The 5 -year -old girl was abducted for 26 years, and her parents were no longer when they found their family …

"Even if she is rich,

Can I buy back my parents’ lives?"

April 20,

Thinking that he is about to face himself in the court,

Yu Mouying, a trafficker who caused his family to be broken,

Yang Niu’s mood is difficult.

She will submit a civil compensation of 7.9 million yuan to Yu Mouying.

the year 1995,

5 -year -old Yang Niuhua

It was trafferated from Guiyang, Guizhou to Handan, Hebei.


When she has gone through all the hard work to find the home,

It was found that her parents were overwhelming and sad after she was abducted,

With a few years, both died.

Yang Niu Hua Mo Mo Daisa (screenshot of the video)

Yang Niuhua always remembered the name of Yu Mouying, a trafficker who trafficked her. After she called the police, the police arrested the person and dug a 7 -trafficking child incident from her.

The recent court is expected to start in this case. Yang Niuhua filed a high civil compensation to Yu Mouying. "I don’t expect her to get money. I just want her to know that my parents’ death was caused by her.The strictest punishment. "

5 -year -old girl was abducted thousands of miles

Looking for relatives with childhood memory

In the winter of 1995, a deaf and dumb man received a 5 -year -old "daughter" in Yaozhai Village, Yaozhai Township, Handan City, Hebei Province.

The deaf and dumb man was in his thirties at the time, and he was dependent on the old mother.This new girl was named Li Suyan. She was asked to call a deaf man as a father and call his mother as a grandma.

But Li Suyan understood that this is not her home.She remembers her real name "Yang Niu Hua", her father is "Yang Xinmin", her mother is called "cotton coat", her sister is "Yang Sangying", and her grandmother is called "Ah Bai".

Yang Niuhua still remembers that a pair of men and women rented to her house. After being familiar with the sisters, one day they cheated them on the streets on the grounds of buying sweaters.Sang Ying refused to go, saying that he had to wait for his parents at home, and the lively girl flower followed the pair of men and women.After that, the pair of men and women were separated. The woman took her to transfer to the car and train, and finally brought her to the family of Handan, Hebei.

The 5 -year -old Yang Niuhua has always remembered the woman’s name in the next 20 years -Yu Mouying.But she just couldn’t remember where she came from Handan.

Yang Niuhua when he first arrived in Yang’s house (the interviewee confessed)

After half a year after the new "home", Yang Niuhua was still waiting for the appearance of her family ignorant.One day, the adoptive father took a newspaper to go to the wall. She saw a picture of a middle -aged man in the newspaper. The small face was small, big eyes, big eyes, and high nose bridge.Hidden, hiding in the toilet and staring at the photos when no one was.

Slowly, Yang Niu learned to get along with grandma and adoptive father to perceive and accept this family.This "home" has only three adobe houses, and sometimes it leaks, and the life of the adoptive father’s family is very difficult.The adoptive father did not work, and relying on shoe repair to change locks and other lives to earn a bit of fragmented money. Later, he followed relatives to help people build a house, and there was a relatively fixed income.This deaf man is very good for Yang Niu, and the two can even communicate with handicapped obstacles.

Yang Niuhua later went to elementary school and was very smart, but she dropped out of school after six grades."A relative said to my grandma, if I have high culture, I will not run away in the future, and my grandma will not let me continue to study."

A few years later, Yang Niuhua began to work.With memories, Yang Niuhua speculated that she should be trafficked by traffickers.In 2012, she began to look for her relatives, find volunteer organizations to help, and publish information about family search. In 2013, she used blood to enter the DNA library, but she has not progressed without progress.

At that time, Yang Niu Hua occasionally thought about it. Did her parents give birth to a child and forget herself?Will you even think, will he be sold by his parents?"But when I think of my parents very good to me, I firmly believe that they did not sell me. They would definitely find me."

On April 17, 2021, Yang Niu, who was already the mother of the three children, sent a family information on the short video platform. She also sent a hometown map drawn according to memory.In the video, she called the relatives in her childhood memory over and over again: "Sang Ying, Sang Ying, Ah Boyai, Ah Baixian …"

Go home after 26 years

Parents have died for many years

Yang Niuhua’s family finding information has attracted the attention and forwarding of many netizens.On May 3, 2021, a girl surnamed Miao surnamed Yang in Guijin County, Guizhou Province saw a video of relatives. She listened to her parents since she was a child that a cousin lost in 1995.The information of Yang Niuhua’s relatives is in line with her cousin in all aspects.

The girl quickly contacted Yang Niuhua. Subsequently, Yang Sangying, the sister of Nantong, Jiangsu, also had a video connection with Yang Niuhua.The sister not only called out the nicknames that Yang Niuhua had not made public in the video of her relatives, but also said a period of her experience of breaking her pigpen at home. This is also the details of Yang Niu’s remembrance but not talking about it.Through the mobile phone, the sisters of the 26 years were tearful.

However, the joy of reunion was quickly dispersed by huge sadness.Yang Nihua asked her sister’s parents, but she learned that her parents had died in a few years because of her blame and sadness after being abducted.

A family of four before Yang Niuhua was abducted (the interviewee confessed)

It turned out that the parents brought the sisters to work in Guiyang from our hometown from Weajin.In November 1995, after the 5 -year -old Yang Niuhua was abducted, her parents went around.They speculated that the traffickers dared to sneak Yang Niuhua from the station at night, so they rolled the quilt with their eldest daughter to the station at night, and slept at the station at night.

After looking for it for more than half a year, there was no result, and then his parents began to quarrel.They were originally preparing to build a house in their hometown. The father smashed all the buying building materials, because the depression borrowed sorrow all the time, and vomited blood in 1997.After the mother was stimulated continuously, she was mentally stimulating. Sometimes she ran to the mountain and said that she heard that the girl was calling her.In 1998, she died.

His sister was abducted, her parents died, and Yang Sangying became an orphan. She also had to endure her blame and suffering of "not optimistic about her sister".After lending for a period of time, she went out to work at the age of thirteen or four years old.She missed her sister, but did not know how to find her sister, and did not understand DNA blood collection into the warehouse, which caused the sisters to fail to recognize each other for more than 20 years.

On May 10, 2021, the results of the DNA appraisal officially confirmed the relationship between Yang Niuhua and Yang Sangying.On May 15th, the sisters departed from Nantong and Handan, Jiangsu, and returned to their hometown in Dazhai Village, Guanzhai Township, Guanzhai Township, Guizhou.

On May 15, 2021, Yang Niu returned to Weajin’s hometown (the interviewee confessed)

After being abducted for 26 years, she finally found home, but her parents had died for more than 20 years. Yang Niuhua did not expect such a result. She could not cry with her sister, and she cried loudly in front of her parents’ grave.

Yang Niu Hua (left) cried in front of her parents’ grave (video screenshot)

In the next two years, Yang Niuhua and Yang Sangying often visited each other throughout thousands of miles, took her husband and children to the other party’s house, and returned to their hometown in Guizhou for the New Year.Their grandmother is still alive. Yang Niuhua often holds "Ah Bidai" to coquettishly, and takes the elderly to buy delicious food. She wants to filial piety for her parents and find this lost 26 years.

Those who traffic their children 7 times

Prosecution claim 7.9 million yuan

The happier the sister’s reunion, the more Yang Niu missed her parents.She wanted to find Yu Mouying, a person who caused her family to be dead, and let her get the punishment she deserved.

When she returned to Guizhou in May 2021, Yang Niuhua told Guiyang police about her experience. In January 2022, the relevant materials were sent to the police.On June 6, 2022, Yang Niuhua officially reported to the Guiyang Public Security Bureau to ask Yu Mouying.

Lawyer Wang Wenguang, the agent of Yang Niuhua and Deputy Director of Hebei Shili Law Firm, told reporters that less than a month after reporting the case, Guiyang Police discovered an important clue: a Chongqing woman named Zhang, onceIn 2004, he traulted in two children from Yunnan to Handan, Hebei. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison and was released in 2009 after being reduced.Zhang Mou’s trafficking and Yu Mouying had similar techniques to the traffic of Yang Niuhua, and the destination was Handan. After the police investigated, the police confirmed that Zhang was Yu Mouying.

"The police gave me a dozen photos to identify, and I recognized Yu Mouying. She was the one I hate most, and she would never forget her life." Yang Niuhua said.

After the crime again, Yu Mouying confessed that between January 1993 and October 1996, she had committed 7 crimes. 8 children from Guizhou and Chongqing were brought to Handan, Hebei, and sold to local villagers to profit. YangNihua is one of the 8 children.Yu Mouying’s husband had a trafficking behavior with her, but he had died.

After the evidence was fixed, the procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City filed a public prosecution against Yu Mouying for trafficking for children.Attorney Wang Wenguang revealed that according to the sentencing proposal provided by the prosecutor, Yu Mouying voluntarily and truthfully confess the suspected criminal facts. There was no objection to the crime of allegations.At present, Lawyer Wang Wenguang has applied to transfer the case from the Nanming District Court of Guiyang City to the Guiyang Intermediate Court for trial. "The defendant is particularly serious in the plot." He said.

Yang Niuhua (left) and her sister Yang Sangying (the interviewee confessed)

On April 20, Yang Niuhua told Jimu Journalist that as a victim, she would propose a civil compensation of 7.9 million yuan to Yu Mouying.

"I know that she can’t get it out, and I may not even pay a penny. I don’t care about this. Even if she gets money, can I buy back my parents’ lives?" Yang Niuhua said, "ButI have to put forward our demands. This money includes the death compensation of my parents. I want her to know that my parents’ death was caused by her. I hope she will be punished the most. "

Yang Niuhua said that this was the request that she and her sister had discussed.When the case began, the sisters would go to Guiyang together, watching the traffickers by their own eyes, so as to comfort their parents’ spirit of heaven.

Transfer from Jimu News

Source: News Morning News

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