The 18 -year -old pregnant girl collected the "dad" throughout the network, and a large number of videos flowed out. The truth was exposed to vomit …

This world is getting more and more magical.

The young girl who was just an adult was pregnant and "recruited a new father" on the Internet.

Description from the girl, she was not good before:

At the age of 13, he dropped out of school and worked. At the age of 18.

The ex -boyfriend is a student and has always been for food.

After pregnancy, he was beaten with a stick, and he was unable to raise himself. He planned to find a "receiver".

Under network strength, "connecting man" appeared.

The two lived together, and the man also added a new air conditioner.

It didn’t take long for the man to abandon her that she was always messy and asked her to leave.

She had to continue looking for the next "new dad".

The tone is brisk, and it seems to be completely wrong.

And even more worried Jiang was the child in her stomach.

Young and ignorant mother, strange stretch.

As netizens said: when birth is the difficulty of hell.

The whole story is seen. For her, pregnant and having children seem to be as simple as going to the vegetable market to buy greens.

It’s almost destroyed.

The thoughts behind the behavior are even more terrible.

I have watched a Korean variety show, and the guests are all minor parents.

Among them, there are many mothers who have a second child at the age of 17.

They are obviously a child, but they have to take care of another child.

At the beginning of the show, the little mothers still said very much:

"I hope to eliminate everyone’s prejudice against minor parents."

"I can live well even if I am a parent."

"I also live very seriously."

During the conversation, Uncle Jiang found that they had a common point:

Because of the lack of perception of the sexual sex, no protective and preparations were made, and it was caught in the small life. In the end, he could only accept this fact frankly.

A guest asked, "Why do you decide to have a child?"

One of the mothers with a 2 -year -old child said:

"I have taken all contraceptive measures, but I am still pregnant. I think the arrival of the child is the arrangement of fate."

By the way, the contraceptive measures she said is in vitro sheli …

These wolf tigers stunned Jiang Shu’s eyes.

On the meal rate, I am afraid that no one will dare to compete with them.

Children do not know how difficult it is for a child to have a child, and make a decision.

Not to know, their future life will pay for the ignorance and impulse of the moment.

With the in -depth shooting, the real life scenes of these young parents were restored.

In the show, there is a pair of parents of Chinese and Korean high school students, Ze Gai and Shuxian.

Boys and Chinese, transferred to girls’ class, tasting forbidden fruit after falling in love, with children.

After learning that after pregnancy, the two had met.

The man’s father invested a small room.

There are no furniture and appliances, and there are no tables of eating.

In order to raise the child, the two gave up their studies and became novice parents.

Without economic sources, they can only go to the cheapest wholesale store to buy baby supplies.

The little girl competed with the store for a few dollars.

Because she really has no money.

And this is just the beginning.

The "dilemma" of this pair of little parents is endless.

The two of the two people who had been tuned in the honeymiri, after giving birth to a child, often made a noise because of the trivial matter of garlic.

Even Bo Xian wanted to hurt his children and husbands because of postpartum depression, and the two were so troubled by divorce.

The fantasy of happy life was broken, leaving only the red ears and red quarrels.

Before becoming parents, in addition to the uncontrollable life, there is also a life path that is completely rewritten.

Another little mother Min Ya, before discovering pregnancy, was looking forward to being admitted to the flight attendant school and becoming a stewardess.

After pregnancy, she did not take the college entrance examination, but became a full -time mother.

Due to the low academic qualifications, her husband can only do some physical work.

The two lived in this way.

At the child’s year -old banquet, Minya’s classmates came to celebrate her.

Seeing that the friends around him were admitted to the university and realized his dream.

And Minya himself, the book that should be read was not read, not only flight attendants, but also trapped in this acre.

I don’t know if there was a trace of regret in her heart.

When you are carefree high school students, your parents will go forward for you.

But once you are your parents, you have to go forward alone.

Not only South Korea, in our country, cases of minors abound.

Although they are still a child, they have entered the adult team in advance.

The 2015 "Chinese Marriage and Love Survey Report" shows:

The first love time after the 95th group was 12.67 years on average.

And more than half of the objects of the investigation (51.09%) had a first love before the age of 18.

The first sexual behavior after 95 was about 17.71 years old.

I don’t know if everyone still remembers that CCTV has exposed a group of "early pregnancy net reds" –

14 and 15 -year -old girls pile up "sunbaths" on social platforms.

Outsiders look incomprehensible, but they are as sweet as.

For example, a 1999 girl was already a third -born mother at the age of 18.

Born in junior high school.

Throughout the year, my stomach was not free.

Another little mother wrote in the introduction "2002 Baoma, 1995 Bao Dad, 15 -year -old baby".

Pushing back according to time, she was pregnant when she was 12 years old.

Some even released the gimmick of "the smallest second mother in the entire network", secretly climbing more and earlier than anyone else.

Most of these minor mothers live in rural or small towns, and they have dropped students early. Most of them are married.

They are narrow social, monotonous, and eager to be followed.

When the identity of the "young mother" can attract attention, they have set off the trend of competing for "the youngest mother in the entire network" and "the youngest mother in the village".

I have never considered how the child should be on his own after the child is born, and how to care for him.

I am afraid that everyone can afford this expensive "tuition".

Sex, like floods, should be sparse or not.

Therefore, before the child has signs, you must spread "sex".

In 2020, "Liu Ye Dao" conducted a survey, which showed that the fertility rate of minor girls in China was 9.2%;

In other words, in the corner we do not know, 830,000 minor girls have dropped out of school early and become human.

If the children are young, their parents do not popularize their correct gender education, but instead let them explore themselves.

When they enter adolescence, they are easy to make irreversible mistakes because of curiosity and ignorance.

The previous second was a ignorant child, and the next second became a ignorant parent.

In fact, as the person coming, we should all understand:

At a certain age, meet someone who makes you feel excited, and thus the idea of falling in love. It is a natural attribute that every normal creature has.

And adolescent children are awakening with sexual consciousness, love is a normal emotion.

But the focus is on how parents guide and educate.

In sociology, there is a famous "label theory".

This theory believes that everyone has a tendency to make mistakes, but the key factor that decides whether to return to the track after the first cross -track is the behavior of "label" outside the outside world.

It’s like minors pregnant.

If you face the child’s world, adults can communicate and pay more attention, rather than put on a pose of difficulty and punishment.

Maybe, there will be less suffering children in the world.

Uncle Jiang still hopes that more people can pay attention to sex education for minors.

Don’t let sexual ignorance, destroy the child’s life.

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