The 47 -year -old nanny did 3 years in the employer’s house and suddenly became pregnant.

Now Yueyao has become a popular profession, and even a bit of no short supply. Yueyao’s salary is also very high. They need to go through professional training to work.The reason for this phenomenon is that young people are busy at work now, without time and experience to bring children, on the other hand, they are afraid of conflicting with her mother -in -law, so they would rather spend some money for a month or nanny.

Xiaoxue and her husband are working in foreign companies. They are usually very busy. Her mother -in -law divorced her father -in -law when her husband was very young.Xiaoxue was pregnant recently. Because Xiaoxue’s mother was not very good, she couldn’t help her bring her children. She and her husband discussed it for a month to ask for a month.

Through the introduction of the intermediary, they invited a gold medal Monthly Aunt Liu. Aunt Liu was only 47 years old. Although they were divorced, they were very numb. Their family was very satisfied with Aunt Liu.It was not long before the child was full. The two husbands and wives discussed that Aunt Liu took care of the child. Aunt Liu did not live up to their expectations. She was very diligent and the child liked her very much.

Recently, the father -in -law broke her legs. Aunt Liu also wanted to serve her father -in -law. Their family was moved. Xiaoxue also raised her salary to Aunt Liu.In this way, Xiang’an had nothing 3 years. On this day, Xiaoxue took a rest at home to play with her children. Suddenly, the child took a piece of paper from Aunt Liu’s room. Xiaoxue looked curiously, and it turned out to be a B -ultrasound.Auntie has been pregnant for 3 months, Xiaoxue was shocked. Aunt Liu had divorced for many years. Is she looking for another wife?

Xiaoxue ran to Aunt Liu in front of the question. Aunt Liu raised it, and seemed to be unspeakable. At this time, there was a thought in her heart that ran out. Xiaoxue couldn’t believe it. At this time, the father -in -law ran over and pulled Aunt LiuXiaoxue and her husband stayed like a wooden chicken, and couldn’t believe it, which made them feel very embarrassed.The father -in -law said that the two of them gradually had feelings in the process of getting along, and then accidentally had children, but they had always been embarrassed to speak with them.

Xiaoxue and her husband finally accepted this. After all, Mu has become a boat, and they have no way, but the editor wants to say that the children who are about to be born are younger than the grandson. This is really embarrassing. Netizens, what do you think?

(The picture comes from the Internet)

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