The baby’s vomiting is not a trivial matter, and the trick to prevent the baby’s vomiting turned out to be … the mothers are about to learn

Babies often swallow some air, which will make him feel uncomfortable, irritable, and may vomit milk during snoring.There are still time, vomiting is because they eat too much.

The upper body keeps up

Once the vomit entering the trachea, it will cause suffocation.Therefore, when letting the child lie down, it is best to put the bath towel under the child’s body and keep the upper body raising.If the child vomits when lying down, we can put the child’s face aside.

After vomiting, pay more attention to observe the child’s condition

When the child is lying down, the child’s head should be raised, or he simply holds the child up.After vomiting, the child’s face may not be good, but as long as you can recover later, there is no problem.In addition, according to the situation, you can add some water to the child.

Replenish water should be performed 30 minutes after vomiting

After the child vomits, if the child is supplemented immediately, it may cause vomiting again.Therefore, it is best to try to feed the child some white water in about 30 minutes after vomiting.

After vomiting, the number of feeding each time should be reduced to half of the usual usual usual

When the baby’s spirit recovers and wants to eat milk, we can feed the baby some milk.However, the amount of breastfeeding is reduced to about half of the usual usual, but the number of feeding times can increase.During the baby’s continuous vomiting, we can only feed the baby without feeding other foods, including supplementary food.

Change the diapers first and feed

If you have time to change the diaper when you eat, change the diaper after eating.When he was full, he was turned left and right by Mommy, and he was picked up with his legs.Similarly, massage, touching, bathing, etc. should be arranged before breastfeeding to prevent too much baby overflow after feeding.

Master the time interval of feeding

Generally, the time of milk in the stomach is about 2 to 3 hours, so it is reasonable to feed once every 3 hours.If the breastfeeding is too frequent, the milk that is eaten into the meal is partially left in the stomach, which will inevitably affect the amount of milk in the next meal, or cause the stomach fullness and even vomiting.

Use a suitable feeding posture

Mommy is sitting in the baby to feed the baby, which is relatively good for the baby to vomit the baby.Because the baby’s body is tilted, the lower mouth of the stomach has a certain tilt. The inhaled milk can flow into the small intestine due to gravity, so that the stomach is empty.The baby lying down and feeding can easily cause milk to flow back to the esophagus.

Don’t rush to put the baby down after feeding

During the breastfeeding process, don’t let the baby eat too anxiously. Mummy in the middle of feeding can take a snoring; after feeding the baby, Mommy should not immediately put the baby on the bed.And the baby should be lifted vertically, let him lie on his mother’s shoulder. Mommy pats the baby’s back with his hands at the same time, so that those air that swallowed with sucking (ie, snoring), and then put down the baby.Essence

After eating milk, you should lie on the right side

After the baby is full, the sleeping position should be lying on the right side. Because the stomach at the stomach is high when the right side is lying on the right side, the position of the gangster is below.Essence

If you vomit milk when you lie on your back, the spit -out milk is easily inhaled into the nasal cavity and even the trachea. Light will cause pneumonia, and the respiratory tract suffocation may occur severely.

During the feeding process, he often classes his baby, even if he does not show uncomfortable performance.Temporarily pause and adjust the posture will slow down his swallowing speed and reduce the air swallowed.Babies who eat recipe milk should be cooked at 60-90 ml every 60-90 ml.Take breast milk while taking advantage of the change.

Lying on my shoulder

Let your baby lie on your shoulder, hold him tightly, support his hips steadily with one hand, and pat your baby’s back gently or stroke the baby’s back.

Lie down on your legs facing down

Let your baby lie on your leg, face down, lean on one leg, put your head on the other leg, and the head is slightly higher than the chest.Hold the baby steadily with one hand and pat it or caress the other hand.

Sit up

Let your baby sit on your leg, your head forward, you hold your baby’s chin and support your chest with your arms.Try to shoot or stroke to make sure not to let your baby’s head droop.

If you still do n’t take a few minutes later, do n’t worry, continue to breastfeed, not snoring every time.After he was full, try to pat, and then pick up for 10-15 minutes to prevent vomiting for 10-15 minutes.

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