The 46 -year -old woman has a long leg pain. The advanced cervical cancer is found, and these 4 signals appear in the body. Don’t ignore

◇ Do not ignore long -term leg pain, it may be the advanced cervical cancer!

Ms. Hu, 46, always feels her leg pain, but she has never cared about it some time ago. She thought that after all, she was middle -aged and more or less. BesidesIt was her humidity too much or too tired, so she also felt that this was nothing big. In addition, it was not convenient to go to the hospital to live in the countryside, so Ms. Hu did not want to go to the hospital for examination.

I didn’t expect that Ms. Hu’s intention caused trouble.Recently, Ms. Hu not only felt the pain of her legs became more and more intense, but even her waist began to hurt. Ms. Hu’s daughter saw that Ms. Hu was so painful that she had taken Ms. Hu to the hospital and registered her body.

I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. When I checked it, Ms. Hu ’s leg pain and back pain were because of cervical cancer, and she was diagnosed by doctors as advanced cervical cancer.

In this regard, Ms. Hu was very puzzled. The part of her problem was obviously legs and waist. Why did she suffer from gynecological diseases such as cervical cancer?Obviously it is the pain outside the body. Why is it caused by the disease inside the body?

In this regard, the doctor explained to Ms. Hu.In fact, cervical cancer will cause metastasis. At present, the cervical cancer in Ms. Hu has metastasized to the legs, violating Ms. Hu’s leg nerves and part of the waist nerves.It is one of the diseases of cervical cancer.

In addition, the doctor also made detailed questions and records of Ms. Hu.In fact, Ms. Hu actually often occurred some of the less normal physiological phenomena, such as irregular vaginal bleeding. HoweverBecause of my menopausal, I didn’t care much, and I even thought it was a normal physiological phenomenon, so I found the condition until now.But in fact, these are the diseases of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is not in trouble. The doctor told Ms. Hu that some patients with advanced cervical cancer died within a few months after diagnosis, and some could continue to live for more than ten years, but it would be painful.Doctors will try their best to help Ms. Hu for treatment, but the end result is unknown.

Unfortunately, after Ms. Hu diagnosed the advanced cervical cancer, even if chemotherapy surgery was performed, she died in a few months.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is the most common malignant tumor in our daily life. It is also the most incidence of cancer in the women’s groups. It is divided into three types: benign lesions, benign tumors, and malignant tumors.

In fact, cancer in situ is not a real cancer. Usually people aged 30-35 are prone to suffer. At this time, cancer cells will not be metastasized, and it is not particularly dangerous.

Infiltration of cancer is not the same. Infiltration of cancer means that the cancer cells in the body can be metastasized. This is the horror of cancer. There is a chemotherapy. As a result, cancer cells appear in another place.

First, infection of high -risk HPV virus.The most important risk factor for cervical cancer is the persistent infection of high -risk HPV viruses. More than 90 % of patients have such viruses infected.

Second, some inappropriate sexual behavior or number of delivery.If a person has multiple sexual partners, or he has a first sexual life before the age of 16, and when he is very young, he will get pregnant and give birth to a baby, and it may cause cervical cancer.

Third, the infections of pathogens such as chlamydia, simple herpes virus type II, trichomoniasis and other pathogens will synergistically accelerate the production of cervical cancer.

Fourth, smoking, malnutrition, and poor sanitary environment are also synergistic factor in cervical cancer.

How to judge whether you have cervical cancer, it depends on whether the body has sent the following four signals.

First, whether to have contact bleeding.

If the body has abnormal bleeding after gynecological examination or sexual intercourse, pay attention!One of the diseases of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding. Early cervical cancer is mainly in contact with contact, while irregular bleeding occurs in the late stage.Female friends can determine whether vaginal bleeding is normal based on whether it is their own menstrual period.

Second, whether the vagina is a large amount of liquid.

Cervical adenocarcinoma is a case of cervical cancer. Among patients with cervical cancer, about 20 % of patients with cervical adenocarcinoma will cause cervical adenocarcinoma.It’s big.

Third, whether leucorrhea has increased.

Lands have always been a sign of observation and measuring whether our women’s body is healthy.If the leucorrhea is thin, the leucorrhea is increased, or the secretion is odor, please note that this is an abnormal phenomenon, which is likely to be caused by cervical cancer. You need to pay attention to and seek medical treatment.

Fourth, whether there is pain in lower limbs.

Just as Ms. Hu’s experience, if female friends have pain or even back pain in lower limbs, please be careful. This is likely that cervical cancer has spread. When the mass is compressed to lymph, the lower body pain will occur.Swelling and difficulty walking. If you press the bladder or rectum, constipation or blood in the stool will occur.

Female friends should always pay attention to whether their body has the above four signals. If so, please don’t ignore it!

Of course, if female friends who are younger or older or more than 65 years old can not go to the hospital for testing. Women of these two groups are unlikely to suffer from cervical cancer.

In fact, in malignant tumors, cervical cancer is one of the best tumors to be discovered and solved.So how can female friends prevent cervical cancer?

First of all, our schools and communities should popularize the knowledge of anti -cancer prevention, so that female friends can understand the existence of malignant tumors such as cervical cancer, and schools and families should also carry out appropriate sexual health education as soon as possible to let everyone understand improper sexual sexLife can cause cervical cancer.

Secondly, it is necessary to improve and play the role of women’s anti -cancer health network.Community and hospitals should regularly carry out the screening of cervical cancer for female friends. The earlier, the easier it is to be treated with cervical cancer, the less manpower and material resources are spent.

In addition, female friends should not live prematurely, to ensure the clean and hygiene of sexual life, and do not get pregnant and give birth to baby prematurely. These may lead to cervical cancer.

Finally, there are currently nine -valent vaccines specifically for HPV.Nine -valent vaccine can prevent more than 90 % of cervical cancer. There are three needles in total. Please note that it is best to get nine -valent vaccines between 16 and 26 years old. This is the best time period. If it is over 26 years old, the effect is effective.It may not be good, but it also has a certain prevention effect.

I hope that female friends will pay more attention to their physical condition in life, cherish their bodies, pay more attention, and check more to keep cervical cancer away from their own lives.

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