The 37 -year -old actress recalls the difficulty during pregnancy, and she has a severe gastroenteritis in the elderly.

On the evening of November 3, the actress Bai Jiaqi, the second husband, and the two children filmed a blockbuster for a certain brand, and then accepted an interview with the Taiwanese media, and recalled the sadness of the fourth child, which aroused the attention of netizens.

Bai Jiaqi is 37 years old this year. As an elderly mother, she gave birth to a four -child daughter.She admits that she is particularly serious during pregnancy, and she also suffers from severe gastroenteritis. Before each job, she must stop vomiting and take gastrointestinal medicine in order to control the condition.

Although mothers may affect the development of the fetus when they are pregnant, Bai Jiaqi seems to drink a lot of alcohol because of her work.At that time, she was uncomfortable and paralyzed on the chair, but still insisted on work, constantly changing the shooting action, and felt like she would spit out anytime, anywhere.

During the pregnancy, Bai Jiaqi was 30 pounds, and later lost 26 pounds in just two months. Many fans were worried about her physical condition.

Bai Jiaqi’s limbs have almost no excess fat after thinness, very slender.However, when she was shooting a photo, she looked rosy and smiled brilliantly, and she had no pathological lean sense. The overall state was very good.

Talking about the painful experience of the fourth child, Bai Jiaqi bluntly said: "Everyone thinks that I can have so much bravery, but in fact, Wu Dongyan gave me the courage. If he was not such a good father, I would not kill it becauseThe process is really hard. "

Wu Dongyan and Bai Jiaqi have been interacting since 2016, and now they have a child.When his wife was pregnant, he took all the things in his family on himself. He had to take care of pregnant women and children, but also to worry about the decoration of the new house.

In the interview, Bai Jiaqi sweetly confess Wu Dongyan, saying: "I just married a Superman husband!"

In the major occasions, the man often talks sweet words to his wife in public. He thinks that love to be expressed, and action and language are equally important.It can be seen that the couple have been in love for 6 years and they are still sweet.

Although the process of fourth birth is very hard, Bai Jiaqi has recovered in a good state under Wu Dongyan’s meticulous care.The half -year -old daughter inherited the advantages of her parents perfectly, and she looked very good and cute.

Bai Jiaqi has filmed hot dramas such as "Four Thousands of Golds in the Home" and "Dowry", and has also participated in recording variety shows many times. With her pure and beautiful appearance, she has won the love of many fans.

When she met Wu Dongyan, she married a wealthy businessman who was 15 years older than herself in 2005.The ex -husband is engaged in interior design and has a restaurant. The career development is very smooth. After marriage, they have two daughters, namely reeds and neon.

(Bai Jiaqi took a photo with her eldest daughter)

Originally, the two were very loving, but the man was derailed in marriage.After Bai Jiaji’s betrayal, the short marriage life ended in 2009.

After saying goodbye, Bai Jiaqi encountered true love Wu Dongyan.Now she is the mother of three daughters, a son, and the love of her husband, and her life is very happy.

Bai Jiaqi has experienced a lot of bumps in emotion, and it is not easy for four children to have four children. Fortunately, everything is exhausted.I wish her and her husband more and more loving, and children can grow up healthily and happily!


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