The baby is crying to torture people, maybe you haven’t done these two things during pregnancy. The baby is dissatisfied with his expression.

After having a baby, Baoma couldn’t help but envy the "Angel Baby" of other people’s houses. It was obviously a baby in the same month. Other people’s obedient to eat milk and sleep well. You can sleep for two or three hours.Wake up after eating and sleep for half an hour, and you must hold it at night … It is tears when you say!

Didn’t you say that the baby was born with a piece of white paper? The difference would it be so big?In fact, the baby is good or not, and it has a lot to do with the behavior habits of Bao Ma’s pregnancy.The baby’s personality habit has actually quietly decided during pregnancy!

1. I often cry or lose my temper during pregnancy

The emotional fetus of the pregnant mother can be "perceived". The pregnant mother who is often sad and crying during pregnancy, the blood circulation of the body is not smooth, and the fetus will feel uneasy.Under this emotional influence, the baby is not only lightweight after birth, but also weird temper. It is very difficult to bring your temper and crying often.

2. Stay up late during pregnancy

The fetus also has a biological clock. If the pregnant mother always stays up late, not only will their biological clock disorders, they will also be disordered with the baby’s biological clock with the fetus.

Many people like to play mobile phones now, and they are still playing in the middle of the night, but expectant mothers, you need to know that you are not going to night, but the health of the fetus!

If you want to give birth to a healthy and easy -to -bring baby, the expectant mothers can do the following matters during pregnancy:

1. Keep a pleasure.Less angry, less sad, do n’t hold anything in your heart, communicate more with your loved ones and friends, cultivate more small interests and hobbies, and transfer your attention.

2. Exercise more.After pregnancy, you cannot stop exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc. The appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy can promote blood circulation in the body and keep pregnant mothers a good attitude.

3. Keep regular schedule.Keep as much as possible during pregnancy. Don’t keep playing with your mobile phone if you can’t sleep. Otherwise, you can’t sleep.

4. Do not picky eaters or partial eclipses.When the baby is seven months pregnant, the taste buds have basically developed. He will taste the taste of food through amniotic fluid.If the expectant mothers prefer which foods during pregnancy, the baby will eat partly after birth!

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