The 8 -year -old girl is more than 3 years old and has come to the holiday. Parents of some living habits should pay attention to

Today’s living conditions are very good. Parents of food that children like to eat will buy more unconditionally, but there is a lot of food on the market that has a great impact on the child’s body.My height is 167cm, and my husband is 185cm tall, so when I am pregnant, I don’t worry about the height of my child. After all, the gene is so excellent, and where can the child be short?

And when the B -ultrasound during the medical examination during pregnancy, the doctor will say that the child’s legs are too long, so I am more assured.Until one day I saw a news on the Internet, and then contacted my child’s living habits and was not calm instantly. I decided to go to the relevant outpatient clinic.

News content: There is a eight -year -old girl in Zhejiang, but the age of bone age has reached 12 years old, and even the holiday has come. When I hear this news, I really feel unbelievable. You must know that this girl is eight years old.

The doctor asked the girl’s mother and learned that the child was particularly picky when he was very young. He especially liked those fast food on the market, such as fried fries, fried chicken and other fried foods.Later, the girl’s stomach was not good, and the grandma gave her honey water and found that the situation was wrong, so she took the girl to the hospital for examination.

The doctor told the girl’s mother that according to the bone age of the little girl now, if they are not interfered, his adult height may not be able to reach 150cm.Don’t look at the little girl’s height of 134cm, far exceeding her peers. That’s because his current age is already 12 years old, so he will grow prematurely than his peers. After that, his height may be behind his height.Children with bone age are about 18cm.

Judging from the overall situation of young girls, the reason why the bone age exceeds the same age is that there is a great relationship between the peaceful eating habits.

It was because I saw this news, and instantly became very nervous, because my children were exactly the same as the little girl’s hobby. I especially liked to eat fried chicken and honey water.Originally, I still felt that my child was so much taller than his peers, and he was secretly happy in his heart, thinking that because of the height of our husband and wife, the child inherited the advantages of genetic genes.

If you are not afraid of 10,000, you must take your child to check the bone age. In case of bone age, it will lead to the decline in subsequent growth potential, which may make the child’s height be fixed forever.

There is a saying that care is chaotic. I believe that most of the mothers are like this. As long as you see a news, you will pay great attention to the habit of your child’s usual life.Since I usually measure the height of my child at home, I later took my child to the hospital. I originally thought that the hospital had to measure the height first, and then took us to do bone age tests to check the results.

After going to the hospital, I found that it was completely different from what I thought.Doctors first ask the child’s condition one by one, such as daily diet, exercise, and sleep.

Then I measured the age, and told us that the child’s height will be affected by many aspects.

Several elements that affect your height:

① must pay attention to supplementing nutrition for children

Now most of the family conditions are good, so often meet the children’s requirements. For example, some children like to eat meat and do not like to eat vegetables, so they often make some amaranth.Will be uneven.Some parents are too worried about supplementing health products, which will also affect the secretion of children’s hormones.

② We must pay attention to the psychological impact of the child

The family environment of life also has a great impact on children.For example, some family couple’s relationship is not very good. The quarrel on both ends of three days, which has a great impact on the psychological psychology of the child and affects his height.

The husband and wife are harmonious, and the two husbands and wives always help each other. Not only can it have a good impact on the child’s psychological personality, but also grow in a happy atmosphere, and it also has a certain role in the height of the child.

③ must pay attention to the child’s exercise amount

Many parents now like to stay at home without going out.Therefore, it also leads to the lack of exercise in the indoor exercise for a long time, which has a great impact on the height of the child.Let children do more jumping exercises to promote height development.Here I still recommend that you often go outdoors to move, which will greatly help children’s vision and physical and mental health.

Finally, after taking the child for examination, the doctor interpreted the report in detail, and also told me what was going on.Advise parents to regularly perform physical examinations for their children and do a good job of height.

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