The 17 -year -old girl gave birth to a girl, looking for the child’s "real father", and took a terrible thing

17 years old is a flower -like age,

The "honest" girl in the eyes of parents

But accidental pregnancy,

What is even more incredible is that

Find the child "real father"

But it took a crime that was unreasonable …

17 -year -old girl gave birth to a girl,

I don’t know who the child’s father is …

In early February 2016, a 17 -year -old Shanghai girl Xiaomeng gave birth to a daughter in the hospital.But at this time, Xiao Meng’s parents knew that her daughter was pregnant!In the eyes of parents, although Xiao Meng’s academic performance is not good, he has always been an honest child.

Xiao Meng’s family was stunned, but asked who Xiaomeng’s father was, she just cried and didn’t want to say more.

Can’t stand the repeated questions from the family,

Xiao Meng finally said,

There was a relationship with a male classmate in the class.

Xiao Meng’s mother, Aunt Wang

Hurry to the school and find this boy,

Boys admit that there is a relationship with Xiaomeng,

However, after the parent -child identification, I found that it was not the child’s father .. …

Since then, the child’s biological father has broken the clue.In desperation, Aunt Wang could only hold the granddaughter Dou Doudou to raise it … A few years have passed. So far, Doudou has always thought that Aunt Wang is a mother and Xiao Meng is a sister.

Xiao Meng’s family is a bit special. When she was young, her parents were separated, and Xiao Meng always lived with her father.After that, his father lost his only house, and Xiao Meng moved to the uncle’s house with his grandmother and father.

Xiao Meng did not find his father from pregnancy to the basin.The mother noticed the abnormality in the last few days, but she didn’t know that her daughter was pregnant at the time.It was because of the lack of love since childhood that Xiao Meng spent 9 months of pregnancy alone without asking anyone for help.

In order to solve the support fee,

Even more shocking past was revealed

After giving birth to a child, in April 2016, Xiao Meng accompanied by his family to the Xuhui Public Security Branch, and thus solved a more shocking past …

Xiao Meng’s story is about to start with her junior high school. At that time, she was just 14 years old and chatted online and met Zhang.Zhang was born in 1971 and was in his forties.Zhang met with a small dream in the name of his classmates, and then seduced the little dream to have a relationship …

Xiao Meng wanted to end this unfair relationship, but Zhang was unwilling to relax easily, and even threatened her with her videos and privacy, and put forward a more shocking request -introduce Xiao Meng to other other dreams to othersAdult men.

After each Xiaomeng has a relationship with other men,

Zhang will be soothing

Give her a few hundred dollars.

This ingenious criminal case was revealed because of the birth of Doudou.At the same time, the prosecutor also accused Zhang sexually assaulted two girls under the age of 14.After the court trial, he supported the prosecutor’s complaint that Zhang was sentenced to 11 years in prison for introducing prostitution and rape.

Zhang was imprisoned, but the identification results showed that he was not Doudou’s biological father.Nowadays, Doudou is already in kindergarten, and Xiao Meng’s father, Lao Li, lives with a subsistence allowance; Mother Wang, in order to take care of Doudou, has already resigned; Xiao Meng works for more than 12 hours a day, with a monthly income of about 3,000 yuan.

For Xiao Meng’s family, raising beans is extremely difficult.So they prosecuted to the court and asked the court to find Doudou’s father and asked him to pay the support fee.

After the identification, Doudou’s father Dong was found. Dong was born in 1968. His child is 26 years old. He is now a company’s shareholder.After dealing with Xiao Meng’s illegal transaction, Xiao Meng was pregnant.

In court, Dong said that the company was poorly operated, and Xiaomeng gave birth to Doudou without his own consent, so he said that he could only bear the raising fee of 800 yuan per month.

After mediation by the court, Dong and Xiao Meng finally reached an agreement. Dong paid 300,000 yuan to support the support, but he said that since then, he will never have any extension with Xiao Meng’s family.

Although the child’s father’s true identity is clear,

The support fee also settled,

But for innocent children Doudou,

Her life path has just begun,

I hope to solve the economic problem in the future,

She can grow up in a loving environment,

Don’t repeat your mother’s way …

Source: Peninsula Morning News, Focus on Cases, Shanghai TV News Workshop

Editor: Xiaomi

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