The 6 -year -old daughter said she was "pregnant"?This mother did this …

6 -year -old Lingling cried and told her mother that she was "pregnant";

8 -year -old Qingqing told her mother proudly that she had "love";

The 10 -year -old Xiangxiang shouted and told me that a girl’s skirt in their class was all blood.

After the parents panicked, they tried to answer their children’s confusion in a calm tone.

6 -year -old Lingling

I am pregnant

"Mom, I’m pregnant!" Daughter Lingling returned home from school from the kindergarten. As soon as she entered the door, she rushed to my arms, crying and telling me the "amazing" news.

"Pregnancy? How can you get pregnant, who bullies you?" I was inexplicable by Lingling’s words."It’s Binbin, he made me get pregnant." The daughter raised her head angrily, and her two black eyes were full of tears.

I held her daughter to soothe her and let her slowly talk about things.She only choked and said: "Bin Bin touched me in bed, the teacher is all -all -know." I stunned in my heart, did Binbin really do too much to his daughter?I was trying to call Ouyang Teacher. Teacher Ouyang knocked on my door.

It turned out that when he took a nap today, Bin Bin’s bed was suddenly broken and he couldn’t sleep, so the teacher took Bin Bin on Lingling’s bed and asked him to sleep with Lingling.At that time, Lingling had fallen asleep and didn’t know about it. When she woke up and found that Bin Bin was sleeping on her bed, and hugged her tightly, she began to cry, saying that Binbin made her pregnant.

The teacher was busy waking up Binbin to ask him if he was bullying Ling Ling. Bin Bin said no, but just regarded Lingling as a mother after falling asleep … At the end, the teacher said, "I don’t know where Lingling knows, saying a maleWhen sleeping with a woman in a bed, she will become pregnant and give birth to children, so she feels that and Bin Bin sleeping on a small bed will make her pregnant. Let me explain how she does not listen.","

After listening to the teacher’s explanation, I was relieved, and I couldn’t cry and laughed. She asked Lingling who told her that boys and girls would get pregnant and have children when they sleep on a bed.Lingling said with certainty that Dad told her.

After sending away Mr. Ouyang, I looked back at the daughter who said nothing, and asked her with a smile: "Lingling, when will my father tell you that the" pregnancy "truth?"

"Last week, I asked my dad where I came from, and my dad told me that it was born to my mother; I asked my father, how could there be mine in my mother’s belly, my father said that he had been pregnant; I asked my father, my mother,How did I get pregnant, so my dad told me … "

"Dad is not right. A man and a woman do not necessarily get pregnant when sleeping in a bed. Two men and women and children will not get pregnant at all. Usually, pregnancy is two knots.What happens to the wedding adults. And pregnancy is not just that two male and female adults will happen in a bed, but also need other conditions. You and Binbin are children.Can’t get pregnant. "

When I explained, Lingling stared at two big eyes full of doubt, and suddenly listened quietly. Suddenly, she stunned her clothes and said to me with her belly at her belly, "Mom, see, I am pregnant, my belly is drumming.big."

Looking at my daughter’s innocent and lovely look, I couldn’t help laughing: "Did you drink a lot of water in the afternoon?" "I drank three bottles of water, and — eat a lot of watermelon." Lingling replied.

"Can you not be drumming in your little belly?" Under my trial explanation, the clouds on the daughter’s face gradually dissipated, and they rushed into my arms and started to be coquettish.

The daughter’s "pregnancy storm" finally subsided.This crying incident made me more deeply realize that it is necessary to conduct sexual education in time in a timely manner. My husband and I no longer perfunctory, but patiently explained to her, so that she can understand, so as not to cause her to cause her to cause her again.Damage affects her healthy growth.

8 -year -old Qingqing

I also have "love"

Daughter Qingqing is 8 years old and has begun to learn to think independently.That day, she thought for a while and suddenly asked me, "Mom, what is love?"

For a long time, I started to talk about the hot topic of "love" for a second -year student who is not in the world: "When the little boy and the little girl became a big girl, they thought and like each other, and they were willing to do everything for each other.Things, no one can do without anyone, that feeling is love. Just like my father and mother fell in love, and then formed a family, you are the product of our love. "

I asked my daughter to tell me why I asked this question.She took a long time: "Mom, little boy and little girl can’t have love?"

"No!" My eyes stared loudly and felt the seriousness of the problem. "Love is a responsibility. You need to pay huge feelings to maintain each other. Children’s shoulders are too tender to bear the weight of love.Love is like a big carriage, can the horse go to pull? "

"Mom, you’re wrong!" She said with a word, "Malaysians are the love of adults, and a horse -drawn car is the child’s love. Do n’t you pull it? Mom, I have love too!" Qingqing’s expression was seriousSay to me.

Seriously, I am surprised, but on the surface, I still pretend to be very calm and ask her what is going on.

A faint peach red appeared on her daughter’s face, and her bright eyes were slightly blurred, telling me her "love".

At the end of March, they went to the suburban reservoir spring tour.Qingqing is a short one in the class and is taken care of everywhere.Her table was a tall boy, named Xiaoming, and was particularly friendly to her.

When he passed the stream, he was carrying Qingqing; when he climbed the mountain, he pulled Qingqing again; he climbed into the worm in the Qingqing school bag, and he drove away.Qing Qing has a good opinion of Xiaoming: "He did so many things for me, no risks are not afraid, what is love?"

I carefully corrected: "This is the sincere friendship between classmates, and it is mutual help."

"No, no! Why don’t he enthusiastically help others?"

The child’s "love" problem made me upset.I asked my husband how to treat the "love" of this little adult.The husband laughed smoothly and said loudly, "How innocent, how beautiful the child’s" love "is, no impurities! What are you nervous, let them go!"

I can’t see their father and daughter. A person with a bench tall openly talks about "love". This dad still supports it. Are you strange?

After dinner one day, Qing Qing nestled in my arms: "Mom, do you and my father talk about love?"

Seeing Qingqing is still talking about love, I dare not neglect: "I and your dad don’t talk about love anymore, but to be a husband and wife seriously. I always think about this family and pay without complaints."

"Oh!" Qing Qing was like an old man who read himself, sighed, and said, "It’s still the love of adults."

"Why?" I was tired of listening to her "love", I secretly pleased, and asked her quickly."Adults’ love can not look at the test results, and our children’s love must look at the test results."

"What is the relationship between love and test results?" I was puzzled.

"Are you willing to talk to a child with poor test results?"

"I don’t want to, but I can help him improve his grades."

"I tried it, it’s useless," she waved her little hand helplessly. "Mom, love is really tired, I don’t want to talk to Xiao Ming about love anymore.

He did not have a good grade, and he was exhausted to accompany him to cry with his nose."

"What should I do in the future?"

"I and Xiaoming blown up, let love to see ghosts!"

Qing Qing’s "love" is over.The love and hate of the children also have their own standards. After playing with pure friendship as love, you can not help feeling that the child’s innocent life is also very interesting and real.

10 -year -old Xiangxiang

Her skirt is all blood

My 10 -year -old son Xiangxiang belongs to the "innocent" type. In other words, it is late maturity.But what happened a few days ago made me realize that some things should be known to my son.

It was a summer evening. The son who came home from school went home and released the news: "Mom, a girl in our class is sick today, and her white skirt is full of blood."

"Really?" I stunned and then understood that it must be the first wave of girls.

"Really." The son said endlessly. "The teacher told her to answer the question. She stood up, wow, all the white skirts were all blood. The teacher quickly called her out and asked her to go home to see a doctor. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You.Said, this is a great disease! "

"Well, it should be handled by parents." I answered deliberately, but hesitated.It seems that the teacher did not explain too much about this problem.My son is about to enter adolescence, and you should also understand some sexual knowledge.I want to find a suitable time to talk to him.

One day we went to the store, and the bra out of the clothing counter caught the attention of my son.The son said exaggeratedly: "Wow! So boring, everything goes out."

I deliberately said, "What’s this, it’s just a lingerie!"

My son asked me in a low voice: "Mom, do girls wear this?" I thought, this is a suitable opportunity. Shiraki sat down on the chair in the shop and talked about the different physiological conditions of girls and boys.

"I know," my son stretched his hands on his chest, "You are drumming here. Let me ask, why do I have milk here when I was young?"

"A girl became a mother, and her physiological function would change some changes, and she had milk to feed her baby."

"Then the girls in our class will give birth to babies in the future and will there be milk?"

I laughed: "Of course. But it takes many years, waiting for them to grow into adults."

My son raised his face and looked at me, and asked a bit: "Mom, I still want to ask a question, what is the use of Lushubao that always said on TV?"

I laughed and told my son softly that Lushubao was a sanitary napkin brand.Sanitary napkins are a dedicated toilet paper for girls.Girls grow to a certain age, and girls need sanitary napkins during menstruation.

"Is menstruation bleeding?" The son asked.

I nodded: "Yes. But this bleeding is a normal physiological phenomenon, just like a boy grows to a certain age, there will be prominent throat knots, which will not affect your health. You will learn in the physiological class in the future.arrive."

"Oh," the son was still overwhelmed, and suddenly thought of a question about his image again. "Is that boy cared about girls, will it make others laugh?"

I definitely said, "I don’t think I can. You can understand that when the girls will be uncomfortable during menstruation, can you care more about them. And, isn’t you opening a physiological course to learn physiological knowledge? In other wordsThe physiological characteristics of boys, how can he treat female patients? "

Looking at my son’s pure gaze, I think that in the process of children’s growth, one day you will find that he pays more and more attention to his body and starts to realize the difference between himself and the opposite sex.At that time, how should parents talk about the sexual issues with their children?In my opinion, as long as the parents are not mysterious and concealed, choosing the right timing can make children grow healthy and mentally healthy because of the potential guidance and discuss the gender topics step by step.


Author: Liu Shuying

Edit: Zhuang Qingqing

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