The aunt "Lai" does not leave, how can I get pregnant?

"Aunt Auntie", that is, women’s menstruation, is a factor in evaluating women’s fertility. Pental visits of "Aunt Aunt" every month not only help women excrete the toxins in the body, but also keep women in a rejuvenation; "Auntie" comesAlthough it is good, but if the "big aunt" does not leave, it is not a good thing for "good pregnancy" ~

Why did "Aunt Aunt" go slowly?

1. Inadequate lutein atrophy:

The luteal function is reduced to the lowest point during the menstrual period. When the luteal function cannot completely shrink, the endometrium cannot fall off as soon as possible.

2. Endometritis:

The endometrium cannot be repaired within 7 days when the endometrium has inflammation. It has inflammation, congestion, edema, and exudation, which can cause menstrual blood to not be clean for 7 days;

3. Endometrial polyps:

When the uterine endometrium excessively hyperplasia forms polyps, polyp bleeding, cannot be repaired, and there will be endless menstrual period, more than 7 days;

4. Uterus diverticulum:

After cesarean section, the uterine incision part of the uterine incision is poorly healed. The cavity accumulates meridian blood, which slowly discharges, and the menstruation is continuous. When the menstrual blood is discharged, it will accumulate in the diverticulum.Slowly discharge, manifested as endless menstruation;

5. Uterine mucosal fibroids:

The endometrium caused by fibroids cannot be completely repaired, and menstrual blood is not clean;

6, ovulation -free menstruation:

Vaginal hemorrhage is due to no ovulation, and pure estrogen causes retreat bleeding. Because there is no progesterone stimulation, the endometrium cannot be removed as soon as possible, and there will be endless menstruation.EssenceSuch patients are often more common in patients with polycystic ovary or women who are going to menopause;

7, uterine adhesion:

The patient’s uterine cavity is incomplete, and the endometrium has scars, adhesion, and a small number of functional endometrium. The endometrium cannot be removed as soon as possible. The menstruation will not be clean, more than 7 days.

The relationship between menstruation disorders and women infertility

Irregular menstruation may lead to infertility. Although irregular menstruation and infertility are not inevitable, it is an indisputable fact that irreparable menstruation women are more likely to have infertility.Clinical data shows that among infertility patients, infertility caused by irregular menstruation and abnormal ovulation accounts for more than 25%-30%. It can be seen that irregular menstruation is likely to cause infertility.

We know that menstruation is formed by the periodic shedding of endometrium and is regulated by endocrine.The menstrual cycle is mainly adjusted by the interaction between the hypothalamus -pituitary -ovaries.No matter which links are in it, menstruation will be induced.The function of ovarian abnormalities will affect the normal ovulation of women, and even without ovulation, which will cause infertility.In addition, gynecological -related diseases are also factors that induce irregular menstruation, and these diseases can easily hinder the combination of essence eggs, which leads to female infertility.

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