The 12 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted and pregnant twice: a family of four intellectual disability, and the suspect was not locked

After about 40 minutes of artificial termination of pregnancy surgery, a 12 -year -old girl Xiao Wen (pseudonym) was pushed out.She is not clear about the intellectual test only 34 points. What does this surgery mean? She only remembers, "I did the same last time."

On the morning of November 16, Xiaowen completed a second abortion surgery, and the doctor gave the embryo to the forensic doctor.The picture of this article is Chen Xuhou, a reporter from the signed signed

Xiaowen grew up in a special poor family in the northern suburbs of Xinyi City, Maoming, Guangdong. She and her father, mother, and brother’s family were all disabled.In mid -March of this year, Xiao Wen, who was studying in the sixth grade, was found to have been pregnant for 9 weeks, and her pregnant aunt accompanied her to perform abortion surgery.Who knows, 7 months later, Xiaowen was found to be pregnant again.This time, the family members were not in a hurry to let Xiaowen abortion, and they planned to attract the attention of the relevant departments by this. However, as Xiaowen’s belly became larger every day, the family members compromised.On the morning of November 16, Xiaowen walked into the same operating room again.

Xiaowen’s perception of artificial abortion is extremely simple. For the first time, she said to her family: It hurts a bit, she wants to drink Wahaha, and wants to eat fruit.For the second time, she told her three aunt who accompanied her: Pain, kiss her, hug her.When she walked out of the surgery, she reached out to the aunt who was anxious at the door and asked the other party to grab her hand.

No one knows what Xiaowen has experienced before.

When a relative and police asked, she could only say it in a fragmented language: For the first time, several people "touched" her lower body, one of which was the old man, and the other had "broken".She was a thin and tall and long bangs who brought her into a grass about 1 kilometer away from home.

Whether Xiao Wen’s description is accurate, it is difficult to judge for a while.

On November 16th, Xinyi Police reported that the project of the public security organs at the two levels of Maoming and Xinyi has been dealt with. The public security organs urged the suspects of illegal and criminals to surrender as soon as possible. The investigation is still in progress.

That night, the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee told Peng Mei News ( that the police have expanded the scope of investigation and extracted some personnel’s DNA to compare with Xiaowen’s two abortion embryos to DNA comparison.Essence

On the morning of November 16th, after the abortion surgery was performed, Xiao Wen was lying on the bed and rest.She shouted pain and looked for her mother.

A family of four is a disabled person who lives on a minimum guarantee.

Like parents, Xiaowen is not tall, about 150cm, with thick short hair and fluffy clothes.Her body is already developing, but her face and character are very immature.

On the morning of November 16th, as soon as the abortion surgery was done, Xiao Wen couldn’t lie on the bed for a long time and stayed quietly. She needed someone to spend speaking and coaxing her.

The family said that Xiao Wen couldn’t speak Mandarin, and he couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t understand the content of the conversation between adults.A recent appraisal results showed that her We’s intelligence test was only 34 points, which belonged to the second -level intellectual disability.

Relevant appraisal results show that Xiaowen’s intellectual testing is only 34 points, which is a level 2 intellectual disability.Family Plan

At noon, the doctor told that there was no abnormalities and could be discharged; mother and third aunt took her back to home 3 kilometers away.

Xinyi City is located in the southwestern part of Guangdong, with a resident population of nearly 1.5 million people. It is a well -known overseas Chinese hometown in Guangdong. A Jinjiang River passes through the city from north to south.Xiaowen’s home is located in the Wenchang community in the northern suburbs of Xinyi City. Several high -level self -built Fanglinli here, and there are high -rise residential projects under construction.

Xiao Wen’s house is an old brick house. It was built in the early 1990s. The family of Xiaowen has lived in four.

Skilling between a building, Xiao Wen’s house looks older.This layer of brick house was built at the beginning of the 1990s and was built by Xiaowen’s grandfather.The house area is small, two rooms and one living room, and the family of four has lived in the family of four.Xiaowen lived in a room with her mother, and Dad and his brother lived in one, both squeezed a bed.

In the sunny afternoon, Xiao Wen’s family was still a little dark.The furniture and electrical appliances in the house are simple and dilapidated, and the hygiene is poor.The room on the left side of the living room was lived by Xiaowen’s father and brother. The sheets were stained with stains, the clothes were stacked messy, and they could smell a moldy smell.

Xiaowen’s family is more poor, and there are no valuable furniture in the family.The dining table in the living room was recently sent by relatives.

Xiao Wen and his mother slept in a room, and their clothes hung their clothes.

In front of the house, in addition to your own side dishes, there are two short houses, which are kitchen and toilet.In the kitchen, the wires are randomly paired, and there are hidden dangers of electricity; the gas stove is also broken, and it is also covered with ash layers. There is a simple stove in the corner. Because of long -term firewood, a large area of surroundings has been blackened.

The Xiaowen family’s wires were relatively messy, and their relatives claimed that there were serious safety hazards.

Xiaowen’s family cooks with firewood, and the corner of the kitchen has been blackened.

The dilemma of the Xiao Wen family is related to this special four -mouth home.Xiaowen’s parents were post -70s. Because they both had intellectual defects, the situation was similar. According to people, the two were married to form a family.The disability card shows that the disability levels of the two are all three.According to relatives, the two have no culture, they only have the most basic living ability, they do not understand Mandarin, they will not get money, they will get money, fill in the form, and fill in forms.

Xiao Wen’s brother also has intellectual defects, but the situation is better than Xiaowen.Relatives said that in the first grade of elementary school, Xiao Wen’s brother was a bit naughty, hurting the teacher’s eyes, and dropped out of school. For many years, he has been playing alone like a child every day.

Local villagers said that the Xiaowen’s family was special and rarely exchanged with other villagers.

Due to Xiaowen’s father Liu Jun (pseudonym), mother Qiu Ju (pseudonym) can only communicate with people the simplest communication, the tasks of interviews and introduction have fallen on Xiao Wen’s third aunt Qiu Xue (pseudonym) and auntQiu Mei (pseudonym).

According to Qiu Xue and Qiu Mei, their brothers and sisters have 5 people, of which Qiu Ju is the second child, Qiu Xue is the third child, the fourth child is the boy, Qiu Mei is the youngest; and the second brother -in -law Liu Jun has a sister who is married, and herHis mother died in his early years, and his father passed 6 in 2009.Xiaowen’s grandfather is more capable and can grow vegetables. He was the backbone of the family. After his death, the Xiaowen family had a more difficult life.

Qiu Xue and Qiu Mei also said that it may be that Grandpa’s death was too big. Later, Xiao Wen’s intellectual defects with his father, mother, and brother were more serious than before.

The income of Xiaowen’s family is small, and the livelihood is highly dependent on the minimum guarantee.Mom Qiu Ju planted more than 10 square meters of dishes, and occasionally sold some dishes to subsidize the family. Dad Liu Jun made logistics and handling. He went out at 7 o’clock every day and went home at 9 or 10 pm. Earn 80 yuan a day.In addition, a family of four has four subsistence allowances, with a monthly minimum guarantee of about 1,000 yuan, and then a subsidy of hundreds of yuan per month.

Before the incident, Xiaowen attended the sixth grade of Xinyi City, which was about 300 meters away from home.Qiu Ju said that at that time, Xiaowen went to school by himself, and then turned along the road along the main road.Usually, Xiaowen will play nearby. The family does not know who she plays with and who has more contact with.

The elementary school that Xiaowen had previously studied was about 300 meters away from home.After the family found that Xiaowen was sexually assaulted, she was afraid that Xiaowen would be violated on the way to school, and did not let her go to school again.

Police had compared the three -person DNA, and Xiaowen suspected that one of them "retaliated" afterwards

In mid -March this year, Xiaowen was found to be pregnant.

Qiu Mei recalled that at the time, the second sister Qiu Ju told her that Xiao Wen hadn’t come to menstruation for two months, which was a bit abnormal, and Xiao Wen’s teacher also mentioned whether Xiao Wen was pregnant.Qiu Meng asked to go to the hospital for an examination, and learned that Xiao Wen was pregnant for about 9 weeks.They immediately asked the community neighborhood committee for help and called the police.

Subsequently, the family spent 3,000 yuan with a small text to Xinyi City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for abortion surgery.Qiu Mei, who was pregnant, accompanied Xiaowen to the hospital. She remembered that she tried the drug flow two days ago.

The family has asked Xiaowen’s relevant details many times. Xiao Wen’s description is messy and broken, and he cannot logically explain the intermediate process and details.Qiu Xue and Qiu Meijun said that they asked Xiao Wen who "engaged" her urine place. Xiaowen said that there were five or six people who knew what this person looked like, but could not say what the other person looked like; Xiaowen remembered a oneThe old man surnamed Liu, a disability on his hand, was all from the Wenchang community. The place of the incident was in the nearby alleys and in the toilet of the school.

Whether Xiao Wen’s saying is accurate, the family members cannot judge.The family members said that after the first report, the police took away a few people, and compared the aborted embryo to DNA after the first time, and they did not compare it, and soon they put them on.

The surging news confirmed from the official channel that at the time, the police compared the DNA of the three, but did not compare, including an 82 -year -old man. The old man once verbally acknowledged that he had sexual assault on Xiaowen.Behavior, but the police did not have sufficient evidence and considers the age of the elderly, and adopted it to surveillance.

What makes it more difficult for family members to accept is that the case has not progressed, but Xiaowen encountered the "revenge" of a identified person.

After being found to be sexually assaulted by sexual assault, Xiaowen was carefully "protected" by his family.The family was worried that Xiaowen would be violated again on the way to school, and did not let her go to school again, and "closed" her at home.The family does not let Xiaowen play out. If Xiaowen is at home, the door will be locked.

In mid -April, Qiu Ju’s hand was scalded and went to the hospital for treatment.Later, Xiaowen told her family that on the same day, the aforementioned man and his brother who had disabled and his brother came to hit her.After learning about the situation, Xiaowen’s relatives called the police.

The family members said that the man with a disabled on his hand was also one of the three people who compared the DNA for the police.Regarding the situation that the family members reported "being retaliated with the door", the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee said that at that time, the family members did have a report to the police and the police came to investigate.The case is currently being accepted.

Pregnancy again, the police set up a task force to expand the investigation

Few people thought that unfortunately would happen again.On October 24, Xiaowen was found again: it has been pregnant for more than 5 weeks.

Qiu Mei said that during the "Eleventh" holiday, the second sister Qiu Ju took Xiao Wen to play with the elder sister’s house. The elder sister felt that Xiao Wen was "too fast" and "wrong."Xiaowen’s mother Qiu Ju also noticed abnormalities: Usually, Xiaowen had a large amount of rice, but there was no appetite for a while.

At first, relatives did not expect that Xiaowen would be violated again. "Just after it happened, he also reported the police. (Seeing Xiaowen) is so tight, how can it be?" After a period of time, Qiu Xue asked the second sister.Xiaowen did not have menstruation. I knew that I hadn’t come, and I knew that things were bad.

Comprehensive information such as the comprehensive pregnancy cycle and the description of Xiaowen, family members infer that the time for Xiaowen to be sexually assaulted may be September 23.

According to relatives, Xiao Wen once told her family and police that on September 23, she was sexually assaulted by a man to be sexually assaulted here.It is about 1 km from Xiao Wen’s family.

September 21 was the birthday of Grandma Xiaowen. Her mother Qiu Ju returned to her mother’s house. Xiaowen was unwilling to go and was locked at home.Qiu Ju lived for two nights at her mother’s house and returned home on the afternoon of the 23rd.According to the family members, after Qiu Ju returned home, Xiao Wen said to throw garbage and took the opportunity to run out. Without a trace, his family was looking for no results for a long time.At 11 o’clock that night, Xiaowen returned home.Xiaowen’s father blurred on the road that a thin and tall man drove the unlicensed motorcycle to send Xiaowen home.

After finding that Xiaowen was pregnant again, the family asked Xiaowen, and Xiao Wen said that a man with a thin and tall and high bangs brought the grass about 1 kilometer away from home. She was sexually assaulted under the banana tree.After the alarm, Xiao Wen took his family and the police to identify the scene.

The scene that Xiaowen identified was dozens of meters from the roadside, hundreds of meters from Xiaowen’s school, and only 1 km from Xiao Wen’s family.According to people familiar with the matter, the police did not extract valid evidence here.

In the fragmented narration, Xiao Wen revealed to her family that those men who had violated her bought her and took her to eat seafood meals.

Just seven months, Xiaowen was found to be pregnant again, which was unexpected by everyone.This time, while they called the police, they also asked the Women’s Federation for help.Xiao Wen’s third aunt Qiu Xue bluntly said that at first, the family members were not in a hurry to bring Xiaowen for abortion surgery, trying to attract the attention of relevant departments.

Under the coordination of the local women’s federation, the family members took into account that Xiaowen’s belly was big every day. On November 15, Xiaowen moved to Xinyi City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and performed abortion surgery the next morning.Forensic.

In response to the questioning of the family members, the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee responded that the incident was special, and the small text was a person with intellectual disabilities.Quite great difficulty.In the secondary pregnancy of Xiaowen, the public security organs of Maoming and Xinyi have set up a task force to handle the case.At present, the police have expanded the scope of the investigation, extracted some people’s DNA, and compare it with the embryo of Xiaowen’s two times.

On November 16, Xinyi Police issued a notice saying that on March 18 this year, the police reported that Xiao Wen was sexually assaulted and pregnant, and immediately organized a criminal investigation and police station police to conduct an investigation.The investigation and evidence collection work, but there are fewer clues to the cases of the parties’ ability to express their ability, and the case is continuously investigated.On October 24th, Xiao Wen’s family went to the police station again.The next day, the case was a criminal case.The project of the public security organs at the two levels of Maoming and Xinyi has been dealt with the case. The investigation is still in progress.The results of the investigation will be reported in a timely manner, and the suspects of illegal criminals will surrender as soon as possible.

Strive for policy assistance, arrange for free to study for special education schools

Xiaowen’s relatives said that they hoped that the police would solve the crime as soon as possible, caught the crime as soon as possible, and considers the special circumstances and practical difficulties of the Xiaowen family. I hope that the relevant departments can focus on taking care of and help.

The surging news learned that after the incident, the local civil affairs department won the rescue of 10,000 yuan for the Xiaowen’s family.On November 15th, after obtaining the consent of the family members, the local women’s federation assisted Xiaowen to go through the admission procedures to prepare for abortion surgery.On the morning of the 16th, Xiaowen successfully completed the second abortion surgery, and the civil affairs department sent a condolences of 2,000 yuan to his parents.

The third aunt Qiu Xue said that Xiao Wen could not be locked at home all the time. The family members had proposed to the government to arrange for free to study for special education schools and always guarantee that she read an 18 -year -old adult.

The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee said that the local government has the initiative to fight for the policy to help the Xiaowen family. There are two special education schools in Xinyi City, one is publicly organized and one private.At present, the government tends to arrange small texts to study special education schools, but Xiaowen needs to pass the admission assessment, such as no obvious violence tendency.

Qiu Xue also mentioned that because of the levy of the land, Xiao Wenjia received a compensation of more than 100,000 yuan. The money was managed by the neighborhood committee. The family members hoped that the government would help Xiaowen’s family to complete the housing renovation.In this regard, the person in charge of the above stated that if the family members explicitly put forward this demand, the relevant departments will try their best to help them in accordance with relevant policies.

Xiaowen’s parents are intellectual disabled people, and the level of disability is level 3.

Surging news noticed that Xiao Wen’s parents have a disabled permit and can receive a certain disabled life subsidy every month, but Xiao Wen and his brother have no disability permit.The family members said that on November 12, with the coordination of the government, Xiaowen issued a disabled permit, and it is expected that one week can receive a certificate, which means that Xiaowen can receive more than 200 yuan of disabled life subsidies in the future.

Why did Xiaowen and his brother have not applied for a disability certificate before?The explanation of Xiaowen’s family is that they do not know the relevant policies and think that children are not qualified to handle it.The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee said that the specific situation does not master.However, the person in charge mentioned that this time to apply for a disability permit for Xiaowen, I planned to give Xiaowen’s brother together, but Xiaowen’s brother did not agree, the reason was that "if you do it, you may not be able to marry his wife."

During the interview, Xiaowen’s families mentioned their concerns many times: What should I do if the case cannot be broken?What should I do if the Xiaowen family is retaliated by others again?What if Xiaowen was sexually assaulted?

The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee responded that the municipal party committee and municipal government attached great importance to the case, and the police would fully investigate.At the same time, the government will try its best to help, including arranging small texts to study special education schools as soon as possible.

For the 12 -year -old Xiao Wen, everything happened to her, and she didn’t understand what it meant.For the visiting visitors, she has a child -like curiosity. She will slowly approach, sit quietly, listen focused, and she will stare at people and smiles friendly.

Qiu Xue and Qiu Mei said, let alone Xiaowen. Even Xiaowen’s father, mother, and brother, they only knew that Xiao Wen was sexually assaulted and pregnant, but the heavy behind this pain was unable to understandof.

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