The 70 -year -old woman in Mexico is pregnant with the eighth child, and netizens commented on the angle of clear

Recently, Mexican media reported that a 70 -year -old woman in Martland claimed that she was pregnant, 70 -year -old pregnancy and childbirth, and was about to record records into the world’s highest age maternal.

The old woman showed the interviewer’s ultrasonic photo of the fetus in her body. She could already see the baby’s face on it. The old woman also said that she was 6 months pregnant and the fetus was a girl.For the details of pregnancy, she is unwilling to disclose whether the reproductive auxiliary technology is used.It is reported that she has raised 7 children.The old woman also said that she would choose a caesarean section.If she has given birth to a child, it will become the world’s highest age maternal.

At the age of 70, he can still give birth to the eighth child. I have to say that the old lady’s physical condition is still very good. Looking at her state during the interview, the whole person looks bloated.It’s good.

When netizens saw this news, while lamenting that women abroad were so energetic, they left a message below and ridiculed. "Assuming that the lady’s first child was born in her twentiesUncle or aunt in his forties want to call a baby sister. It is terrible to think about it. "

Having said that, there are still many examples of super -aged mothers.Although these stories are very eye -catching, it is easy to mislead some women and produce a misunderstanding. It is not so difficult to give birth to children in elderly. There is no need to worry about having children, or even after 40 years old.In fact, most of the elderly pregnant women have undergone a lot of hardships on the road of fertility, consume a lot of time and energy to try, and even use donation eggs to become a lucky one of the 10,000ths of the elderly maternal.

Generally speaking, the elderly mother refers to a maternal who is pregnant for the first time over 35 years old.This kind of woman’s body is much greater than the lower pregnant mothers after pregnancy.

For pregnant mothers, pregnancy is more likely to suffer from diseases such as pregnancy hypertension and signs of eclampath.In addition, during production, because of age, women’s joint ligament tissue has poor elasticity, the uterus is prone to contractions and weakness, and the probability of difficulty in giving birth is greater.After production, it is also easier to feel beams and anemia, causing great harm to the body.

For the children in their belly, women after 35 are middle -aged, and the sciatic, pubic bones, bones, and dice bones in their bones are basically ossified, forming a fixed pelvic cavity.The fetus is easily stranded in the palace at birth.

In summary, in order to eugenize and eugenics and to ensure the mother’s own health, try not to drag the fertility too late, and the elderly mother need to pay more attention before and after pregnancy.

First: Pay attention to diet.Elderly maternal women should choose more beans, eggs, fish foods and iodine -rich foods containing high -quality protein, and eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits and coarse grains.

Second: Do a good physical examination before pregnancy.Before pregnancy, pregnant women should do a comprehensive examination of various parts of their bodies, especially to understand their ovarian function and grasp the best time before the body function decline.Do a good job in the test and inspection of related majors such as Tang’s screening, B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture test, Torch (English name abbreviation of a group of pathogenic microorganisms).

Third: Be sure to have a good mood.Only when pregnant mothers are in a state of relaxation and pleasure, can we give birth to healthy and happy babies smoothly.

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