The 6 major use of my boyfriend’s semen really burst (not having children)

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Friends who are attracted by this topic, first of all, please start your smart head melon and think about the following question:

In your cognition, how much is the use of Men’s Miqing fluid?

If you know or have developed it, it has been developed, please go to the comment area to report quickly, so that the sisters will also open.

But if your answer is: ah … what?In addition to being used for giving birth to a baby, is there any other use?

Then come, today I will take a look at the popular science of human beings with me.

Make the rice green fluid into jewelry?Someone is doing

Amanda · BOOTH from Canada is a jewelry hand as a person, just like many ordinary hand -made maidens to make money by meeting customer custom needs.

At the same time, Amanda also likes to publish the process of making clay jewelry on its own Tik Tok.

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At the beginning, everything was normal. Most of the customers’ orders were small jewelry with ordinary materials. Later, as the business continued to grow, more and more strange custom orders appeared.

Sand, dried flowers, herbs, etc.

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These strange orders were only AMANDA, and no customers could not mention it, but there was no reason for the business to send the door. After accepting it, she happily carried out her handmade creation.

Until a certain person made a suggestion in the video that men’s body fluids could be used to make jewelry. This strange idea was amazing, and it also made AMANDA feel difficult to understand.

But what I did not expect was that customers bought this idea. Snow -like rice blue liquid jewelry orders flew, so an unexpected new product and new service were born -Mi Qingshu was born -Mi Qingshu was born -Mi QingshuCustomized jewelry.

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After AMANDA and her Mi Qingli customized jewelry, many Tik Tok users expressed their shock and speechless behavior of human strange behavior in the message area.

Who said no, since I read this report, my mouth has never been closed, and I am deeply convinced by the wonders of human beings.

Originally thought it might be a "reproductive worship" that replaced the way, but the person who chose to customize this service also provided various reasons, some sounded and even moving: except a small number of people pureFollowing the trend and funny, most people pay more attention to its commemorative significance.

For example, some people want to leave some rice green solution for sterilization surgery; some are given to her husband after customization, as a testimony of marriage and love between the two; and some people want to leave a thought after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Although it is difficult to comment, in my opinion, this money is really not necessary. There are many ways to commemorate feelings. There is no need to choose the most bursting.

Imagine that you wear beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets out of the street, but there are some people’s body fluids. Do n’t you really feel physiological discomfort?

But then again, some people are willing to spend money to customize, and some people can meet the needs. As long as they do not violate the law and harm others, just look at themselves (but strongly recommend you not to spend this injustice of money, it is better to eat more.What about the big meal).

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After talking about the new things that happened in the world, let’s talk about whether the other more strange use of Mi Qingli is true.

About the strange use of Mi Qingye

Can eating rice green fluid nourish the body?

I don’t know if you have heard this kind of saying. Anyway, since I started to contact astringent knowledge, I heard countless semi -hanging authors or ordinary men and women vigorously preach the male rice green liquid as nourishing products.

The small white sticky mixture that men sprayed out during the orgasm state are more than Xian Dan in the stove in Taishang Laojun.

This folk amateur oil poetry lovers checked the three unprecedented information about the benefits of Mi Qingli on the Internet. They want to sing two sentences:

Mi Qingye is good, Mi Qingyou is wonderful, and Mi Qingzhuan is screaming!It can be used to be beautiful on the face, wipes to the head to protect hair, swallow it in the stomach, and swallow a small mouth every day. Never dreaming is not a dream, or a dream!

If Qin Shihuang knew that he had to regret his thighs. Since eternal life is so easy, where can he use Bara to search for nothing.

Well, go back to the topic and put aside the exaggerated decoration. Is Mi Qingshu really said that it is so good online?

If you want to figure out this, we must first talk about the ingredients of Mi Qingye.

Mi Qingzi is composed of Mi Qingzi and Miqing pulp, with more than 90%of the sperm pulp, and the proportion of water in the water in the slurry also accounts for more than 90%.Mi Qingzi is produced by testicles and matures in the epididymis; semi -slurry is mainly composed of a mixture secreted by prostate, seminal vesicles, and urethral gland glandular glandular glandular gland. These liquids can protect Mi Qingzi meticulous, so as not to die.Essence

Therefore, the main ingredients of human rice blue liquid are water, as well as other small amounts of ingredients, such as protein, trace elements, fructose, protein hydrolytic enzymes, citric acid, acid phosphatase and lipids.

▲ Picture source: reference [1]

Looking at it, there are water, protein, vitamins, and sugar, it seems to be strange, right?

However, friends, ordinary men have only 2 ~ 6 ml of green liquid at a time, and the nutritional ingredients are only poor. I want to take a lot of use to achieve the effect of supplementing nutrition.No one can do it.

There are so many ways to replenish nutrition. Why do many men vigorously promote this kind of minimum efficiency and unreliable one. I am afraid that they want to control their partners to get pleasure and control.

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The beauty of Miqing Liquid Mask has good beauty and beauty?

A beautiful woman in the United States once recommended the girls to use rice blue fluid to make a mask, saying that their skin condition blowing can be broken because of the exclusive skin care recipe, the effect of the rice green liquid mask, because the enzymes and other nutritional ingredients in the rice green fluid will beActivates for dead skin and keratin, making the skin smoother and fair.

Good guy, when I knew this, I was stunned. Let ’s not say whether the rice green liquid on the skin surface can be absorbed. You must know that the rice green fluid is a kind of body fluid and may carry the virus.

If you have a crack on your face, or accidentally apply to the mucous membrane such as conjunctiva, it is likely to be infected with disease!If a girl is persuaded, it is really irresponsible to use the unknown Miqing solution for the mask to cause health damage!

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If the skin is getting better after wipe, it is likely to be the role of water, but like ordinary hydrating masks, the effect is only temporary. There is really no need to risk it.

Can Mi Qingshu treat depression?

This topic began to be discussed from the previous two years "Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?"Anti -depression.

According to the article, there are many hormones that can affect women’s mood, such as serotonin, oxytocin, prostaglandin, melatonin, etc., and can be absorbed by vaginal permeability.

Although the selection of topics is very interesting, the research is relatively old, the number of sample samples is limited and lack of long -term follow -up, which is not enough to constitute evidence of treatment of depression, and the risk of infection caused by no sexual behavior is also unavalized.

Therefore, if there is a depression problem, it is recommended to hurry up and see the doctor for medical treatment. Don’t consider these crooked ideas to avoid delaying the condition.

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Can rice green liquid prevent signs of eclampsia?

Syndicity Oclacy is a high -risk pregnancy disease. According to the data of the Sinlacites Foundation, the incidence of this situation is 5%to 8%among the pregnancy women, and it may lead to pregnancy complications, such as too low weight in infants, early placenta, early placenta earlyDipping, premature birth, renal failure, and maternal and/or fetal death.

In 2017, Denmark researchers released a study that linked rice green fluid with premium eclampsia prevention.The results of the study showed that at least six months before the pregnancy of the biological father Mi Qingli (vaginal contact instead of orally), the risk of suffering from the precedent of eclampure is lower, and the chance of people who are less than six months or shorter are more likely to get sick.high.

One possible reason is that the rice green liquid contains the patriarchal protein and microorganisms. Conditioning before pregnancy can improve the immune response of the same substance seen during pregnancy.It can be said that this protein in more contact with parent cells can help produce "immunity" for signs of eclampsia.

Similarly, this study requires more evidence and samples to confirm conclusions.

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Can Mi Qingli be used to extinguish fires?

Researchers at Turin University of Science and Technology in Italy found that after applying the catfish rice Qingzi DNA to cotton fabric, cotton fabrics can resist burning or fire. This research was published in The Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

The natural structure of Tomiya Rice DNA makes it ideal flame retardant and inhibitors, and can biodegradable, pure natural and green and environmentally friendly.

But there are many technical problems that need to be broken. For example, first of all, it is necessary to determine that this flame retardant coating will not allow DNA fragments to enter the human body, followed by cost issues -using this method, its manufacturing cost will be higher than that of traditional flame retardants,Three to five times, and it cannot be washed.

However, it is worth encouraging the emergence of new technologies and research that benefit human beings. It is hoped that scientists will continue to study and strive to use it as soon as possible.

Well, this is here for the small classroom of "Miqing Liquid". Please go to the message area to tell me, which method of Mi Qingye’s use is the most shocking?

Finally, I would like to remind everyone, "EMMM … Everything will only hurt you."As a body fluid, the smell of Mi Qingli is strange and disgusting (only represents my own opinion), and I really have worked hard to grow into an unable to eat!

The so -called nutritional value and special effects have not been fully confirmed, and there are more ways to use it. It is really not necessary to compare it with it. In case of unfortunately encountering Mi Qingzi carrying the virus, I accidentally infected and cried!

Well, I hope today is another day of your new posture ~

I love this world.


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