The 42 -year -old actress Ren Jiaxuan is pregnant, her boyfriend is 7 years younger than her, and her body has 4 uterine fibroids in her body


The entertainment industry has passed on good news. Ren Jiaxuan, a 42 -year -old female star, is pregnant, her boyfriend is 7 years younger than her.

In 1981, she was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and his father was born in a soldier family.

At the age of 20, she participated in the Taipei Provincial Draft "Universe 2000 Powerful Beauty Girl Selection Contest" and won the first place. Subsequently, it signed a contract with two stars and forms a S.H.E group.She debuted, and then she starred in the Taiwanese idol drama "Love Curse".

In 2005, she starred in the TV series "True Lady".

In 2010, she was the host on CCTV’s "I Guess I Guess I Guess", and then starred in the new Hunan Satellite TV drama "Love in Spring". She did not expect that when filming this drama, she encountered itAccidents cause burns, so they can only suspend all acting activities.

In 2012, she announced the official return.

Subsequently, many variety shows were hosted.

For example: "Little Universe No. 33", "Most powerful National" and so on.

Also sing songs for many film and television dramas.

Such as: the ending song "Lost" for the idol drama "Brave Say I Love You"; the theme song "You was a Juvenile" for the movie "Young Class"; the theme song "She is beautiful" for the TV series "She is beautiful"".

She also experienced three feelings;

During her high school, she talked about her love for more than a year. She didn’t know why she broke up with her boyfriend.

In 2010, at the World Tour Concert, her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong was confessed. Later, the two were engaged in low -key engagement.

In 2011, they held a wedding at the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei City, so that netizens did not expect that this marriage only maintained for five years. In 2016, she announced a divorce with Zhang Chengzhong on the social platform and completed the divorce procedures.

In March 2022, she was photographed by paparazzi to return to the hotel with the man. It didn’t take long before she sent a civilian to declare love on social platforms, and said that forty -one women in women, lucky love is germinated, cherish each other with each other, cherish the same time with each other, cherish each other with each other, cherish each other with each other, and cherish each other.In the pace, please eat melon in small love, spring flowers bloom, and my spring is here.

It is reported that her boyfriend is an outsider. Although she is seven years younger than her, her boyfriend is relatively mature and takes care of her. She once said that she wanted to be her "Xiu Jiekai".

As a star, she protects her boyfriend’s privacy very well. When her mother releases her boyfriend’s photo on the social platform, she immediately suggested that her mother immediately deletes photos without coding.

Even if you are showing a photo of love on your social platform, you will code your boyfriend.

Even so, netizens think they are very loving.

Let netizens not expect that their crystallization came so fast. On March 13, she officially announced her pregnancy in the broadcast program, and also mentioned the difficulty of pregnancy.

A 40 -year -old woman already belongs to the older pregnancy. At the beginning, the relationship between her boyfriend love and the age is not clear. Later, the consensus reached a consensus. Because she did not get pregnant for a long time, she wanted to give up, so she wanted to give up.Even artificial conception was considered.

Because of this incident, she also put pressure on her. In order to solve the pressure, she could only give up pregnancy and arrange travel, so that she did not expect that in the case of relaxation, she was unexpectedly pregnant.

She said that when she was pregnant, she was already the fourth week. After confirming that she was pregnant, she also moved her tears. The boyfriend saw that he was so excited and shed tears.

She also said that since her pregnancy, her body has a clear sense of touch. She was so scared that she couldn’t go to the toilet, her sense of smell, and still running in with her baby.

When I was pregnant for two months, my stomach was as large as six months, and the digestion was very slow. There were four uterine tumors in the body. After asking the doctor, I realized that the position of the tumor would not affect the child’s growth and the hanging heart hanging on my own.Also put it down.

She also revealed that the child in the belly is "Little Limp Fruit", mainly because when traveling in Vietnam, the most impressive thing is that the local cashew fruit, so she named the child "small cashews".

Another reason is that when she went to Vietnam to travel, she was pregnant with her child. I felt that this trip to Vietnam was a fate. To commemorate this fate, she named the child "small cashew fruit".

After learning about this news, netizens also sent a blessing, and said that she really blessed Ren Jiaxuan and hoped that she could be happy and not hurt again.

Some netizens said that blessings, really blessings, she has suffered too much.

Finally, I wish Ren Jiaxuan’s life happily and forever, and look forward to the baby’s arrival.

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