The 43 -year -old woman had abdominal pain to seek medical treatment, but was told that she had been pregnant for 34 weeks, and she was treated as annemia.

Recently, a 43 -year -old woman in Xiangyang, Hubei went to the doctor due to abdominal pain.Seeing that the patient’s belly was particularly large during examination, he asked the patient if he was pregnant?But she said, "I don’t, I am very old, I have suspected that I have stopped menopause."

Later, the doctor did confirmed this guess about the color Doppler ultrasound examination.

There is an 8 -month -old baby in the woman’s belly, the amniotic fluid has been dried, and the fetus has appeared in both feet first.

One hour later, the woman gave birth to a 4.2 catties of a baby boy, the mother and child were safe.When family members saw their children, they were also very happy and in the process of gradually accepting.

Regarding the matter, the woman and her family said they didn’t know. The woman’s 14 -year -old son couldn’t believe it. She always denied the fact that her mother was pregnant, because she had no symptoms.All of this was caught off guard, and psychological is not ready.Ask the doctor again, is it going to give birth soon?

When the doctor asked if there was a fetal movement, the woman said, "I always thought it was intestinal flatulence, and was treating."

Netizen: Is the heart really big, do you know that the fetal movement is so obvious?

Netizen B: People are like playing like playing.

I have to say that this mother is sincere. If you haven’t given birth to a child, you will not know it. This is a second child. It is completely experienced. It is so obvious that the fetal movement is so obvious, but I don’t know that she is pregnant.Knowing that this is self -deceiving or a big heart.

What is even more incredible is that the fetal movement is treated as an oven. Fortunately, the development of the fetus is not affected by the drug, otherwise this is not happy but sad for a family.

Although she was found to be pregnant, amniotic fluid was dry, but fortunately, there was no danger, the child was born safely, and the ending was gratifying.Otherwise, my mother regrets her negligence.Women are over 35 years old, especially after 40 years of age, ovarian function has decreased, and it may not ovulate or not be able to get pregnant.But only the chance of successful pregnancy will decline, not unable to conceive.

If a woman at this age does not want children, be sure to take contraceptive measures.Avoid the child’s accident and disrupt the original life.There are many contraceptive measures, such as male ligation, using condoms or taking contraceptives.But this is not a one and for all, and it cannot be completely contraceptive. It can only reduce the chance of pregnancy.Menstruation delayed.It can be observed that if menstruation is usually on time, and this time suddenly postponed 7 days or more, you can buy the pregnancy test stick to test or go directly to the hospital to check if you are pregnant.Tomit.Some women will have an early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, but this is not absolute. If menstruation stops and is accompanied by vomiting, she can go to the hospital in time.Pregnancy is often varying from person to person. Some are only in the early stages of pregnancy, and some may continue the entire pregnancy.

Emotional changes are great and easy to fatigue.The impact of progesterics, the mood of pregnant mothers often fluctuates very much, and it is easy to lose my temper inexplicably.It is also prone to fatigue and lethargy.But pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, it is important to maintain sufficient sleep at this time.Breast change.The impact of progesterics is generally phenomenon that breasts will begin to tender pain and tender breasts and deepen areola.Timing production inspection.The baby’s condition in the abdomen cannot be observed through the naked eye, and instrumental examination is required, so regular production examinations are important, so that pregnant mothers and babies have abnormal conditions and can be discovered and intervened early.Supplement folic acid.In the early stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy, the appropriate amount of folic acid is very helpful to prevent malformations of fetal nerve tube.Avoid violent activities.Moderate exercise during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers control weight, stimulate fetal development, and is also beneficial to natural delivery.But exercise should not be violent.More suitable for gently movement, such as slow walking, pregnant women yoga.

Keep your diet light and balanced nutrition.The nutrients of the fetus in the abdomen are all from the mother. In order to develop the fetus, the pregnant mother should keep the diet as light as possible to avoid spicy food stimulating the fetus.At the same time, we must also maintain a balanced diet and pay attention to the matching of vegetables and vegetables, but avoid excessive replenishment.In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to supplementing folic acid in accordance with the doctor’s order to ensure the normal development of the fetus.Keep your mood happy.The mothers are affected by pregnancy reactions and physical changes, and their emotions are also affected.But the mother and child can feel the mood of the mother and the mother’s emotional baby for the first time.If the pregnant mother’s long -term emotional instability, it is easy to cause the fetal growth and development.If you have negative emotions, you must try to adjust yourself, such as listening to soft music or reading a book you like to divert your attention.

In fact, the shortage of the production process is affected by many factors, such as: cervix mouth and pelvic conditions.Generally speaking, the maternal process is faster than the first maternal.Because the maternal pelvic tissue is softer, the palace mouth is faster, and the delivery process is shorter.But it is not absolute, but it will vary from person to person.The size of the fetus.The size of the fetus determines the speed of his mother’s pelvic bone and the birth canal.If the fetus is too large, the more difficult the production is, the longer the labor process.

Pregnant mother’s constitution.If the pregnant mother is too thin, the production process may be prolonged because of physical strength. If the pregnant mother is too fat, the birth canal may be too narrow due to the accumulation of fat, which will increase the difficulty of the fetus through the birth canal.

Pregnancy is full of surprises and happiness for many families.But there are many precautions for small life during pregnancy.

For the health of the child, pregnant mothers and other family members must not take it lightly, but also avoid the situation of the mother in the text.Although she is lucky, this luck is not everyone who can encounter it.

Therefore, if you are preparing to ask your child’s expectant mothers, you should usually pay more attention to adjusting the daily life and diet, and provide your baby with a healthy mother environment as much as possible.This is the manifestation of children and themselves.

May all babies be born healthy and safe.

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