The 31 -year -old He Chaolian’s small belly was bulging, and she was suspected of getting pregnant. Netizens said that the long -distance running of love finally ended

Recently, Dou Xiao took He Chaolian to Emei Golden Top to pray for blessings. From the exposed video, He Chaolian’s lower abdomen has obvious bulging. This is too incredible for her who has always had fitness habits and her body.She and Dou Xiao are close.

Immediately afterwards, He Chaolian and Dou Xiao came to the restaurant for dinner. There was a plate of folding roots in front of him. He Chaolian tasted a few chopsticks and thought it was not as disgusting as the legend.Two people said and laughed, and they looked very happy.

As we all know, since the official announcement of Dou Xiao and He Chaolian in 2019, it has not developed further, and has always maintained the relationship between men and women.It is estimated that this is the test of Dou Xiao in the gambling family. After all, the wealth value of the two sides is not equal, and a running -in period needs to be adapted.If He Chaolian conflicts in the process of communicating with Dou Xiao, then regret is still too late.

In addition, the gambler He Hongzhang died unfortunately in 2020, which also caused some uncertainty to Dou Xiao and He Chaolian’s marriage.Although it is no longer necessary to keep filial piety for the elders like the ancients, children will try to avoid entertainment in the near future in order to express their respect for the deceased.Imagine that if a happy event is arranged immediately after the funeral, it will undoubtedly attract the strange eyes.

In addition, the gambler created amazing wealth for the entire family.Although he had made proper arrangements during his lifetime, he still had several twists and turns in the specific implementation level.After all, there are as many as 17 gambler daughters and sons, and there are four wives. In order to fight for their own interests, each person is indispensable for fighting.He Chaolian must fight for his mother and sister and brother.

As the younger daughter of the gambler, He Chaolian is known as the most beautiful one. Her face value is indeed nothing to say in the rich and second generation.However, her career was not strong. She opened a bakery and a beef noodle shop, which seemed to be very interested in eating.In the past two years, she has participated in multiple variety shows and started to develop in the entertainment industry. I do n’t know if it was because of Dou Xiao.

Speaking of which, He Chaolian and Dou Xiao are still very right. Lang Xun’s Fortune complements each other. After three years of getting along, he has always been kind and loving in public.Today, He Hongzhang’s death has been two years, and the relationship between the two has also proved that there is no problem. This late marriage should also be arranged.If Zhen really speculates that He Chaolian is not eating fat but pregnant, it should be on the agenda, otherwise it will be more obvious if it will be apparent.

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