The 14 knowledge points of the ovarian cyst, the treatment methods of the hazardous treatment are all said, you can save tens of thousands of yuan

If you were checked for the first time ovarian cyst?If you got ovarian cysts for many years, it has no effect?If you ask a lot of doctors, do you not understand the disease of ovarian cysts?I suggest you read my article. I will use a hundred articles to talk about this ovarian cyst.Today I will give some ordinary patients’ 14 knowledge points.

1) Do I have to surgery for ovarian cysts 5cm?

No, unless there is a large amount of abnormal bleeding, rapid increase, or twisting, etc., surgery is required. If there is no abnormalities, you can only need to intervene in traditional Chinese medicine.

2) Is 3cm ovarian cysts physiological?

Not necessarily, observing physiological cysts is based on whether it is no echo. If there is no echo, it may be physiological.

3) How many types do ovarian cysts have?

Roughly divided into five types: physiological cysts, luteal cysts, inflammatory cysts, solid cysts, chocolate cysts

4) Will there be a recurrence after the chocolate cyst surgery?

It is likely that because the clever sac is also called endometriosis, the endometrium will fall off every month, and the possibility of recurrence may be recur every month.After surgery, Western Medicine uses Diffelin to control menstruation, and traditional Chinese medicine uses Wen Gong Sanhan for smooth blood and blood

5) Why do I have ovarian cysts?

He is a comprehensive manifestation of liver, spleen and kidney disorders, and hepatic depression and spleen deficiency can cause ovarian cysts.

6) Will ovarian cyst disappear by itself?

It is likely that without other physical reactions, you can disappear naturally through diet, sleep improvement, and drug intervention.

7) What is the harm of ovarian cysts?

It can cause menstrual disorders, abnormal leucorrhea, abdominal pain, acne fat, difficulty in pregnancy, premature ovarian failure.

8) What are the types of ovarian cysts?

It is divided into 5 types of qi stagnation and blood stasis, phlegm and food, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, yin deficiency and fire prosperity, damp heat betting, and each type is very close to the relationship between liver and spleen and kidney.

9) How does Chinese medicine regulate ovarian cysts?

Traditional Chinese medicine not only has Chinese medicine, but also external plaster, but also includes various methods such as acupuncture, massage, and health.

10) In the clinic, does Chinese medicine completely treat ovarian cysts to recover?

In the conditioning, through the dual treatment of internal and external use, the effect is very stable, helping many ovarian cysts conservatively adjust, and I am also very happy for their persistence and rehabilitation.

11) Does ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?

Yes, cysts can cause ovarian and fallopian tubes to block, resulting in fertilized eggs cannot be formed.

12) Does the ovarian cyst recurred need to remove the ovary?

It is not necessary. The onset of ovarian cysts is mostly caused by qi and blood blockage. If you do not dredge qi and blood, it is useless to remove ovarian.

13) The difference between ovarian cysts and chocolate cysts?

Most of the ovarian cysts are hollow and solid bubble -like tissue. The interior will form water rough or lump, and chocolate cysts are ectopic in the uterine endometrium.

14) Will ovarian cysts cause uterine fibroids?

Not necessarily. First of all, the organs of the two diseases are different. One is at the attachment and one is at the uterus. The second is different in nature.

I will use 100 contents to interpret the disease of ovarian cysts in detail. Today is the first part. If I think I am more objective and useful, I can continue to look at it.If you need to discuss the condition with me, you can communicate with me.

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