The baby sucks his fingers as early as the uterus, and is quietly photographed by the four -dimensional ultrasound. The mother should be happy.

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My brother and sister gave birth to the child. I went to see her. When I was okay, I picked up the baby’s four -dimensional photo and compared with the baby’s current appearance. It was very interesting at first glance.Just like the baby is born, it seems to be very fragrant.My younger sister said that when he saw his fingers at that time, he seemed to be pouting. He really took his fingers as he ate it. Don’t think that he had a big radish.My brother and sister couldn’t help but smile. I said that the baby must be very smart in the future, and my brother and sister are very happy.

In the past few days, some friends also asked such a question, saying that when she was doing four -dimensional in 26 weeks, the baby was eating hands. I do n’t know what the situation is. Is it a good thing?

We will always be surprised to every move of the fetus. When doing the four -dimensional color ultrasound, we can see that the baby eats hands, the baby plays the umbilical cord, the baby dances, the baby laughs, and the baby is crying.Normal physiological phenomenon.I have seen many moms who have shared the four -dimensional photos of the baby’s fingers, and some are eating toes.

Doing four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, the picture shows what the baby is eating hands?

During the 10 weeks of pregnancy, the baby first took care of the human shape, the arm was longer, and the elbow was more curved. By 11 weeks, the baby had the ability to put his hands into his mouth and suck.There are also mothers who said that when taking NT examinations, the baby is also eating hands.It can be seen that this theory is completely correct.

The baby’s movement is also a kind of fetal movement. Like dancing and playing umbilical cords, it is a natural behavior, and it is also a complete manifestation of the baby’s development.If the baby cannot do this action, there is a big problem.

1. Stable emotions

The baby’s hands can stabilize their emotions and let the baby be in a calm state.When the baby is boring, eating fingers is a way of relieving his dullness for him.When he was hungry, eating his fingers could temporarily live in hunger.

Eating fingers will make your baby feel happy. Some comments say: This scene of hedonism does not lose to the blue waves floating in the private swimming pool in American movies, and at the same time, the big drug lord who plays a colorful drink.

2. Practice sucking

The baby is also practicing sucking.When the baby is born, when he eats breast milk for the first time, as long as he can find breast milk, he will suck it very skillfully.We will definitely think that it is amazing. In the case of no one taught him, he has this natural special feature.When we see a photo of his fingers, we don’t need to doubt.This is completely attributed to the baby’s repeated practice of sucking fingers in the uterus.

3. Stimulate brain development

Sucking fingers can also stimulate brain development, especially sucking thumbs, stimulating the effect of brain cell development 50%, sucking the other four fingers, which can stimulate the nerve connection around the brain.Therefore, it is not a bad thing for a baby to eat fingers, and this habit will always be maintained after birth.

We need to treat the baby correctly. As long as the baby does not bite his fingers, pay attention to hygiene, and do not need to intervene in your fingers.Only when the baby bite his fingers and threatens his health, you need to stop.Generally speaking, babies after 1 year of age rarely suck their fingers.

In summary, when you do four dimensions, you see your baby eating fingers, indicating that the baby is healthy and we are happy.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client.) The second child Baoma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, multi -platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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