The 20 -year -old woman’s hotel takes a bath and gave birth to a baby. I don’t know that she is pregnant. The child has no life signs

Recently, a 20 -year -old woman in Hangzhou accidentally fell while taking a bath in the hotel bathroom, and the child in the stomach was born.

At present, the woman has been treated by Xiasha Shaofu Hospital.

Unfortunately, the baby has no life signs.

The bizarre is that the woman claimed that "she didn’t know she was pregnant."

The police station in the jurisdiction stated that the relevant situation of the matter is still undergoing further investigations.

Similar incidents are not uncommon.

In 2017, Guangdong TV reported that a magical mother suddenly gave birth to a child on the way to buy food, and dolls and amniotic fluid spilled.But what is incredible is that after this mother gave birth to a child, she seemed to be fine. She hugged the child with one hand, took vegetables with one hand, and left alone.

In 2018, a second child in Wuhan gave birth to the child in the elevator room of the Maternal and Child and Gynecology Building of Hubei Province, from getting off from the hospital to the hospital to giving birth to a child. It only took only 3 minutes.Fortunately, the mother and son were safe with the cooperation of obstetricians, property and others.

When others have a child, you have to stay for a few days and nights, and you can give birth to painfulness, and these fetuses seem to be anxious to come to the world. Before the mothers are ready, they are anxious to land.

This kind of urgent, fast, from production before childbirth to production that does not exceed 3 hours of delivery is usually called emergency production.

It sounds beautiful in emergency production, but it is very dangerous to follow the rules of natural production.

In December 2018, a sophomore girl produced the next child in the bathroom of the dormitory.Because the childbirth process is too fast, the girls faint on the spot, and the oxygen needs to be continuously transported during rescue, while the newborn has no breathing and heartbeat at all.

There can really be some people as some people say: "Like pulling a stool, it’s over ten minutes?"


For pregnant mothers and fetuses, emergency delivery is a very dangerous thing.

For maternal women, fast production will cause sharp contractions, which can easily cause maternal shock or coma; and at the moment of fetal delivery, it is easy to cause severe perineal tear, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery. At the same time, major bleeding occurs in urgent production.The possibility is also great.

For newborn babies, it is not possible to ensure a sterile environment in the hospital, and it is easy to cause bacterial infections in the fetus; there will be a lot of amniotic fluid in the nose of the newborn baby.It’s so warm, the temperature of about 37 ° is the most suitable for them to survive, and the outdoor environment is difficult to fully adapt to them.

Therefore, if pregnant women feel uncomfortable, they should rush to the hospital immediately to avoid producing children outside the delivery room.

When pregnant mothers are approaching the due date, they must pay great attention to their physical conditions and prepare the inpatient package in advance. Once the body emits some special signals, go to the hospital with time.

These signals are signs to be leaning, and mothers must remember:

First, the abdomen has regular pain

About two weeks before giving birth, pregnant mothers will feel the feeling of tightness and pain in the abdomen, called "contraction".

At the beginning, this contraction is generally irregular, and each contraction time will not exceed half a minute.This irregular contraction is called "false labor".The pregnant mother will feel a lot of relief when they lie down and rest for a while.At this time, you don’t need to rush to the hospital, you can wait.

If the contraction time is prolonged, about five or six minutes each time, each time the interval is getting shorter and shorter, and it will hurt once in less than a minute. It is almost about giving birth. Quickly prepare to go to the hospital.

Second, see red

If the contraction is judged by the pregnant woman itself.Then, seeing red is a more reliable "physical evidence".As long as the pregnant woman is red, she should be ready to go to the hospital for delivery immediately.This shows that your cervical mouth has begun to open slowly, and childbirth is about to begin.

Third, break water

Breaking water refers to the flowing fluid flowing out of the lower body and is almost uncontrolled. This liquid is colorless and transparent.Under normal circumstances, water breaking is ruptured after giving birth. If water breaks occur before abdominal pain, it may be caused by external stimuli, infection, or other unknown reasons.Once it happens, pregnant women should immediately lie down and send them to the hospital for delivery to prevent the umbilical cord from falling off.

Under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother encounters severe contractions, redness, and water breaking, the mood will be very unstable, either the pain is unbearable or anxious.At this time, Bao Da and his family members must ensure the safety of the maternal, calmly handle the maternal emotions, and call 120 as soon as possible, and send the maternal to the hospital for delivery.

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