The 14 -year -old girl was pregnant after being violated by two men. After 7 months of samples, the police said that it was not a biological father.

Since the occurrence of cases on February 17, 2022, it has passed more than a year, and has not yet made progress. During the period, various conceals and drags. Many people do not know about this. Today we are from an objective and calm perspective.Look at the right or wrong in this incident!

Without the suffering of others, I don’t advise others to be good!When you do bad things with kindness, then this incident has been qualitatively qualitative.

Jing Meng (pseudonym) found a part -time job to pick up the courier. Because she was the winter vacation at the time, Chen Qian (Jing Meng’s mother, a pseudonym) wanted to let her daughter go out to exercise, and adapt to society early.

On February 17, 2022, Jing Meng was helping customers to find express delivery. Then a man named Wang appeared and added Jing Meng’s WeChat on the grounds of help. The 14 -year -old girl saw the 34 -year -old uncle, and and offered.I don’t want to be a bad guy, plus the man named Wang gave Jing Meng a box of strawberries, let the girl put down her alertness. On the same day, she agreed to have a lunch invitation. When eating, a 24 -year -old man named Jiang came to the scene. The two persuadedThe 14 -year -old girl drinks.

Some people look like people on the surface, and they are indeed wolf -hearted, dogs and lungs, and Wang and Jiang are such people.After dinner, the two brought Jing Meng to KTV to sing, and finally took it to the hotel. How can a 14 -year -old girl know what the hotel is doing? The two said they went to play cards and followed.People invade Jing Meng.

From the occurrence of violations to discovery, after 8 weeks, it was not until Jing Meng felt her retching, and the nausea was discovered by her mother, and it was discovered through her own relatives.On the day of the incident, Jing Meng’s emotions were not right. The mother did not have the result after questioning at the time, so she did not continue.

On April 2 last year, after Jingmeng discovered that he was pregnant, he took the initiative to contact Wang and Jiang, but the two said that they were in the field and gave it to 2000 to get a fetus.After the parents learned that they quickly reported to the police, Wang also tried to stop it in the process.

On April 3 last year, Wang and Jiang went to Jing Meng’s house to seek forgiveness. Of course, Jing Meng’s parents could not agree. At this time, the police issued the "Notice of Filing Case".Criminal detention.For two months in the middle, I have been sending things to Jingmeng’s house, hoping to withdraw the case, and at the same time, I also found the village cadres to help mediate. They said: As long as the money is appropriate, they will do other jobs.

I would like to ask, the focus of this case was rape, which caused pregnancy to only aggravate the punishment, so when encountering the rape itself, who can issue an understanding letter?Moreover, a 14 -year -old girl will refuse individuals.

After the case was filed, Jing Meng did a painless abortion, but the DNA test that came out that day was not announced today.

On April 9 last year, the "Democratic Record" showed 8 weeks of pregnancy.

There are three main reports in this case, one is the "Democratic Record", one is the "Explanation of the Case", and the other is the most important "DNA Appraisal Result".The above is pregnancy, but the "Instructions for Case" came out from September, until November until November, Jing Meng’s parents got hands, as for the "DNA Appraisal Results" below.

We sort out the above information: Jing Meng was pregnant by two men, but in the "Instructions for the Case", it showed that it had nothing to do with these two men. The 14 -year -old girl had never been in love and had no relationship before that.Why is it pregnant and I do n’t know who the child is? To this end, DAN’s identification results are the most important evidence.

On November 28 last year, the first trial of a 14 -year -old girl was invaded by a pregnancy case, but there was no DNA identification result; on March 27, 2023, the report was still not seen in the second trial.Complaints around.It may be forced by pressure. On May 16th, the police informed Jing Meng’s parents to check the results of DNA identification, but it was not allowed to take pictures and copy. It was learned from the parents’ mouth that the appraisal report had nothing to do with the two men.

It is not difficult to see from these signs of concealment that the authenticity of the results of this DNA test report is yet to be questioned.Starting from May 17, Chen Qian hopes to re -appraise, but neither the court and the police have accepted it.

Because of these things, Jing Meng’s little scar had a big scar, and once wanted to commit suicide. For this reason, he went to the hospital on May 22 to diagnose.In other words, Jing Meng is not only invaded to be pregnant, but now there is still post -trauma stress disorder.

The reporter also found the relevant departments for understanding the situation because of these intriguing methods, but they were all rejected. The reason is that the case of minors and case information cannot be disclosed.

Many people are saying why the results of DNA’s identification are because of infringing minor girls to their pregnancy, which can be punished. Therefore, this report is very important.Forming facts.When Chen Qian read the report, he even suspected that there was a third person’s existence, but there was no third person who had a relationship with Jing Meng at all in the entire event, so the police’s approach was intriguing.

Regarding this third person, many people are also guessing whether they exist. It is precisely because of this that Wang and Jiang have been not punished by the law, so Jing Meng’s parents have been complaining about the matter.Some people say that Jingmeng said, but in the eyes of the seven couples, the 14 -year -old girl made her have an independent thinking and consciousness of an adult?This is unlikely. It was only two months to detain Wang Jiang and Jiang. Who is the fault?

At present, there are three questions about this case: whether the results of the first DNA testing are true, and the second is indeed a third person existed, and the third has problems during the process of delivery.

What are the different views on this case?I believe that there will be a day when the truth will be great, but some things that happen may use Jing Meng for a lifetime to treat her harm at this age!

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