The 28 -year -old second -born mother went to induce labor in 7 months, and when she saw the child, she was silent.

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Now that there is no situation of giving birth, although there is no light and light and women, many families still want to make up a good word. However, I don’t want to make up for a "good" word.I simply choose not to give birth, but it is killed directly. I do n’t know that the little life has become a type.

Mother who wants to induce labor

Ms. Li is a second mother. The daughter is three years old. The whole family wants to have a son and make a good word.There were several sisters who were pregnant together. When I saw Ms. Li loved sour things, they first moved their left foot. Everyone agreed that Ms. Li was pregnant with a son, because when the older generation was not well developed, it was circulating ""Sour and spicy girl", some said that when you go out, you must have a left foot first, and you must have a male treasure.

Ms. Li prepared a lot of male treasures, and her relatives also gave some of them, like any small clothes, small hats were usually male treasures.

When seven months, when Ms. Li knew she was pregnant with a female treasure, she said nothing.Without listening to any discouraged, the husband had not returned outside the business trip outside, so he went alone to perform induction.After the child came out, the doctor said it was a male fetus that had not been formed.

After the fetus was induced, the skin was burned off due to the high -concentration of saline burns, and the skin was burned off, which was terrible.Although it is not completely formed, it still looks like someone’s outline, accompanied by weak breathing.

When the doctor said here, he couldn’t bear to talk about it, and the audience was silent. The doctor couldn’t help crying when he was unconscious.

As soon as Ms. Li heard her son, she asked the doctor to discuss it. However, the doctor said that Ms. Li had already signed the letter, and the hospital had no responsibility.

Ms. Li asked where her child was. The nurse brought Ms. Li to a yellow trash can. It was the final destination of all the uncomfortable children who were "abandoned" …

What harm will induction of labor cause for women’s bodies

The induction of labor is to terminate pregnancy in an artificial manner. The surgery to be performed during the period is very complicated, the risks are also great, and the damage to the uterus is extremely serious.

Even if it is successfully induced, it takes at least 1 month to recover.

If the induction measures are not proper, it is likely that the maternal bleeding and postpartum infection will be caused, which will seriously lead to infertility.

The damage caused by induction of labor to women is generally available

Amniotic fluid embolism

The cervical tube gradually unfolded, and the blood vessels in the uterine mouth were open with opening, and the contraction caused the pressure in the uterine cavity to increase the pressure of the uterine cavity, thereby the rupture of the fetal membrane, and some amniotic fluid poured into the blood vessels.

Maternal is manifested as face -oriented, difficulty in breathing, irritability and even convulsions.If the rescue is slightly not timely, it will cause vaginal bleeding and life -threatening.


During the induction of labor or within 2 weeks, if the maternal fever occurs, the cold tremor will continue to be high, and the high fever will not fall.Patients generally manifests as continuous lower abdomen pain, vaginal pus or pus and blood secretions, accompanied by odor, severe pulse speed, lowering blood pressure, tenderness and reflux pain in the abdomen.


If a large amount of bleeding in a short period of time after labor is induced, it will severely cause the maternal shock and even life.

Downside injury

This surgery for induction of labor is a violation of the laws of the human body.The damage can be large or small, but the damage is inevitable.The cervical mouth is prone to the gap or vaginal cracking, and some women with too small cervix or poor elasticity may occur in uterine rupture.

Psychological imbalance

Physiological hazards can still be resolved through medical methods, but psychological harm cannot be completely cured. Some will cause scars of life, and some women will also have depression and fear, affecting normal fertility in the future.

What kind of psychological preparation should I do before having a second child?

First of all, consider family conditions. Whether it can meet both children can live a healthy and happy life. If a child is born and the family life will suddenly return to liberation, then the child’s happiness will be reduced.

Parents are very struggling to raise children. They have to be asked why this is different. That is different. Parents’ hearts collapse. If they say poor in front of their children, children will inferiority and rich children in front of their children will be more inferior.

Secondly, consider the energy of the parents. Among the family members, there will be someone to bring their children. Children need to take care of them and need to care. Parents must have this time so that both children are dew.

In the end, let Dabao accept Erbao. From the beginning of pregnancy, Dabao can participate in the process of preparing things for newborns to prepare things, increase children’s sense of participation and responsibility, and let Dabao feel his importance in the family and the responsibility to Erbao.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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