The 19 -year -old woman was a 46 -year -old female netizen who was caught in a cesarean section in September: Lieding to donate to meet

Recently, a bizarre murder case occurred in Chicago, USA. A 19 -year -old pregnant woman (Malta) met strange women through social media. The other party lied that she would give her baby clothes and ask her to meet.Unexpectedly, Malta was captured by a cesarean section, and the body was thrown in the trash can.Afterwards, the police have arrested the murderer and two other criminals based on the dialogue record.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, Marilyn is also a high school student in school. She was pregnant for 9 months. After school on the 23rd last month, she should first go to the three -year -old son to pick up the three -year -old son., But never showed up, never appeared again.The anxious family had to call the police to ask for assistance to find someone.Unexpectedly, the police only found Mallian’s body. After being identified by forensic medicine, it was suspected to be killed by the wires, her stomach was also opened, and the fetus was taken out of the uterus from the abdomen.

Surprisingly, on the same day when Mallian disappeared, Figroya, a 46 -year -old woman in the southwestern region of Chicago, said that the baby who was born in the family had difficulty breathing and was purple.medical.

Another netizen said that on the GoFundMe website, seeing the information about Figroy raised donations for the baby, he felt suspicious and reported to the police.

According to police investigations, Marilyn had previously published a message through social media "Facebook" that he was still a high school student in school and did not have a job or income.Ordinant, or free donations.It happened that a netizen responded that it could provide free newborn clothes and other supplies, and let Marlin talk privately with him.

According to the police, Figroya was contacted with Mallian.However, Fig Luoya argued that at the time, she had been taking care of her in the hospital because of injuries and feet. Although she did meet Mallian, at the agreed time, the other party did not appear.

Police believe that Figroya’s statement was very suspicious because they found Malta’s car near her house.

After passing the DNA test comparison, I found that the baby’s mother was Malta. They also found bleach and other cleaning supplies in Figroya’s house, as well as traces of burning clothes.Blood, eventually found Marlin’s body in the backyard of the house.

At present, the police arrested the three of the Figroya, including Figroya and her daughter suspected of first -class murder, while Figroya’s boyfriend was a criminal.

Mallian’s husband said that they had lived together for four years, and his wife’s tragic death made him sad.

"Why did someone do this, she didn’t do anything to those people. She was a good person. The murderers must not know that she had a family and a three -year -old son."

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