The 41 -year -old woman in New Zealand knew that she was pregnant a moment before the basin, and she gave birth to a child after 15 minutes.

According to New Zealand media reports, on the 8th local time, a woman felt a pain in her abdomen when she took a bath in her mother’s house. She fell on his knees and touched the baby’s head.After about 15 minutes, she gave birth to her son on the bedroom floor.

(Last Tuesday, Kara Akkhata accidentally gave birth to a baby, which surprised her).)

The woman named Karla Akuhata, 41 years old.At first, she thought the pain in the abdomen was caused by dysmenorrhea, but when she returned to the bedroom to tremble, she found that something was wrong.Kara told the media that she knew that many people would be difficult to believe, but she really didn’t know that she was pregnant."In retrospect, there are some signs," Ms. Carla said.She has been lacking energy and feels abdominal pain, however, Cara has always attributed these signs to work pressure.Before childbirth, Cara’s weight increased by about five kilograms, and she found that her pants tightened a week or two, but Kara did not have a "pregnant belly".Kara said that none of the family and friends around her felt that she was pregnant.

(Since giving birth to his son 15 years ago, Carla has always wanted to conceive the second child)

Kara said that he had not thought that he could not get pregnant again, so he had not considered this aspect at all.She said that she was not only 41 years old, but she has always been difficult to conceive.After giving birth to a son 15 years ago, she always wanted to ask another child, but it was difficult to get pregnant.Carla told reporters that she often exercised for a long time, which caused her to be diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome very early, which would make pregnancy more difficult.The problem of being unable to conceive has always troubled Cara and her family.

Although the so -called "hidden pregnancy" like Kara is rare, in fact, the frequency of such incidents is more common than many people think.

Klara Dollan, a British woman, is one of them -her story appeared on British headline news two years ago.Two years ago, 22 -year -old Dolan was on the first day of her new work. When she took a bus to work, she had a pain in her abdomen, so she quickly returned home and gave birth to her children in the bathroom floor.

At the same time, the 20 -year -old Bangladesh woman Alpha Sudanna’s experience was even more surprising.She gave birth to a baby in late February 2019, and 26 days later, she was taken to the hospital again because of the pain of unknown reasons.Sudanna was found two other babies in her body.The doctor said that she had two uterus in her body, and the other uterus was pregnant with a pair of twins.

After Kara gave birth to a child, she called the mother who went to the night shift in the hospital and told her the news.When Kara’s mother arrived home, Kara had produced the placenta and carefully climbed into the bed.She wrapped her son with a bath towel, and her belly was still connected to the umbilical cord.Kara said: "He was lying in his arms and made a baby humming. From his voice, I knew that the child was very good." Ms. Carla shared her story on her private social platform. Many people call her son"Miracle Baby".She said: "Under the epidemic, sharing more love is worth it."

Wuhan Morning Post Intern reporter: Chen Mengting

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