The 89 -year -old grandfather massaged the granddaughter of the third trimester.

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Happy children have not only enjoyed the love of parents since childhood, but also love from the elders and elders. We all know that the elderly are close to their children and love their children very much.

But not everyone can understand this kind of love, without experience or uncomfortable, in the face of the intergenerational relatives of the elderly, there may be malicious figures or cool words.

This is not a pregnant mother on the Internet. Because Grandpa helped him massage in the third trimester, it was added by the online evil language. A very happy scene was interpreted by various malicious interpretations. What is going on?

The lady in the video is a prospective mother in the third trimester. Because of her pregnancy, her legs and feet are almost swollen and uncomfortable.

And this lady’s grandfather, distressed her granddaughter, although she was 89 years old, and she was as distressed as her granddaughter as a child. She took the initiative to sit by the sofa to help the granddaughter massage to relieve her granddaughter’s puffy feet.

Through the video, I learned that the old grandfather had learned a massage, so the technique was relatively professional, and the process of massage the granddaughter was also very normal. It was purely distressed that the granddaughter wanted to help the granddaughter to relieve the discomfort.

However, after this video was passed on the Internet, it caused many netizens to criticize. Some netizens felt that grandpa was the opposite sex after all. I only heard that the granddaughter massaged Grandpa.People feel awkward, after all, grandpa and granddaughter should maintain a certain sense of distance.

Some netizens have pointed out that granddaughter is already an adult, and things like massage can be handed over to her husband. This is not a child to lie on the old man.

In addition to these two criticisms, some netizens said that the granddaughter was "not filial". The old man was so old. Originally, young people came to filial piety to the elderly.Is it distressed? ", Can you say that all kinds of criticisms are like a tide.

In the face of various doubts, the lady faced calmly in the video, saying that she had a very close relationship with Grandpa since she was a child. Although Grandpa was old, he felt that through massage, he also felt that in this family’s own value and existence of existenceI feel that he still needs him as a child.

Of course, the video of the video can also understand the doubts of netizens. They believe that each family’s emotions are different. Some people have not experienced it, so they cannot feel the same.Only Grandpa’s love for himself, he has been in happiness.

The video of the video of her own video wants to take her own happy life, but she did not expect that it was criticized by netizens as "the family style was not right", but in addition to bad words, the comment area also had a lot of support.

Some netizens said: "People who are in the heart are dirty!" Some people pointed out: "Only people with abnormal psychology will guess it!The picture of the granddaughter is very happy. "

In fact, I grew up with my grandparents from a young age, and I can feel the love of the elderly’s "pure" of themselves. The kind of concern is sincere, pure, and not doped.In the range of rational, you should not use narrow eyes to solve this "intergenerational" happiness.

In many people’s eyes, letting an 89 -year -old man massage the granddaughter is a very filial behavior, but as a granddaughter, she feels like a grandfather’s massage.In this family, this family cannot be separated, and the inner world is rich.

At a certain age, through some behaviors, there is a sense of existence in this family, and it is needed by the children. This is the real thought of many elderly people. As juniors, we think of filial piety to the elderly.But also understand the needs of the elderly.

He wants to let him go for all kinds of vegetables and raising chickens. If you have something to do the old man, it will be very solid in his heart. On the contrary, he will not let the elderly do anything. Instead, he will go out of the "problem"."The old man is in a good mood and the body is naturally better and better. It is also the embodiment of the children’s filial piety to understand the needs of the elderly.

Interactive topic: What do you think of the elderly massage the granddaughter, is the behavior proper?

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