The 13 -year -old girl finds pregnancy, how can parents guide their children correctly

I saw a few pictures on the Internet today, saying that a boy made a 13 -year -old girl pregnant.The point is that the boy is also a minor.

Seeing this mood is very heavy.Many parents are working abroad all year round. Only grandparents take care of their children at home, and now the Internet is developed. A smartphone can understand the world. The same virtual world is also very complicated.cell phone.What I see is more adult, but minors still lack subjective judgment.At this time, parents need to guide the correct guidance.

Think about my curiosity about girls at that time. I still remember the "special" biological lesson in junior high school. As a result, the teacher said on that day.In fact, physiological lessons allow students to obtain knowledge about human structure, functions and health care, and promote the healthy development of physiological and psychological.

Parents should also face this.What should parents do?

1: Take the initiative to explain "sex" to the child. For example, when I was a kid, I often asked, how did we come.In fact, the child is big, and he can tell him that he is combined with sperm and eggs.Parents explain in the correct way.Reducing children’s curiosity about this is also conducive to protecting them.Make them feel a very common thing, face it frankly.

2: Know your body.When I was young, I taught my children to know each organ correctly, and this is a very relaxed process, and it will not look too embarrassing or passive.For example, when helping your child bath, you can take the opportunity to teach him to know his body, point out his hands, feet, arms, nipples, reproductive organs, etc., and say the correct name, and tell him that others cannot touch it.

3: Pay attention to children’s privacy.A very important purpose of sex education is to allow children to learn to protect themselves in this regard and respect others.For example, sometimes I often see some parents let their children urinate anywhere. These over time make children do not know how to respect their privacy, it seems indifferent.So sometimes it is not particularly anxious, let’s go to the toilet.

4: Let the children understand the consequences and responsibilities of sexual generation, let him know that it will hurt the body and psychology. Boys may face crimes, and girls’ physical injury is a lifetime pain.

Children of adolescence, although sensitive and rebellious, as long as the parents are guided to establish the correct sexual concept for their children, then adolescent children will also know how to protect themselves, and obedient and obedient.

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