The 38 -year -old woman and a 37 -year -old man met for 10 days and got married for 10 days. After the child was born, the man asked to be a parent -child identification.

The 37 -year -old man was introduced with a 38 -year -old woman. The man said that he had a monthly income of 15,000 yuan and also operated a braised meat shop. The woman was very satisfied after listening. After 10 days, the two were engaged.It’s right.Ten months later, the woman gave birth to a baby boy, but the man asked for a parent -child identification. The woman proposed to retire directly: "I would rather raise a child alone to grow up."

Twenty -four in the first month, Wang Qinglai, who returned from a foreign country, bought a bunch of gifts to rush to his father -in -law’s house.

Along the way, he was missing his long -awaited fiancee and his son who had been guilty, and looked forward to picking up them home for the New Year.

But whoever thought, as soon as he entered the door, his father -in -law and mother -in -law had a dark face, and his fiancee Liu Yun saw him even more.

After Wang Qinglai put down the things embarrassingly, he walked straight to the bed and reached out to hold his son.

"Don’t touch him." Liu Yun said loudly.

"Why can’t I touch it?" Wang Qinglai said puzzledly.

"He is not your son, and you are not his father." Liu Yun responded.

"I’m not his father, what is that?" Wang Qinglai said.

"His father is dead, you are his uncle." Liu Yun said angrily.

Wang Qinglai was stunned by Liu Yun’s words. He stunned his father -in -law and mother -in -law, hoping that they could talk about their daughters, but their father -in -law and mother -in -law had never heard of all this.

Not only that, they also issued a guest order, and Wang Qinglai, who had a gray nose, had to go home in depression.

Wang Qinglai’s mother saw her son returning alone, and couldn’t help but pull out her mobile phone, crying at the little grandson in the video: "Grandma miss you, I haven’t seen you for several months."

It turned out that after Liu Yun was born, he took the child directly to his mother’s house, and never returned.

After that, Wang Qinglai’s parents went to see their daughter -in -law and grandson twice, and were driven out by the prospective family and prospective family.

Now that the son is back, he is also treated. Wang Qinglai’s father can’t help but be angry. "What do they mean?"

"Liu Yun said that she couldn’t get married. She also said that the child was not mine, so let the child follow her surname Liu." Wang Qinglai said with a grudge.

So why did Liu Yun do this?

One year ago, Wang Qinglai introduced Liu Yun. The two met for 10 days and got married according to local customs.

On the second day after the engagement, Liu Yun followed Wang Qing to Changsha to take care of a vegetable shop that Wang Qinglai opened with his brother.

Originally Wang Qinglai thought that after the fiancee came, she would completely end the life of a single man, but whoever thinks, just 20 days later, Liu Yun said that she was pregnant.

"Why are you pregnant so soon? It’s strange." Wang Qinglai murmured secretly, but his face was calm.

After Wang Qinglai’s parents learned that the expectant daughter -in -law was pregnant, they couldn’t get together. They urged Wang Qinglai and Liu Yun to get married quickly.

"Don’t be happy first, this child may not necessarily be." Wang Qinglai said frustratedly.

"What do you mean? You can’t talk about this." Wang Qinglai’s father said.

"We were pregnant for 20 days. She was pregnant. I accompanied her to the hospital for examination. She didn’t let me go in. I only asked me to wait outside and told the doctor that I would not let me hear anything." Wang Qing said.

In Wang Qing’s view, the fiancee Liu Yunzhi did what he did so deliberately.

Wang Qinglai’s parents couldn’t help but feel shocked: "We spent more than 100,000 to get married, how can we do this."

"I’m just a little doubtful, and I can’t get it." Wang Qinglai said distressedly.

Since then, Liu Yun’s pregnancy has become a thorn in Wang Qinglai’s heart.

So, is Liu Yun really concealed like Wang Qing?

Liu Yun said that she didn’t deliberately hide anything, everything was too sensitive.

"That’s the way, just think about it, don’t be angry, raise your child to give birth to the child, and we will get married after a while." Wang Qinglai said carefully.

"Who would marry you." Liu Yun threw this sentence and returned to her mother’s house.

Wang Qinglai thought that Liu Yun was just talking. Later, he contacted Liu Yun many times. Liu Yun was very indifferent to him. Although Wang Qinglai was distressed, he still felt that it might be fine when the child was born.

But who thought that after the child was born, there was a scene at the beginning.

So, if the child is indeed Wang Qinglai, why would Liu Yun propose a divorce?

Liu Yun said that she did not look at Wang Qinglai, but because she was old, her parents repeatedly urged, and Wang Qinglai told her that he not only had a monthly income of 15,000, but also opened a vegetable shop.Worry -free.

Who knows that when they lived for a while, Liu Yun found that Wang Qinglai had only had more than 5,000 income a month, and the marinated shop was not his own, but he opened with his brother.

After learning the truth, Liu Yun was not a taste in her heart, but she did not mean to leave, but lived with Wang Qing.

Who knows, what happened next hurt her heart.

On this day, Liu Yun and Wang Qinglai were busy in the braised vegetable shop. At this time, a young and beautiful girl came in in the shop. The girl asked Liu Yun as soon as she saw Liu Yun, "Is this your wife?"

"No, she is a new employee in my family." Wang Qinglai said anxiously.

After that, the girl bought something and left.

"Who said I am?" Liu Yun said angrily.

"We are doing business. She is a customer. I don’t tell her normal." Wang Qinglai said unsteadily.

But Liu Yun insisted that Wang Qinglai was deliberately concealed.

The two quarreled for this, and then Liu Yun ignored Wang Qinglai for several days. She hoped that Wang Qinglai could coax her and take the initiative to apologize to her.

Who knows, she waits for questioning.

"Why do you always quarrel with my brother?" Wang Qinglai’s brother said politely.

Not only that, Liu Yun also received a call from his father Liu Fugui: "You get along well with others, don’t lose your temper, and don’t always eat those expensive things in the shop."

After hanging up the phone, Liu Yun was even more hot. Isn’t this a typical extrusion?

"I look at the child, can I?" Wang Qing said.

"No, don’t you say he is not your child?" Liu Yun said.

"I am doubt that if I want to dispel my doubts, I have to do a parent -child identification." Wang Qing said.

Wang Qinglai’s father also said, "Yes, go to a parent -child identification first. If it is my son, we will definitely be responsible."

"I don’t need you to be responsible, I will raise it by myself." Liu Yun said.

Seeing this, Liu Yun’s parents also expressed their decision to support her daughter.

But Wang Qinglai was unwilling. He insisted on making parent -child identification.

Later, by persuasion, Liu Yun promised to do parent -child identification.She said that she did this to prove her innocence and to give her children innocence.

A few days later, the results of the verification showed that Liu Yun and Wang Qinglai were indeed the child’s biological parents.

It wasn’t until this time that Wang Qinglai realized that he was blaming Liu Yun. He lowered his head and thought, and he didn’t say a word.

Liu Yun’s tears flowed instantly, and she cried loudly, as if she was telling her grievances.

So, where will this relationship go from?

Wang Qing said that if Liu Yun agreed, he was willing to get married with her and was willing to bear the responsibility of his father.

Liu Yun said that she would rather give children all the love.

"In this case, that’s it." Wang Qing said.

However, Wang Qinglai proposed that since the child is his, he should be raised by him, and he should also have his surname king. In addition, he was engaged with Liu Yun and spent 150,000. This part of the money Liu Yun should be retreated to him.

"I spent money too, but I didn’t write down."

"The child was born, and I will raise him, others want to snatch my child." Liu Yun said straightly.

Later, after negotiation, Wang Qinglai agreed to pay 1,200 yuan a month for support. Liu Yun no longer asked Liu Yun to return to the colorful ceremony, but he had to put the child’s hukou to the Wang family. He also asked him to visit the child regularly.

Liu Yun agreed to Wang Qinglai’s request, and the two left after signing the agreement.

The hair is a husband and wife, and love is not doubtful.

Everyone hopes to marry the beloved, and the two live happily for a long time.

However, stable marriage not only requires emotional foundation, but also requires two people to trust each other.

Just like Wang Qinglai and Liu Yun in the story, they knew for 10 days to get married, and they became pregnant for 20 days.

If they can trust each other and patience, they may be a good story.

Unfortunately, the sensitive Wang Qinglai questioned the child’s life, which caused Liu Yun to be humiliated. In addition, as soon as the two people contradicted, Wang Qinglai’s family members were in the early head, which completely disappointed Liu Yun’s feelings.

What is marriage?

Marriage is that two people come together because of their love and love each other, forming an independent small family.

Therefore, after the child is married, parents should decently withdraw from the child’s life instead of participating too much.

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