties and give birth to the child, young Xiaxia has no way to provide the child with good living conditions.Therefore, the doctor suggested that Grandpa performs surgery for the child and terminate pregnancy.

In order to help Xiaoxia completely out of the psychological shadow, the hospital specially prepared a separate ward for her, and also arranged a psychologist to enlighten her.When the police came to collect the evidence, they were also as warm as possible, for fear that it would cause secondary damage to Xiaoxia.

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