The baby moves for 4 hours, and the pregnant mother cries while patting her belly. Pregnancy is a dual test of physical and mental body and mind

A few days ago, a pregnant woman who was pregnant in August did not move because the baby in the stomach was 4 hours. The video that was anxious to shoot his stomach in the car aroused the attention of netizens.

In October, pregnant is not only a new life, but also a test of the body and mind of pregnant mothers.


The "frightening" of the virtual shock

The most beautiful words in the world are "a false alarm."

Ms. Xue and her husband, who was pregnant in August, found that the babies who were usually lively and active had no fetal movement for 4 hours, and there was no fetal heartbeat around her.

Ms. Xue scared her belly and tried to awaken her baby, but she never waited for her response, and Ms. Xue burst into tears.

The couple went straight to the hospital at a high speed. After the examination, she learned that the baby was not dangerous, but she just slept too much. Ms. Xue couldn’t help crying again.

The baby had a "big oolong", but almost "scared" her mother to death. This feeling does not order mother believes that all mothers understand.After the mother, we are not afraid of it, and we are afraid that the baby will lose a little bit.

In October, it is a process of breeding for others, but for mothers, it is a long psychological challenge.

In the early pregnancy, I was worried that the baby had no fetal heart and worried that the baby would stop suddenly;

After surviving the early pregnancy of "high risk", in the second trimester of pregnancy, you have to start worrying about Tang sieve, rows, sugar resistance …

When you enter the third trimester, you have to worry about whether the baby has a umbilical cord around the neck.


97%of women have anxiety during pregnancy

In October, the pregnant mother seemed to be particularly "glass heart".

In fact, almost every mother will have anxiety during pregnancy.Data show that 97%of women have pregnancy anxiety.

The main causes of anxiety during pregnancy during pregnancy are: fear caused by unknown sense

For the first time to be a mother, many experiences have never been before, and the experience for reference is limited. The trial and error cost is great, making countless mothers feel at a loss and fear.

Disased in physical and mental changes

The changes brought about by pregnancy to the physical and mental of expectant mothers will inevitably cause some trouble to the life of pregnant mothers. For example, if they can’t sleep well, soreness, and poor memory, the pregnant mother feels anxious and afraid.

Anxiety during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Because the pregnancy process is full of uncertainty and changes brought about by the body and mind of pregnancy to the pregnant mother, it is easy to make the pregnant mother "glass heart".


How to relieve anxiety during pregnancy?

Each mature "old driver" has experienced and grew up from novice Xiaobai little by little.

Anxiety during pregnancy is not terrible, and correct treatment and treatment are positive solution.Let ’s share with you a few ways to reduce anxiety during pregnancy, hoping to help novice pregnant mothers to relieve the tension of the first mother.

1. Learn pregnancy knowledge

Most of the anxiety during pregnancy actually originated from not understanding the knowledge of breeding. There is no bottom in my heart, and any "abnormal" will cause panic.

There is food in the warehouse, and I don’t panic.It is recommended that pregnant mothers understand as much as possible to understand the knowledge during pregnancy as much as possible, and understand the changes of themselves and fetuses at all stages during pregnancy.

With relevant knowledge reserves, naturally you will be more determined, less anxious and nervous.

2. Correctly treat fertility

Breeding is not only the joy of the birth of new life, but also many challenges behind it, such as the shape of the body, the poor memory, and easy to feel fatigue.

Pregnant mothers should rationally view the changes brought by childbirth to the body and mind, and enhance confidence, but pursue perfection.When you encounter a problem, actively seek the help of family friends or doctors.

3. Dynamic attention

After being anxious during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can resolve bad emotions by diverting attention.

For example, on the way to the birth check or waiting for the checkup, watch a drama you like, or listen to a piece of music you like, rest assured.

Pregnant and having children is like a game. It is normal to be nervous before the game starts, but as long as you do your best to meet the challenges, most people can get the customs level.

For the first time to be a mother, it is inevitable that you are nervous, but after you are ready to meet the challenge, you will find that the happiness of customs clearance is also priceless.Therefore, prospective mothers, relax their mentality, bravely go through the barrier!

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